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Comment: Re:Conservatives crying "no fair"? (Score 3, Insightful) 283

The government shouldn't use force based on the pretense it will somehow make things fair. The answer to injustice caused by happenstance isn't another unnecessary, purposefully-committed injustice. Save government force for use against murderers and rapists rather than calling out the stormtroopers when your Netflix is fuzzy.

It doesn't work anyway. Regulatory capture is common. The regulators end up working hand-in-hand with the people they're supposed to be regulating, big companies and lawyers benefit while the public suffers. Look no further than Uber vs. the taxi companies and their government friends.

Comment: Re:Uhhh (Score 1) 907

by Kohath (#47996655) Attached to: Miss a Payment? Your Car Stops Running

Why not? Some people have bad credit because of a divorce or some other one-time event. Why shouldn't they be able to get a car loan? What if they need a presentable car for work -- because they're a real estate agent or a delivery driver?

Despite the whining in the article, these devices give both the car buyer and the lender exactly what each of them wants. The car buyer wants to buy a car that she would otherwise not be able to buy. The lender wants to make a loan that would otherwise be too risky. Add the device, and both problems are solved.

Why did the people in the news story expect their cars to continue working when they weren't making their loan payments? Isn't there somewhere on the continuum of repeatedly making bad choices where we take a short break from endless sympathy and just tell people to grow up and do what an adult might do?

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