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Comment Re:Complete Bullshit - funded by Koch-funded CATO (Score 1) 414

Link 1 - No mention of where the Niskenian center gets it's funding from beyond a dinner attended by Facebook and Google.

Link 2 - Only mentions that the Niskanen center's president came out in favor of a carbon tax to curtail climate change - I'm assuming not a popular stance with the Koch brothers?

Again, how do you know they are funded by the Cato institute or the Koch brothers? I'd honestly like to know because, though I consider myself pretty good at following the money, I can't find any links in any public documentation or news items beyond weak "guilt by association" hit pieces.

Comment Re:Can't we just stop printing? (Score 1) 378

Places where paper is still used:

Legal documents / Contracts - Because digital signatures aren't *quite* there yet, and most courts still only accept paper in official proceedings
Medical - Because paperless works great until your hospital is flooded and you loose power. This actually happened to a large hospital near me last summer. They had to rig up extra UPSes to printers in the server room to print out patient charts.
Schools - For obvious reasons
Sheet music
Building plans
Assembly instructions on shop floors (this is actually huge - even ruggedized tablets don't last very long in job shops)

That's off the top of my head.

Comment Re:Complete Bullshit - funded by Koch-funded CATO (Score 1) 414

I see the Niskanen Center was founded by one of the guys who founded Cato. Nothing about funding.

I did a 990 lookup, and a 501(c) search and didn't find anything. For good measure I did a 503(c) search as well and found nothing. Checked all the regular sources (IRS, GuideStar, etc...)

How do you know where their funding came from again?

Comment Re:Slavery 2.0 Rocks!!! (Score 2) 396

What happens when almost every workplace is like this? circa late 1800's to early 1900's. Then you have no where to go.

That would be an excellent point if this was 1910 and we were talking about coal mining or meat packing. But it isn't and we aren't.

The software company I work for is great. It's filled with people who quit other companies because their working conditions sucked. Wages aren't top-tier but I gladly trade compensation for a genuinely pleasant work environment.

My brother in law went to work for Amazon, lured by a large paycheck. He immediately hated the culture and quit after a week. He happily works for Starbucks now.

Comment Re:Bold ingenuity? (Score 1) 234

You could make an argument that alfalfa also isn't a good crop to be growing in California. I think the idea is, though, that a lot of people like to eat cow meat - it could be considered a staple. If California stopped farming cows the impact would be pretty major.

If the price of Almonds shot up a bit, the impact on the economy would be negligible. What would go up in price? Almond tea rings, Almond Joys, Almond milk?

Comment Re:Bold ingenuity? (Score 1) 234

We tried that here, in a similar semidesert-like environment when our reservoirs were running dry. The wealthier citizens (most prolific users of water) still kept their landscaping and lifestyle with an extraordinary ability to absorb the budgetary increase and/or drill private wells to rob from a depleted aquifer. Like most measures of austerity, it has a greater impact on the poor and middle classes.

Was there a sliding rate? IE $0.01/gallon for the first 1000 gallons/month. $0.10 for the next 1000 gallons. $0.25 for the next 1000 gallons...

This is how electricity is normally billed, so most homes get one rate, commercial buildings with banks of lights burning all day get another rate, and factories using plasma cutters all day get a different rate.

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