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Comment: You are not talking about a career... (Score 1) 509

by funwithBSD (#47459575) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Future-Proof Jobs?

you are talking about something bigger.

You use your college focus to get the toolsets you need to be a generally competent employee. What you do with it, that is what is important.

My degree is in Humanities, but I have a current career in IT, and the tools transfer to other careers.

So should hers, whatever she decides. (Don't do Humanities, it is a crock now, all touchy feelly and not the critical thinking I got 30 years ago)

Comment: Re:Why do we permit "property tax" at all? (Score 1) 76

Simple to fix: unimproved land is taxed, land with improvements is not taxed.

You could go one further, and this would make sense much like not taxing food, that land which sole purpose is to provide housing to the property owners is not taxed, commercial land and unimproved land is taxed.

Comment: Re:Funny (Score 1) 191

Well, and take Slashdot as an example, specifically AGW discussions.

Pro AGW posters post pro AGW posts... non-AGW mods mod them down.

AGW skeptics post skeptical AGW posts... AGW mods mod them down.

Posters need to decide if they are willing to take the Karma hit of posting their contribution, especially if they are in the minority view

In the end, the filtering is imposed to bring a hegemony to the subject, rather than open discussion.

Comment: Re:Executive Branch (Score 1) 228

by funwithBSD (#47373227) Attached to: The New 501(c)(3) and the Future of Open Source In the US

It is legal proof of wrong doing, not a logical or scientific proof. By those standards, it is an assumption.
But if Spoliation is in evidence, then the alleged wrongdoing is "proved" too have happened and a jury can be instructed to consider it proved.

AS for the emails, the IRS has a requirement to keep them for 7 years, and that is done on the servers, they use exchange.

ALso, they are required to make hard copy prints of critical emails. Not having those printed files is proof of not following the email retention standards.

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