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Comment Re:ps, jets are faster than A-10 bullets (Score 3, Informative) 466

Unless said scooter and Ferrari are IN TRAFFIC.

All tools are superior in their intended use cases.

The a-10 gun aims DOWN 2 degrees, so to shoot another aircraft it must be intentionally mis-aligned with the target.

That same angle makes sure the A-10 can strafe without diving directly at the ground... which is why 0 angle deflection aircraft like fighters are lousy at ground strafing targets.

Comment Re:hmmmm (Score 4, Interesting) 466

My father's opinion, and he was a military aircraft mechanic for 35 years, from the A6 to the B2, is that the problem with A-10, F16 and F18 is not is that they are obsolete, it is that the standard mechanic cannot work on them effectively.

As he put it, after so many field repairs and variations, you cannot go to the book and read how to fix it like you can the B2 and other more recent aircraft. B2s can be fixed by going to the bin and getting the part or subsystem and replacing it. Very modular. Every repair has tools, parts and a timecard for repair time associated with it. Follow the instructions and you will be able to disassemble to get the part, replace the part, reassemble and test the part to ensure it is working correctly.

Older aircraft are much more oddball. It no longer looks like the factory spec. Parts have to be fabricated because they are no longer made. Hydraulic lines need to be bent because they don't route the same after taking damage and being repaired in the field.

Now, there are arguments pro and con for having well trained and flexible mechanics that understand how the aircraft operates and can repair it, and there is pro and con for having a weapon system where individual skill is less important and repairs can be done quicker. (providing spares are on hand)


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