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Comment IMHO that's good (Score 4, Insightful) 98

Personally, I think the anonymity of people in massive cities is the source of many of the problems of city life.

A lot of urbanites poo-pooh the closed-minded clannishness of small town life, but part of the VALUE of this life (I live in a MN town of 1500) is that people know each other. They know each others' families, they know their histories.

If you're an asshole, people know it and will remember it. So you make SURE you don't act like an asshole. Cities? You'll likely never see that person again, so who gives a shit?

Comment ok (Score 5, Insightful) 220

"... some observers worry that students pursuing profitable degrees in engineering or business would get better repayment terms than those studying to become nurses or teachers..."

And that sounds completely REASONABLE.

TAANSTAFL, people.
I know you really want a giant grant so you can get that PhD in Russian Literature but you know what? To live, you need money. To have money, you need to have a job. Life is work, and work is (usually) shit. If you're staggeringly lucky, you get to do something you love for pay. More often, you rationalize whatever enjoyment you can out of what gig you can get.

But you're simply not entitled to do what you want, and have someone else pay for it. I'm sorry if your parents never taught you that. We can talk all day long about the bullshit costs of colleges, and I'll entirely agree with you. My dad? Full ride as a football player in 1955 to the U of MN, this was noted in the paper as worth $300/year.
I went to the same school in 1986-1990, and my college education cost about $3600-$4500 annually as I recall.
My son going to the same school this year, it's about $25k/year.

Using RoI calculators on the web, my dad's tuition this year would be $2600.
Mine would be $9800.
That's absolute horse shit, and personally I suspect at least part of it has to do with ample grants and easy loans since the mid 1980s. Clearly, it's not going to teachers.

Comment Cynical? (Score 3, Interesting) 122

Maybe I'm just becoming increasingly cynical in my old age, but this article reads like a slashvertisement.

Taking the time to look up DAVID SCHELTEMA and CHIP and Next Thing, either a) he's a committed hobbyist who out of altruism spends the majority of his time promoting projects that he genuinely feels are superior in dozens, scores, perhaps even HUNDREDS of articles for more than a year across nearly every conceivable media form from magazines to blogs to twitter, or b) he's a paid shill (or investor) in this project.

Comment Punish people for following rules YOU WROTE? (Score 0) 365

It's not illegal, so Obama needs to shut the fuck up about what's 'patriotic'.

The government writes the rules; if they're too stupid to write rules that aren't gameable, they're idiots.

If our corporate taxes are so high (the highest statutory rate in the industrialized world, and nearly the highest effective rate (2nd to New Zealand)) that businesses are driven to shenanigans like this (which certainly wasn't cost- or challenge-free for the company), then clearly our tax rate is too high.

It's TRUE globalization, kids; not only will companies go overseas to find cheaper workers if there's no added value to having some lazy American do the work, companies will go overseas if the savings found in moving offset the relative inconvenience of having their hq elsewhere.

Comment Is he suing his sister too? (Score 2) 815

...since they'd removed the cuffs, and she asked them to re-cuff him to she could take the much-ballyhoo'd picture? Surely being re cuffed induced some of his "suffering"?

For those countering the suspicion that surrounded this kid's actions with "why would he possibly put himself through this? What did he have to gain?"...there's 15 million reasons for you.

Comment Re:Good! (Score 1) 98

"I think the worst peace is better than the greatest war victory."
Ridiculous, and the sort of banal nonsense statement that can only come from someone who hasn't really understood what it's like to be oppressed.

Comment Good! (Score 1) 98

Good, I'm delighted they're finally doing that.
1) serious research into living, working, traveling into space will only come when it's militarily significant

2) even better if the primary sphere of conflict between great powers moves off earth; rather than a hair-trigger annihilatory balance here, better by far that the meaningful fight takes place out there and that whoever loses is so out-matched by the result that there's no point in fighting here on earth.

Comment In point of fact (Score 1) 53

Mystery Science Theater began its run in the Twin Cities, I believe it was on channel 23? later on Saturday mornings, in the late 80s.

I had the good fortune to work briefly in high school with Trace Beaulieu (he was Lex Luthor), after which I'd heard about this new thing he was doing.

Comment Learning time for Editors (Score 4, Insightful) 109

OK, so, is Slashdot a tech-news page or just trying to be Gawker?

The story here is that personally-identifying information was sent to 12 organizations. One of those organizations was a gun magazine (because they were one of the 12 that requested the info).

Editor 101 quiz, which of these headlines is more informative, and which is just polemic clickbait:
"Georgia Gives Personal Data of 6 Million Voters To Georgia GunOwner Magazine"
"Georgia Gives Personal Data of 6 Million Voters To 12 Organizations"

If we're going to go the polemic route, why not just go all the way? The Governor of GA is a Republican, you could instead re-title this:
"Republican Governor's office hands citizen data to Gun Magazine"?

Comment Re:Yup, I "invested" (Score 1) 211

"kickstarter recommended them"

Did they?

Because KS's position on these has always been: we're simply providing a venue, a digital orange-crate for them to stand on and hawk their projects.

Don't look at me because I've thought the entire KS thing is ridiculous Pollyanna'ish bullshit from the start. It might have been well-intentioned, and there are almost certainly valid projects that are what they seem, but it was bound to turn into a "money/gullible people" Separation Engine.

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