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Comment: overstate things much? (Score 1) 155

by Shakrai (#47516869) Attached to: Privacy Lawsuit Against Google Rests On Battery Drain Claims

MUCH more importantly, though, ads are draining your BANDWIDTH. It's important, because it's also a simple demonstrable harm. If you pay $30 per month for your internet bandwidth, and the ads use up half of it (conservative estimate)

In which universe do you live where ads on a webpage total up to half of the bandwidth to deliver said webpage?

Because Google purposely don't allow you to block the ads in android (*)

They don't make it easy but they don't make it all that difficult either. Buy a Nexus, Developer Edition, or one of the multitude of carrier branded phones that are rootable. Install one of the multitude of ad blocking apps that are available, AdFree being my personal favorite. Problem solved.

Comment: Re:The White House isn't stupid.. (Score 1) 272

by Kohath (#47495077) Attached to: White House Approves Sonic Cannons For Atlantic Energy Exploration

What's the alternative? Do you think you can convince everyone that deprivation is better than plenty? Do you think the government will suddenly start adopting sound economic policies rather than economic policies to satisfy greed and envy and entitlement and grievance and short-term political goals? What would cause that to happen? And if it happened, what would cause it to continue?

Comment: Hoping this is not as bad as it sounds (Score 4, Interesting) 272

by sideslash (#47491999) Attached to: White House Approves Sonic Cannons For Atlantic Energy Exploration
Can they give "warning shots" for some time period ahead of time to clear the area? Can they definitively detect whether any large mammals are in the vicinity before giving the big blasts?

Actually, even if they can, this sounds really bad, no pun intended. :(

Comment: Re:Why so worked up? Answer. (Score 1) 288

by SuperKendall (#47487283) Attached to: Australia Repeals Carbon Tax

It's really stupid to think in numbers per-person when the problem is an absolute quantity emitted into the atmosphere.

I mean, just look at the data

You emit 1.19% of the total CO2 emitted by all countries. What are larger cuts on your part really going to do?

Australia's numbers are high because you don't have tens of millions of people living in dirt huts. Really want to do that? And the laws repealed were changing the number from what, 17 to 16.75...

Comment: Chainsaw! (Score 1) 154

Please make it moddable. I want a chainsaw on my wheelchair. Woooo!

Now why would I make WHeX WITHOUT chainsaws!

A chainsaw on every corner. The footrests? Both chainsaws.

And then of course there's the Tow Saw, which is a chainsaw tied to a rope that bounces around randomly as you roll forward.

Comment: The obvious FPS that needs to be made then (Score 4, Insightful) 154

Wheelchair Hunter eXTreme

You're sitting down. You could even sell wheels that attached to the side of office char armrests... and a gun accessory that tracked position relative to your body to match the virtual version.

Or, a Battlezone clone where you are in an open cockpit.

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