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by geekoid (#47557639) Attached to: How Gygax Lost Control of TSR and D&D

Arneson was at TSR for a year, then left to do his own thing.
Dave's Blackmoor changed my life.

When the Made AD&D DAve sued, TSR said it was significanly different, and the courts agreed. INHO the court were right, it was substantially different. Eventual Gary and Dave agreed to credit each other as co-creater.

Later, WoTC wanted to drop 'Advanced' so they paid Arneson some cash. Since DnD is a hobby game, that cash settlement might have been in to the 10's of dollars. HAHA, that as a joke, I hope it was substantial.

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by geekoid (#47557521) Attached to: How Gygax Lost Control of TSR and D&D

oh, stop it. Do you know what not really DnD? Telling other people how they should enjoy their DnD.
Why are you reaping animosity among gamers? It's stupid and you need to grow up.

"Anything made by WoTC isn't D&D, you can be assured of that. "
well, that's just a stupid statement.

"Just because they have the rights to the name doesn't mean squat. "
It means everything. I would also add the Gary also approved of WOTCs D&D
"I play in a hybrid 1.5/2nd ed campaign that is a blast, easy to play, and doesn't have the "I'm going to run a half dragon Priest/Archer/Wild Mage with psionics" vibe that the WoTC "editions" have. It is old school D&D and fun as hell."
Great, good for you. I'm glad. That in no way means there is anything wrong with the other editions just because they aren't what you play.

So, unless you want to list opjective reasons why one is better ad the other is not, just enjoy your game and stop telling other people there version are 'wrong', or 'bad' or not really DnD.

And becasue wankers like you always bring this up as if it matters, I"m going to cut you off right now:
I've been doing RPG for 38 years
IT's logically fallacious to use that as a defense against my point.

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TSR loaned SPI money. SPI defaulted n the loan. TSR got SPI.

SPI would have died completely had they not gotten the loan in the first place. TSR was the only group that would lend them money to even try.
TSR could have refused to give them the loan, and then just bought all there stuff during bankruptcy. They would have gotten it cheap because no one else wanted it.
Yeah, you're not the only old person here.

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"congrats you effectively "experimented" on your users."

That's not experimenting. generic research on overall performance is not the same as selecting a sample of users, and conducting tests on them specifically to change their response.

You're definition is so loose it's useless.
Now, I need to experiment ans see if I can get home from work.

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Learn to use google.

Samsung has develop many phone models, but there aren't off the production line yet.

IT was made for the first time just 10 year ago. Now things are starting to come out, they have been demoed in real products outside the lab.

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