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Comment Re:Always seemed redundant to me. (Score 1) 267

I've been using Pale Moon for some time now because of the native 64-bit builds, but once the refusal to adopt Mozilla's "UI of the week" model set in, I switched my 32-bit systems over as well. When my mother started asking me "where did such and such option go?" and I was unable to find it myself, I switched her to Pale Moon as well. At this point I don't even care if it's technically better, although it probably is. It's simply more useful than mainline Firefox.

Comment Re:TV. (Score 1) 197

That is horrible advice - sitting close to a large TV will wreak havoc on your eyes' ability to focus, as well as their actual physical shape given enough time.

Please explain how an IPS panel designed to be a television is any different from an IPS panel designed to be a monitor, when seated at the same distance from each (aside from maximum brightness, which is typically greater on a television)? This isn't the bad old days of 640x480 CRT television. I'm not advising he stick his face in the damn thing. As a matter of fact, the whole point of using a larger display at the same resolution is to make it so he doesn't HAVE to stick his face right into it to read it.

Comment TV. (Score 1) 197

I have to second all the opinions saying "use a large TV". My only caveat would be that if you're going to sit two feet (or less) from it, you don't need the brightness all the way up. This also will reduce the heat it throws off, which can be considerable at that distance if it's CCFL-backlit LCD rather than LED -- which I actually recommend because of the better blacks. (It's still better than a similarly sized CRT though.) Also, pick something that has decent off-center performance (like an IPS panel rather than TN), so you have some freedom of movement. If you're moving your head and leaning in at times, the last thing you need is for the rest of the screen to go all wonky because you're now at the wrong angle. The closer you get, the less forgiving it's going to be.

Also, don't just use one of them if you've got the space. Use two, even if that means using the analog output on a laptop in addition to its HDMI. The more real estate you have, the less need there is to cram things into small windows. This is true even if one of them has to be much smaller than the other, in which case you may wish to have a desktop manager that will let you shuttle applications between the larger and smaller monitor easily. You can keep your primary task on the big screen and relegate the less important ones (that you still want to be able to glance at) to the smaller screen.

I personally have four monitors attached to two video cards, but this is just because that's what I happen to have. I did just fine with two. The third and fourth don't carry anything I want to read in detail, because of the pain of craning my neck all the time. They're aimed to be legible from the bed, though, so I use them as video displays. (I have four TN panels, so the aim is critical, alas.)

Comment Re:That's why Windows 10 should have ONLY been 64- (Score 1) 125

Thing is, she likes it. It's a ThinkPad, so I can't say I blame her for that. If there had been no replacement for 32-bit XP at the EOL for XP, she would have just gone on using it anyhow, in a defiant "why should I replace a working computer" stance. For the netbook I bought in 2009, I could deal with a switch to some flavor of Linux, but she would not.

Comment Re:That's why Windows 10 should have ONLY been 64- (Score 3, Interesting) 125

This would kill the usefulness of Windows 10 for existing games, practically all of which are 32-bit. Without remaining a strong platform for gaming, it would be difficult (to say the least) to upsell a large portion of the existing user base. I suppose you can argue that native 32-bit versions should be discontinued, but that's a totally different argument from saying that WoW64 should be discontinued.

Comment Re:nobody uses 64 bit browsers? (Score 2) 125

For firefox you'd either have to choose one of their nightly 64-bit versions or settle with Waterfox which usually lags behind a few versions.

Not so. Pale Moon, my personal choice. They deliberately lag a few versions behind on the user interface rather than accepting the broken shit Firefox foists on everyone.

Comment Re:Back it up (Score 1) 22

I used to check out music CDs from the local library frequently, about fifteen years ago. I asked if they were concerned about them going missing, and found out that almost all of them came from the personal collections of the librarians -- who had first made CD-R copies for themselves on a machine owned by the library. (At this time CD burners were expensive but not exorbitant -- like $200, and $1 discs could be had in quantity). I would hazard a guess that most libraries do the same, even if they don't bother telling anyone about it. They may not make physical copies, but I'm reasonably sure they make some sort of archival copy. Even if they have multiple copies of the original media and withhold one, the discs are subject to physical damage over time.

As a side effect, I ended up making friends with two of the librarians (an early 20s white female who liked The Offspring, and a mid-40s black male who liked avant garde jazz) because I commented on how good the musical tastes of the donators were, not knowing the librarians were the primary contributors. There was a third with pretty good taste as well but I never got to discuss it with her. I found out they were making copies for themselves because I offered to do so, only to be told they already were. If I worked in a library and could make copies of anything I donated, I'd probably have done the same thing they did.

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