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for most companies its not viable as a - most cars dont currently run on biodiesel B - the cost of biodiesel, at least in my area is more than the cost of regular diesel and C - the infrastructure is not there for people willing to invest in it. As I said, I would LOVE to run on bio, or a tesla truthfully, they are beautiful, but realistically, ill be driving an ICE for many years and we should never go out of our way to artificially raise costs on fuel, which only hurts the poor.

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well the reason for stripping these "apps" from the OS and putting them into the play framework is because of the OEM issue of taking forever to upgrade the phones. Lets be honest here, apps make the phones these days, and if the app cant be updated because verizon or whoever wont push out andoid (insert new version here) to your 2 year old, yet fully functioning phone, it eventually becomes worthless.

By taking the apps out of it, it allows them more control on the functionality of the phone, even if the framework does not get any help from the carriers

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my google+ acct is pretty much only used for games. I have found that the majority of the android games I play make use of google + for logins, They dont force you to use them but i find it convenient to use it as i recall when my first droid crapped out all the save data was tied to the phone. im happy letting google think my sole function in life is to play plants vs zombies.

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true, the choice is there, in my use case, first thing i do on a new phone is flash CM, and load gapps suite. I only use a handful of the apps ,but i dont ever come close to filling my storage so its just easier to load the suite. granted i know not everyone is that way but the sad truth is for many tasks, googles offerings are better than 3rd party apps. Navigation works beautiful, havent found a good replacement for that one yet.

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no one said anything about delaying the spread of fuels. Its about using the resources we have until they compete, rather than artificially increasing the costs to encourage people to buy them now.

I know all about biodiesel, Ive made my own in the past. its not viable no matter how much I wanted it to be and I wasted a ton of money trying to make it so. I still love the concept, but it still isnt a replacement

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because it could lower oil prices.

This is exactly what we need right now in the short term until alt fuels get cheaper. Its going to be decades before all the gas cars are off the roads, poor people cant afford new cars so they buy used, there isnt much of a used electric market out there right now. It has the added benefit of not being in the middle east like you said. To me this is a win-win-win, except for that pesky russian thing that we need to resolve.

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The Columbia accident, as well as countless near-misses that could have resulted in a Columbia style accident, was due to debris detaching from the external tank and striking the orbiter. If the vehicle is on top of the stack, nothing that breaks off of the rocket can physically come into contact with the vehicle.

I always wondered after the fact if the first runs with the painted tank had the foam issue or if the paint kept it contained. I know we stopped painting it for cost and weight concerns, but sometimes, it makes more sense to spend the money. Again I dont know if it would have helped but its a question ive always wondered and never seen really discussed by people in the know

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