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by DaveAtFraud (#48024701) Attached to: My toy collection is ...

Hear, hear!

In the last 6 months I've acquired a M1 Garand (s/n 2xxxxxx, but re-barreled in '55) and an M1 Carbine, Rockola, good stock, good condition, no bayonet lug and early "flip-style" rear sight. My eyes are open for a WW2-era 1911, Thompson, and BAR to round out the collection...

So fun to own a piece of American history, no?

Priced authentic 1911s. Ouch. I'll probably go with a replica.


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Violence is the refuge of people who don't think.
Gun violence is for cowards.

Couldn't agree more. That's why I only use my guns for non-violent things like target shooting, destroying old hard drives (there is a certain satisfaction in this application), etc. I will not initiate violence with my guns but the nature of these weapons means that I am in a position to reply very violently to someone who initiates violence against me.

BTW, I live in Colorado, USA and we have what has become known as the "Make my day" law. This law here says that I can legally use any and all means including lethal weapons to defend my household against unauthorized entry. I consider breaking into my house to be a violent act and would respond accordingly.


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How is this not crapware that you are apologizing for? It was the scourge of the PC industry, we should not be welcoming it in mobile to a greater extent than it exists already.

I agree with you that the requirement to ship recent Android versions is absolutely needed, but 20 different applications sounds awfully overbearing.

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by SuperKendall (#48020439) Attached to: Apple Faces Large Penalties In EU Tax Probe

Apple pays a huge amount of tax in the US.

They ALSO pay a lot of tax in the EU.

The fuss form the US government is that UNLIKE ANY OTHER COUNTRY IN THE WORLD we like to double-tax foreign revenues for which tax was already collected.

The fuss from the EU is that the tax Apple pays they consider to be too low, because Apple has money and the EU does not.

That's the simp truth. Apple found the place that collected the lowest taxes and based international operations there. Doing something legal and having a huge pile of untouchable money angers bureaucrats (and irrational Apple Haters) to no end.

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Until either the car doesn't start because it has no 3G signal to "Authorize" it.

Again, that's a technical issue, and if I can figure out how to avoid starting the tracking module why not also how to bypass that...

so you can't even work around it withot ripping out the ECU

As if that's even a slight issue, lots of people reprogram or replace the ECU today.

Relying on your wits to outsmart an organised group of people is hard

History has shown it to be ridiculously easy in most cases.

Far better to nip the problem in the bud

History has shown THAT to be impossible.

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by sideslash (#48019445) Attached to: Scientists Seen As Competent But Not Trusted By Americans

For every study that suggests (or is construed to suggest even though it clearly doesn't) that climate change isn't occurring there's at least a hundred that says it is.

Ummmm, I think there are zero serious scientific studies that claim that climate change isn't occurring. Most people are aware that the climate has always been changing. You know, ice ages and so forth.

You know what I find hilarious? Just for making this observation, many people will peg me as a "climate change denier".

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Your driving history only consists of the times you got caught.

And in the future my driving history will consist only of the times I've allowed the monitoring device to activate.

The future belongs to the technically inclined because we will be able to do ANYTHING without repercussion.

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A single human on Mars could do in a week more than every previous rover on mars put together has accomplished to date.

We've done what we can with the robotic approach, at some point you need humans to take research to the next level rather than inching along for centuries.

Some people will die; some people always have died, will always die. That does not matter.

If you think it's gung-ho, well all I can say is it's side you decided to stop advancing the human race, not all of us share your pitiful lethargy. It's not gung-ho at all, it's a built-in drive that we still in the human race call humanity...

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by SuperKendall (#48012073) Attached to: Consumer Reports: New iPhones Not As Bendy As Believed

They denied many people had them but eventually fixed it anyway with a free bumper.

That didn't *fix* anything though. As was widely reported at the time, ALL phones lose signal dramatically with a death grip, iPhone or no, even with a case.

I never used a case or bumper with the "Antenna phone" and need had an issue dropping calls.

The free bumper was just PR.

I imagine somewhere in Apple's labs they are testing strengthened cases

Possibly, but I think that will only come into play with the iPhone 6s. I'm sure they will consider it more strongly.

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