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Comment: Re:So good that the proxy battle is over (Score 1) 46

by whoever57 (#48441067) Attached to: Judge Approves $450M Settlement For Apple's Ebook Price Fixing

Actually they did. Ebook prices dropped everywhere but Amazon.

Wow. Are you so enamoured with Apple that you have to deny inconvenient facts? From the first paragraph of TFA:

A federal judge on Friday approved a settlement in which Apple could begin paying $400 million to as many as 23 million consumers related to charges that it violated antitrust law by conspiring with publishers to raise e-book prices and thwart efforts by Amazon.

See that? It says "raise ebook prices".

I am constantly amazed by the number of people on /. who appear to support Apple in their quest to make ebooks more expensive for consumers.

Comment: Re:How systemd became Debian's default init system (Score 3, Insightful) 546

What I see reading that is that the OpenRC was not seriously considered. There are a bunch of claimed requirements that appear to rule out OpenRC, but I don't see those requirements tracked back to any benefits. Perhaps the justification for those requirements is obvious to those who made the decision, but it isn't obvious to me.

Taking the requirements in turn:

* Lack of integration with kernel-level events to properly order startup.

So what? OpenRC has dependency built in and the added improvement of integration with kernel-level events would bring only a very minor improvement.

* No mechanism for process monitoring and restarting beyond inittab.

In my experience, this is solving a non-problem. I don't experience processes dying and needing an immediate re-start without any other action.

* Heavy reliance on shell scripting rather than declarative syntax.

So what?

* A fork and exit with PID file model for daemon startup.

Not sure what advantage this brings.

Comment: Re:single payer (Score 1) 258

by whoever57 (#48395369) Attached to: Comcast Kisses-Up To Obama, Publicly Agrees On Net Neutrality

Perhaps we both should look up the word. While we're at it, let's look up Obama's preferred policy, "single payer". Wouldn't it be interesting if the two terms were synonymous.

Perhaps it would be interesting if the two terms were synonymous, but they are not. Had Obama advocated for all healthcare providers being directly employed by the government, all healthcare facilites owned by the government, that would be socialism. But he didn't. There is a difference between the government directly providing medical care and the government paying private companies to provide medical care. One is socialism and the other isn't.

But you don't care. All you care about is that he is left of your own views and any suggestions that he is not socialist don't fit into your ideology, so they can't be true, can they?

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by whoever57 (#48393101) Attached to: Comcast Kisses-Up To Obama, Publicly Agrees On Net Neutrality

but most Democrats in office today would have been considered moderate Republicans even twenty-five years ago.

Yes, the Koch brothers and others have been successful in moving the center of US politics way to the right. The Tea Party is one of the strategies that they have used to achieve this.

Comment: Re:Private Links != Paid Priority (Score 1) 258

by whoever57 (#48392247) Attached to: Comcast Kisses-Up To Obama, Publicly Agrees On Net Neutrality

Full Disclosure: I am a network ops engineer for Comcast.

Please tell me why (a few years ago), Comcast decided to block my VPN ESP packets. Yes, the VPN established a connection, but the payload was never delivered.

What network reason was there for this? Other people noticed it at the time and I can still see reports of this going on.

Clearly, your claim to transport all packets equally has not always been true and may not be true now.

+ - US Marshals flying cell tower spoofers on small planes.->

Submitted by whoever57
whoever57 (658626) writes "The US Marshals Service is running cell tower spoofers on small planes. These devices are called "dirtboxes". The devices are made by Boeing Co. and can collect information from tens of thousands of cellphones in a single flight. When asked about the program, the US Justice department could neither confirm nor deny the reports."
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Comment: Re:should be banned or regulated (Score 2) 237

by whoever57 (#48383499) Attached to: Will Lyft and Uber's Shared-Ride Service Hurt Public Transit?

Serious question. Forget about questions of fairness, step back and look at first principles and evaluate whether the regulations are of value to society. Were these rules ever necessary? If so, why? Do the same reasons apply to Uber and Lyft?

Some are clearly necessary. Others not so much. Unfortunately, the regulations around medallions are often abut revenue for the city, which merely pushes up costs for the taxi drivers. In return, the taxi drivers get a limit on competition.

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by whoever57 (#48382375) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: How To Unblock Email From My Comcast-Hosted Server?

Had the same problem until I started signing my email with DKIM. Suddenly google and friends were accepting it without problems.

I have good DKIM and SPF, and Google accepts my email, but with a fresh Gmail account, it goes into the spam folder. I know that my DKIM and SPF is good because Google sends me DMARC reports saying that my emails passed.

+ - Comcast now intercepting and modifying web pages

Submitted by whoever57
whoever57 (658626) writes "On refreshing my user page on /., I just received a pop-up informing me that I need a new modem. I don't really need a new modem — it is just that Comcast would like to use my house as a wireless POP, providing WiFi service to anyone with a Comcast login.

Since I have wifi in my house, I have zero interest in providing a location from which Comcast can provide wireless service to all and sundry, so the pop-up was a little annoying.

Nevertheless, the wider issue is Comcase deploying technologies to monitor and modify http: requests on the fly.

Have other COmcast users on /. seen this?"