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Comment Re:Safety (Score 2) 446

When I was in elementary school in MN, I remember it being not uncommon for the high schoolers to bring (cased) shotguns on the bus, because there was some class where they did shooting.

It was no big deal, and not one single shooting (of a person) or massacre transpired.

It's not the guns in school that are the problem.

Comment weakly disguised hit-piece (Score 2, Insightful) 326

Aside from the incomprehensibility of "...it turns out Carly may have outfoxed of by Apple's late leader.." anyone else find it curious that we suddenly see a deal between HP and Apple (that allowed a downward-trending computer mfg company to tie itself to the "big up and comer") spun as "Jobs OUTFOXED Fiorina"?

Comment Re:More like "lack of clue" instead? (Score 0) 203

Or, more simply, the EPA is lying in order to get more $.

"If we'd only had more funding, we'd have caught it"
As you point out, it was pretty clearly something "new" and I'll bet $1000 that there were MANY people from other competing car manufacturers saying "none of us can do that, you need to check it" but they willfully didn't.

It's a pretty obvious move on their part.

Comment Re:Brother Guy rocks: (Score 1) 268

It doesn't have to be a conflict for ANYBODY.

Don't buy into the lie that Dawkins, et al are selling that science and faith are ideologically opposite and utterly incompatible.

In fact, we could use more people questioning why it's so important that these two things be narratively placed in opposition.

Comment my guess? (Score 1) 40

My guess is that it's an effort to avoid the looming backlash as Congress (who barely even perceives the internet yet) starts to get waves of angry mail from constituents complaining that they've "lost our life savings on this Kick-Starter-thing and now they claim they're not responsible"....

I KNOW they're basically just an aggregator.
I KNOW "caveat emptor" and agree with it.
But when congress starts to see that $millions$ have vanished chasing projects* they're going to start looking for someone to hang, and since KS doesn't have the lobbying weight of Wall Street, they're going to look like an awfully-choice "example" that Congress can use to prove they're "doing something".
2016 is an election year, as you may remember.

Personally, I believe their next big move would be to ensure that members of Goldman-Sachs are sitting on their board. That seems to do wonders to ensure that they avoid government culpability or scrutiny...

*that probably should have never been born in the first place.

Comment Re:Not everyone becomes scientists... but (Score 1) 300

"it's like teaching them to change a flat tire, check their oil, jumpstart a car,"

Except that nobody - nobody - has to edit code. Ever.
I'm not saying that understanding how scripts and such work (ie learning any formal logic-based language) isn't useful, but it's NOT universally needed.

The fact is that our kids are doing shittily in so many other subjects like basic reading and math, the opportunity costs of "teaching every kid to code" is too high, imo.

"Anyone attempting to generate random numbers by deterministic means is, of course, living in a state of sin." -- John Von Neumann