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Comment: Fonts that don't put bars on uppercase I and J (Score 1) 370

by omfglearntoplay (#48188815) Attached to: Apple Doesn't Design For Yesterday

Any of these just really piss me off grandly. When you are typing one, two, and three word phrases, things are unclear. Passwords, unclear.


What did I just type at a quick glance? i, one, verticle bar, and L. Why not make this obvious in your damn font people?!

The J is just a pet peeve. What about "Z" or "E" or "F" or "5"? Just save time and get rid of that top bar, who needs it!

Comment: Big Dinos Probably all had Scales (Score 1) 139

What's their definition of "most dinosaurs"? Maybe most as in, there was this one tiny feathered dinosaur that bred like rabbits and was everywhere? And do they mean "had feathers" as in had 3 tiny feathers on the top of a big lizardy dino head? Big dinos almost always had scales from what I've read. And perhaps size is part of is as is seen in recent animals and animals today... larger mammals have far far less fur except during the times of ice ages.

I found a couple of links that show scales, no feathers, of big dinosaurs. All this feather business is just hype.


The scale-like structures you see on dinosaur skin are known as called tubercles, and resemble the polygonal desiccation cracks that you might see on a dried up mud flat (because we all investigate sedimentary structures

Very little dinosaur skin fossilized, so what we know about sauropod skin comes from impressions made when it pressed into mud or sand that then hardened and turned to stone. These impressions show that sauropod skin had small bumps and scales that didn't overlap. Some sauropods had bony growths in the skin called osteoderms. But no sauropods had hair or feathers.

Comment: Anecdotal but (Score 1) 90

I distrust medicine much more than anybody I know. However, our pediatrician scared us into having my kid go through an MRI for a "possibly serious condition" when he was a few months old. Naturally nothing was wrong.

Now he is seven years old... and by fucking golly his memory is scarily good in all situations. My memory is better than at least 99% of adults I meet. The kid puts me to shame. Not only can he easily best me at any memory type of game, his episodic memory is incredible. He'll remember I promised we would do something, recalling every pertinent detail to make sure I adhere to it. He remembers who gave him what toy on which day (I used to remember that stuff when I was a kid). He recalls details of classroom events down to exact phrases.

What I'm trying to say is, as much as I hate medicine in general, I think this is one place at least my kid didn't get messed up by it.

Comment: Creative art =/= tech design (Score 1) 377

by omfglearntoplay (#45644299) Attached to: Study: People Are Biased Against Creative Thinking

Creative art is one thing.

Creative techie things are another. Especially in a life or death environment (cars) or a corporate environment (email down, fired).

So if say I was over all of IT for some big company, and then one guy says changing everything that is totally working fine to this new way of doing things would be better... I'm inclined to disagree with him. Why? If it fails, heads may roll. I would have to spend more time than him to get up to speed on whatever technology he is talking about (virtually impossible given the roles)... and then I'd have to trust him as much as the guy I trusted a year or two back that burned me when I trusted him.

So... while I love creativity in general,... no thanks, not at the work place. And not when it involves safety.

Comment: ios 7 is a buggy mess (Score 1) 326

by omfglearntoplay (#45272451) Attached to: Apple Blocks Lawrence Lessig's Comment On iOS 7 Wi-Fi Glitch

I've had lots of problems before and after 7.0.3. More than once I have had to reboot to regain sending email (receiving is fine). My 2nd phone, a Blackberry using activesync just like my iPhone, was still sending and receiving email no problem so I know it wasn't something with the server.

Other problems include buggy podcast playing. I've updated the podcast app so I hope it will be more stable.

I also REALLY do not like the way a "hard reset" no longer closes all apps. This is a big deal for businesses where users just aren't going to close all the apps themselves. Come on Apple, what are you doing to us?

Comment: Maybe I'll go Android (Score 2) 144

I find browsing on the vendor built in browsers to be TERRIBLE. All the adds and crap flying around is twice as bad on a little tablet or phone because it is too easy to misclick. And browsing is already slower b/c of all the ads loading, it just ruins the experience for me.

Thank GOD for Firefox and the tweaks you can apply with 3rd party pieces. LOVE IT and I will NEVER change to something else.

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