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Comment Re:High altitude nuclear EMP (Score 1) 210

If the US, or South Korea, is attacked by North Korea, China would care less what we do to them. The only reason they support North Korea is they don't want a mob of refugees flooding into their country. China has a fenced-off, secured border with North Korea to keep them out.

Otherwise, North Korea is only nominally useful to China as an annoyance to the US. Once they are anything other than an annoyance, they have outlived their usefulness.

Comment Got it good (Score 4, Interesting) 210

Thanks for these headlines - reminds me of how good I got it. My manager is a former developer. I have, maybe, two or three hours of meetings a week. The issue list is planned out every Monday - if something high priority comes in, something gets taken off the list. If anyone starts monopolizing my time he fends them off or clears the schedule.

I have an acquaintance who went to work for a huge web company (not that one, the other one.) He's a pretty experienced developer, so he grilled them on their development process during the job interview. All the right things were said. They were all lies. He quit after two weeks.

Comment Re:false premise (Score 1) 704

Martha Stewart is a convicted criminal (spent jail time on an insider trading rap) which means she's automatically banned from entry to a variety of countries including Britain.

It wasn't even insider trading, it was lying to shareholders about being investigated for insider trading. She was never tried for insider trading. The conspiracy theory is the investigation was bungled from the start, and they wanted to get her on SOMETHING.

Savage is a right-wing shlock jock ala Rush Limbaugh. AFAIK he has never been convicted of anything, nor told anyone to do anything illegal.

My favorites on the list are Robert Mugabe (OK I could maybe see that) AND his main political dissident (What?). Don't want to seem biased, I guess?

Comment Re:false premise (Score 1) 704

Note that the UK bans people from entry for no other reason than that they voice unpopular political views, so the UK government is hardly in a position to criticize other nations over arbitrary exclusions.

Wasn't there a story a few years ago about the home office denying someone entry after they had arrived at Heathrow, simply because he was visiting London and had no concrete plans of what he was going to do?

The list of people barred from entry to the UK reads pretty bizarre, too:

Martha Stewart? Busta Rhymes? Michael Savage?

Comment RIP Groove (Score 3, Interesting) 10

Groove was sweet. Basically a private dropbox/cloud sync app, but you could tweak it to do other stuff as well. Microsoft bought it, killed off most of the cool stuff, then bolted the rest onto SharePoint.

They could have made it a totally kickass, lightweight private cloud sync platform. Instead, we have SharePoint. Ugh.

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