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Comment The real story (Score 1) 236

Young employees and these pollsters are both clueless.

You've been through 4 years of college and now you're doing what you studied for, what you presumably intended your life to be, and you want to be promoted out of what you like and what you're competent at? WTF?

What makes jobs pleasant are enough money to make finances not a problem in your life and decent management. Decent management means not jerking you around or playing mind games, insulating you from corporate irrelevancies and sticking up for you Decent management clears a pathway for you to do your job, provides guidance as required (but not more), and dispenses attaboys.

Decent management is consistent, doesn't lead you into dead-end projects that discard a year of your work. Decent management doesn't make false promises or bumble into situations that require you to work overtime for months, particularly if it's unpaid.

Comment Re: Christ on a popsicle stick, now what? (Score 1) 717

Germany was great during Hitler if you were a standard, run of the mill German.

Nazism made worse the conditions caused by the Treaty of Versailles, as any unfree economic system is bound to do. Hitler spending resources on armament instead of allowing a consumer economy to develop hurt everyone except party leaders and those in high places in certain industries, such as Krupp.

The longer a repressive regime stays in power and the bigger it becomes, the smaller is the portion of people whose condition can be properly described as "great". Eventually, the suppression of progress leaves nobody untouched by the damage, nobody better off than they would be with freedom.

Comment Re:Brought about by the internet? (Score 1) 717

Don't conflate freedom of speech with freedom of expression. Freedom of speech includes things like saying the President belongs in solitary confinement. Freedom of expression includes things like masturbating on a playground in front of a group of nuns and kindergarteners. One is protected by the U.S. Constitution, the other is not.

Comment Re:Priorities (Score 1) 71

A wall is a passive defense; it requires little manpower to keep people from ever entering the US.

Drones and cameras require active and violent backup. Either the trespassers are shot dead, or they're rounded up at high manpower expense and then (because they're already in the US) they're into the legal system with gigantic manpower expense. A fair amount of border fence can be built with the money that would be spent on 100 hours of legal fees, and the money would be going to a more honorable class of people.

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