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Comment Re:Avoidance (Score 1) 79

This happens in organizations that have technical staff and management staff mixed together in the same evaluation pool.

Both groups need to be evaluated on different criteria and not compete for the same positions in the organization.

That said, I know I have been held back because someone with better people skills than me was actively sabotaging my accomplishments. When I found out (BCCed by someone who had integrity) I left the organization and did much better at the new company than the old.

I have since sharpened my people skills to at least recognized that sort of undermining and counter it rather than try to be like them.

The only way I have found to beat them at their own game is to be impeccably honest and have the reputation and integrity that their backstabbing is immediately clear for what it is.

Comment Re:Avoidance (Score 1) 79

Despite the many other issues it has, IBM at least has a Business Track and a Technical Track.

While the Business rank usually surpasses an equivalent technical rank, it is nice to see a senior Distinguished Engineer tell a VP to stop interfering in the technical decisions, and have the rank to make it stick.

While I rarely have to do it, I outrank many of the PMs I work with these days. Most are perfectly willing to accept my technical expertise and leadership. Those rare times they don't, I can pull rank and stop tech people from carrying out bad ideas until we can sort it out.

Even if I ultimate end up losing the fight based on business requirements, it is usually a more sustainable solution and I have never been taken to task for my actions.

Comment Re:How's Irvine, CA? (Score 1) 464

Sacramento has the central location so that almost anything you want to do it is 2 to 3 hrs away, or less:

San Fran
Lost Coast (Point Reyes/Ft. Bragg/Mendocino)
Santa Cruz

Housing is pretty cheap here, you can find good housing for $2 to $3K a month for an older home, and newer homes are still reasonable.

Comment Re:Limits of Moor's law?? (Score 1) 100

No I don't think I did. The post I responded to seemed to think that the law was for shrinking transistors, and it is not.

You CAN do it other ways than shrinking the die, but you don't HAVE to to stay inside the parameters of Moore's law, which is what the original post I responded to claimed to be the case.

Making the transistors smaller has been the easiest way up until now, so now they are looking at esoteric materials to get past the limitations of the current materials.

Comment Re:career advancement (Score 1) 162

I work for IBM, I had 3 advancement opportunities as a Systems Admin:

1. Line Manager, Plain old management.
2. PM
3. Architect

I tried all 3, (well, I skipped PM, I knew I did not want to make a living using MS Project) settled on Architect. Specifically an Integration Architect
Now I manage from a technical aspect a group of SAs, developing technical offerings and acting as their interface layer with management. I am responsible from a technical aspect the quality of delivery of the services my SAs and other Subject Matter Experts (DBAs, Apps, etc) provide. Most appreciate having that highly technically person acting as a buffer between management, while at the same time giving guidance without micromanaging. (well, usually, anyway =0 )
I am often bridging across many delivery areas like storage, network, DB, OS in order to resolve conflicting requirements or problem determinations.

Some, maybe most, architects don't do that, they develop process and product offerings, or develop solutions for specific customer problems, etc.,
It is a very wide ranging career, and I enjoy it. Definitely never bored.

I have had from 2 techs to hundreds under me, depending on what I am doing this week.

The drawback is that there is just not that many companies that hire architects at my level and skillset. If I ever leave IBM, I would probably look to become the Director, CTO or CIO of a very small company or maybe a non-profit.

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