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Comment: Re:There are two types of rich people... (Score 0) 368 368

What if we could all agree not to covet or (use the government to) steal money from each other? If we could collectively decide not to hire a politician to tax someone else's money or a lawyer to sue for someone else's money so we could spend it without earning it, then it wouldn't matter which group a person was in.

Comment: Re:$68 Billion for high speed trains (Score 1) 599 599

Who isn't willing to pay for it? CA should certainly pay for it. They think they're rich enough to buy a $68 Billion train, they should obviously agree they can afford some water projects. If I remember correctly, some water projects were on the ballot last election and they passed. So they're already paying for some.

Comment: Re:Water for people (Score 2) 599 599

Ok, sure. But I'm still not getting why building water infrastructure isn't also part of the answer. Farmers need water. Just like cities and everyone else. And farming isn't the problem in areas like San Diego.

The "never build any water infrastructure" people seem to be motivated by enmity toward others who aren't like them and/or dogmatic environmentalism of some sort. And neither of those motivations lead to policies that are likely to be in the public interest.

Slashdot readers should be able to endorse a problem-solving mentality instead. A water shortage is an engineering problem.

Comment: Re:$68 Billion for high speed trains (Score 1) 599 599

The residents there don't need their water?

There aren't very many residents there. There appears to be more water than the local residents need. And what makes it "their" water? Why do you think they own it?

And desalination will NOT solve the problem.

No one thing solves the problem. Desalination solves part of the problem in some places.

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