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Propane tanks of a given size always deliver the same amount of propane. Batteries, not so. So I should drive in with my new EV, swap out the battery for one near its end of life that only delivers half as much charge and whose internal resistance has tripled? No thanks.

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by ChrisMaple (#47471987) Attached to: The debate over climate change is..

The Democrat party has been the party of slavery and racism since its founding circa 1828, and in the last 100 years has become the party of power, big government, and crushing individuals. Any policy of the Democrat party is calculated to increase its power, especially populistic ecology policy.

The Republican party is about evenly split between "We wanna be Democrats too" and freedom-lovers, with the former currently having the most power.

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by ChrisMaple (#47393943) Attached to: When Beliefs and Facts Collide

Humans aren't motivated by logic.

Of course not. Logic, by its very nature, cannot be a motivator.

Instead, they use logic as a tool to satisfy their emotional needs.

That's understating the use of logic.

No tool suits every problem.

Logic adds value to the understanding of all problems.
The gist of the sum of your statements subtly undercuts the value of the human mind. What is your motivation?

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