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Comment Re:Progress (Score 1) 333

For the vast, vast majority of people performance/kw is more important than raw performance in a single core.

You jest
The vast majority of computer users/buyers don't even think about power consumption. They're looking at internet use, word processing, viewing photos and video, playing games, all without noticeable lag. Power consumption is only a concern when the fans are too noisy.

Comment Re:Christ what a bunch of assholes. (Score 1) 459

Electricity in NH: private providers. Same for telephone, partially for internet. Outside of cities and the dense portions of some towns, water and sewage are privately owned wells, tanks, and leach fields.

Here in America we are also taxed for things that make life worse: "welfare", hundreds of government agencies that interfere with innocent activities, theft of private property. The low level of taxation that would be required for services that can only be properly provided by government would be far less objectionable to most people, and would encourage people to work more to achieve their own goals.

Governments do things such as putting up expensive statues of foul people like Nathan Bedford Forrest and Woodrow Wilson. Those are some of the "great things we can do together when we pool our resources." I'd far rather have my portion of that money to put up a small fountain at my own house.

Comment Re:Life Liberty and ......property? Really? (Score 1) 459

"Live, liberty, property" has been a common formulation for 240 or so years. The ""Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness" used in the Declaration of Independence was chosen for good rhetorical reasons.

Criticizing the Statement for the use of the word "property" indicates a rejection of the idea that personal property is necessary for a good society.

Jealousy of people better than you is an ugly emotion.

Comment Re:There's really nothing to see here, move along. (Score 1) 459

The figure of 20,000 was carefully calculated to be the minimum needed to have a reasonable chance of succeeding at changing the political atmosphere. Would you want to move if there was little chance of achieving your goals, that moving would gain you nothing?

Think of it like not buying a house until you have enough for a down payment.

Comment Re:USdebtclock says lots of debt (Score 2) 459

This is largely due to the Democrats that have to a large extent taken over the state in the last 15 years. NH used to have emergency funds, stockpiles on money to use in disasters. It took only 2 years of a Democrat governor, in the absence of any emergency, to zero out those funds. The spending has continued unchecked.

Comment Re:Authoritarians will always rule. (Score 1) 459

Potential is not actual. The rights of actual human beings outweigh considerations for potential human beings, with some sort of sliding scale applying the closer "potential" comes to "actual". Morality applies to humans.

In the cases of rape and incest, a horrid wrong has been done to the woman involved, and having to carry and bear (and then support) the resultant child only furthers the wrong done against her.

Pragmatism is always an empty position. Pragmatic means practical, and until you've identified what your goal is, it is impossible to determine what is practical to reach your goal.

Comment Re:Authoritarians will always rule. (Score 1) 459

OK, now go one step deeper. The reason that there are so many single mothers is that there is much less available government money for families with two parents. If the boyfriend sticks around, no gifts from Uncle Sugar. This is only a short term financial boon, in their unforeseen future everyone loses.

Families with no father produce a far higher percentage of criminal and undereducated youth, and another generation of unwed mothers.

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