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Comment Re:I work in online advertising (Score 1) 259

No, the ads just move out of ad spaces into 'native' space, embedded with content and interspersed into feeds and streams.

Or the adverts become articles, with no indication that they are sponsored. One newspaper website that I read has a "monthly limit" (not effective when you use private browsing) of 10 pages. But even after this limit is reached, some articles can still be read. I assume that the the newspaper is receving payment when someone reads the article. However, there is nothing to indicate that the article is an ad, or sponsored.

Comment HTTPS everywhere (Score 2) 259

This is why I am not on board with the idea of https everywhere. Recently, I started seeing obviously malware ads in the middle of Words With Friends (OK, maybe Words with Friends is malware!!). Configuring my squid proxy, I was able to block not only the site that was serving the ads (, but also the ad network that I think was providing the links to the malware ads (

With https everywhere it is much more difficult to block such ads.

Comment Re:No one should *ever* wonder why... (Score 1) 275

conservatives think that government is dangerous:

It is, to some people. For example, with more funding, the IRS could cut down on tax fraud and increase tax revenues by far more than the cost of employing the additional tax inspectors. Or the EPA could investigate more violations of and enforce environmental laws, etc, etc..

That's at least part of the "conservative" pitch to reduce government: starve the executive branch of the resources it needs to actually enforce the law.

Comment Re:A service is a service (Score 1) 250

Either regulate UBER just like you would the competing service, in this case a Taxi service,

That's the point, though, isn't it? What does Uber really compete with? Uber is most like a private hire/limo service. Other private hire/limo services compete with taxis to some extent, but not as much as Uber. What has happened is that Uber has devised a mechanism to make private hire/limo services far more usable.

Comment Re:PET, CAT and MRIs Are Cheap. We Overpay in the (Score 1) 311

A $1500 MRI in the United States is about $150 elsewhere. Same machine, same cost of living. The excess costs are come from time the machine isn't in use, how much we pay specialists to review the scans and how the machines are generally used as a profit center for providers.

And the kickbacks to doctors to send their patients to a particular MRI center. And, no, I am not joking about this, it's a real thing.

Comment Re:Malaria treatments (Score 1) 311

they have malaria "prevention" medicine right now(which as far as I can tell is antibiotics) but its both a) expensive b) unpractical to eat for prolonged periods of time as many people get bad stomach or other problems from eating it(this actually is cause for 'travel stomach' for some people and not the gasoline graded hot food or poor quality food in some places).

There are safe anti-malarial drugs and there are cheap anti-malarial drugs, but they are not the same drugs. Side effects of the cheap drugs can include mental problems (I know someone who got a medical evacuation as a result of severe depression caused by anti-malarial drugs).

A couple of decades ago, I had a short trip after which I sufferred diarrhea which continued for the month after my return and stopped the day I stopped taking the drugs. I lost about 20 pounds in a month.

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