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Comment Re:News for Facebook employees (Score 1) 128

Facebook isn't really like "Corporate America". Facebook can afford to give expensive benefits to employees because Facebook's business is hugely profitable and growing fast. Most companies have neither Facebook's growth nor Facebook's profit potential. If you expect other companies to be like Facebook, you will be disappointed.

Comment Re:The law is ridiculous anyway (Score 1) 211

So someone who wants resources from Mars needs to get permission from everyone in the world first?

Presuming someone has the technical means, what's stopping them from just going there and taking what they want? Are the police going to arrest them when they get back? Which country's police?

If you want to stop all progress in space (or any other scientific or technological progress) then go ahead with that idea that nothing is allowed unless governments grant specific permission in advance.

Comment Shorter version (Score 5, Insightful) 154

If you save thousands of people from being killed or maimed by measles, polio, malaria, and other diseases in Africa, but you don't bow your head to the left's concerns over patents, then those people you helped don't matter. You must advance the cause. And the cause is about money, not about whether children are crippled by polio or die of measles.

And the experiments to improve education threaten to disrupt the cash flow from teachers' union dues. Stop those too.

Comment Re:exaggerate much (Score 3, Funny) 246

No. It's a million times worse than this article could ever possibly suggest. Unrepairable products are worse than Hitler and they will cause a plague of giant, unkillable kitten-eating spiders to build hidden nests in your home and workplace to covertly drain your blood little-by-little when you're distracted -- possibly by the crippling fear that your gadgets might break and you might have to buy the new improved one for yourself. The only thing worse than unrepairable products is people who exaggerate.

Comment Re: Good! (Score 2, Informative) 365

How often did Apple employees use U.S. roads, rely on U.S. public education for their children in primary school or college, drink water provided by the state or federal government, use telephone or network infrastructure developed and constructed by the government, benefit from federal safety regulations on aircraft? Do you think all those things appear for your benefit at no cost or obligation from you?

There's a fuel tax to pay for roads.
There's a property tax and a state income tax and a state sales tax to pay for education for children.
There's a state income tax and a state sales tax and tuition to pay for colleges.
There's a water bill from the water district every 2 months to pay for water.
There's a telephone bill and a special telephone tax to pay for phones, and an internet bill to pay for Internet.
There's an airline ticket tax to pay for air traffic control.

But the question was: what percentage of Apple's profits did the US government earn? Any thoughts on that?

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