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Comment: Re:Gaming on Linux will matter... (Score 3, Informative) 198

by bmo (#49138667) Attached to: The State of Linux Gaming In the SteamOS Era

>Worthy Office Competitor

Most people don't need anything more than Google Docs.

>but muh obscure Word function

If you're using something obscure in modern versions of Office, you're going to lose when you try to share the document with /other/ Office users. And don't even get me started on formatting when everyone and his brother has slightly different fonts installed (well, it certainly seems that way).

Most (sane) offices have standardized on Office 97 formats, out of desperation with Microsoft's ever changing formats. Office 97's formats are well known and well handled by Office alternatives.

>Windows 10 looks very good

It does? When the icons look like they've been done in Paint?

The Oxygen icons in KDE are better.


Sorry, OpenGL is still better.


Comment: Is that really a lot? (Score 5, Insightful) 280

by Mal-2 (#49136475) Attached to: Drones Cost $28,000 Per Arrest, On Average

Let's assume for a moment that they're serious about deporting people.

What's the cost if they get through, and have to be tracked down by traditional methods? What's the cost of putting more people there to achieve the same level of effectiveness? What's the cost of flying conventional aircraft to do the job?

When pitted against those methods by comparison, $28,000 might actually not be all that bad.

Comment: Re:What's the alternative? (Score 1) 270

by bmo (#49135997) Attached to: It's Official: NSA Spying Is Hurting the US Tech Economy

If you live in the US or various other countries the Chinese also have nuclear weapons aimed at you.

I lived through the cold war. I am going on 50 years old, and I've heard all this bullshit before multiple times in various different inflections and languages.

And that's what it is. Bullshit. Bullshit spouted by people who work for the government and defense contractors who want the big teat of corporate welfare to the war machine to keep on keepin' on.

Fuck you.

Shut the fuck up. My god.


When the bosses talk about improving productivity, they are never talking about themselves.