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Comment Re:shifted to corrupt union bosses, yes (Score 1) 565

Yes, because the several other Unions that did agree to the needed terms, the company said it needed to remain afloat also blamed the one Union that refused to cooperate and thus forced the company out of existence

And that union probably did not believe the threats to close the company because the management awarded themselves huge increases while demanding cuts from the union workers, who had already given large concessions in pay and retirement benefits.

Comment Re:shifted to corrupt union bosses, yes (Score 1) 565

The whole company is gone, poof, history. The union pushed and pushed and pushed... and lost...

If, by "pushed", you mean accepted concessions that reduced pay, stopped contributions to pension schemes while the executives got massive pay rises, then yes.

Comment Re:Might as well start calling him President Trump (Score 1) 565

Yes... without a doubt, it is...
Remind me where in the bill of rights it mentions health care.

Just because it's not in the Bill of Rights does not make healthcare any less important. When you are in hospital with a life-threatening illness or injury, is your right to own a gun really more important?

Remind me how you'll keep that healthcare as soon as you elect the "wrong person" in 20 or 40 years?

Remind me how you will buy a gun when the 0.1%-ers have tilted the economic field so far in their direction that you don't have spare money to buy a gun.

Comment Re:Might as well start calling him President Trump (Score 1) 565

It isn't that black and white... Republicans are at least *more likely* than Democrats to be willing to protect my gun rights.

People don't have gun rights if they cannot afford guns. The biggest issue in the USA right now is income inequality. It's getting worse and a vote for the Republicans is a vote to make it worse. Furthermore, historical data suggests that increasing income inequality is associated with lower overall growth, so it's not just a rich vs. poor issue. Another thing that the Republicans would like to do is to starve the agencies that should protect the citizens and the environment, so that the laws granting protections to citizens and the laws protecting the environment don't matter. Do you want to live in a polluted country? Or a country where you cannot enforce your rights? Because that's what a vote for the Republicans means.

Finally, do you really think that your right to own a gun is more important than providing universal heathcare?

Comment Re:Might as well start calling him President Trump (Score 1) 565

If the contest ends up being Trump vs. Clinton, my vote is automatic Trump, without a second thought.

Unless you are in the top 0.1%, any vote for a Republican candidate is a vote against your own interest. Even if Clinton gets the Democratic nomination, you can still write in Bernie Sanders' name. It's not a wasted vote: its a statement of support that may affect future politics.

On Trump: do you really think that waterboarding is a good idea? Do you think that torture actually gets real information? Do you think that torturing people (many of whom were innocent) helps to advance the USA's interests? The reason that I focus on that is that it is one of the few statements that Trump actually made that is a prediction of specific action, not a general goal ("make America great again").

Comment Re:Hammerheads in Vermont (Score 1) 565

it causes unemployment increases

No, actually it doesn't.

This can't be stated too much. Actual research (unlike blowhard bloviating from the 0.1% and their lackeys in the media and politics) refutes the idea the minimum wages cause unemployment.

I'll accept that it is possible that a much higher minimum wage might cause unemployment, but we should always remember that today, it is much lower than in relatively recent history.

Comment Re:Seriously?? (Score 1) 148

I seriously doubt that network transparency is at the top of anyones mind. It is 2016. If you want headless remote desktop availability you have a plethora of cross-platform options at your fingertips.

You have never administered a really stripped-down server, have you?

If you think that you have, then you don't know the meaning of "really stripped-down".

Comment Re:Stupid complicated pricing, limited choices (Score 1) 86

The Amazon cost estimator makes it seem mostly reasonable for compute and transit -- my actual server traffic is trivial, and even with generous CPU usage estimates it looked kind of reasonable.

Whenever I look at costs, bandwidth costs are far higher at Amazon than at most VPS providers. I use a couple of VPSs as streaming video proxies, so bandwidth is a major consideration to me.

Comment Re:Authoritarians will always rule. (Score 1) 459

You'll always be able to find an edge case to beat up the general principle with, but you're ignoring the bulk of the cases to try and win an argument.

You *still* haven't grasped my position. My position is that there are only two positions that can be justified on moral grounds:

1. No abortions at all.

2. Wide availability of abortions (before some point, which could be consciousness, or viability, etc.)

People may hold other positions, but they cannot be justified on religious or moral grounds.

Comment Re:Authoritarians will always rule. (Score 1) 459

In the cases of rape and incest, a horrid wrong has been done to the woman involved

False. In cases of rape, a horrid wrong has been done to the woman. She could be a willing partner in the incest.

having to carry and bear (and then support) the resultant child only furthers the wrong done against her.

So what happens when the woman uses contraception, but it fails? She has done nothing wrong, but must bear a huge burden. What about cases of disability? Or do you think that women should not be engaging in sex at all?

Pragmatism is always an empty position. Pragmatic means practical

And that's my point. The "No abortions except in cases of .." is a pragmatic position, because it recognizes that the majority will not accept a simple "No abortions" rule.

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