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Comment: Re:Bruce, finally something worth while (Score 1) 124

No no, I know, you would need 2 units, but they could be housed in the same case.

Usually, you need a separate TX/RX antennae, with enough physical separation to keep them from interfering, assuming standard .5 +/- offsets.

Cross band eliminates the interference so long as you didn't pick a harmonic and allows you to mount the antennae near to each other.
And they can be ad hoc, not worrying about having a repeater frequency license. (Totally full where I am)

No idea if TDMA solves any of the issues above with cross band, probably need to read about it more.

Comment: Re:We can call them (Score 1) 124

Beofeng is getting there, I expect they will do digital for sub $100 in a year or two.

I think the win here is that the Maker/hacker community would be fascinated by HAM radio, I know I am.

This might be the bridge. That and showing them how to make 800w tube amps....

Comment: Re:Fuck it - everyone for themselves. (Score 0) 336

by funwithBSD (#49132969) Attached to: The Groups Behind Making Distributed Solar Power Harder To Adopt

All valid points, but it does get used locally. The local sub-station runs only forward, to protect the grid from a lightning strike.

In essence, when I put power back on the line, it is probably only going to offset the houses in my neighborhood, reducing the draw at the local sub-station.

Heck, I doubt it goes past the 4 or 5 house on the local step down transformer

Comment: Re:Fuck it - everyone for themselves. (Score 2) 336

by funwithBSD (#49132941) Attached to: The Groups Behind Making Distributed Solar Power Harder To Adopt

Here is the thing: when I "sell" back to SMUD, I am getting a small payment, but I ALSO get the usage of that KW I pushed on the wire when I pull it back down later.

I make 10 extra KW at peak solar, I get the money. I use 10 KW of grid power during off peak solar evening-night-morning I don't pay for those KW because my meter ran backwards, and is now running forwards for a net of 0 (zero) KW charged.

It is perfectly fair. I get a small payment when I generate during peak and save them spinning up more capacity, and I get to use them as a free battery during off solar times.


Comment: Re:Peak oil? (Score 4, Insightful) 213

It is, but probably not for the reasons most people think.

The biggest issue is food security. There are probably 2 or 3 Billion people that cannot be fed unless we have oil for food production. More if you assume transportation is down, as there are concentrations of food where there are not concentrations of people.


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