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Comment Re:Good! (Score 1) 363

until our politicians wake up and realize all costs are pushed onto the consumer anyway nothing will change

its not a "loophole" its the law, and until the law is favorable to business, business will continue to move to places that are business friendly. We see it on a microscale in the USA as it is, look at all the companies who are based in delaware.

Comment Re:Islamophobia is real (Score 1) 791

Islamophobia is just as real as antisemitism. For proof of this one needs look no further than the millions of racists that argue to keep out legitimate Syrian war refugees

there are plenty of good reasons to not want to import more people to our country that have nothing to do with with their religion. for example close to 20 trillion in debt, job rates for actual americans is not good, homelessness in america.

Comment Re:Not a new problem, of course (Score 2) 76

couldnt the tape be still framed one at a time in a modern scanning format to bring it back? (the video portion at least) im not sure how to pull the audio but being analog wouldnt there be a way to pull that as well?

not pretty and much harder 25 years ago, but there seems there is some kind of solution today no?

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