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Comment: Re:Parallel "Nothing Wrong" case in VA (Score 1) 439

except A - i have no daughter, so no worry about that happening to me, and B - dont break into my home at 3:30 AM if you dont want to get shot, I dont understand what is so hard to grasp here. if you break into my home, expect to get shot, its not that hard

Comment: Re:Parallel "Nothing Wrong" case in VA (Score 1, Informative) 439

no the point is no one has a right to break into my home period, but especially when im asleep at 3:30 AM, anyone who does so is threatening my life by the sheer fact of them being in my home uninvited while i sleep. As such I feel I am well within my rights to end said intruder and i wont give it a second thought. My call to the cops would go like this

Hello, Id like to report a home invasion. You got a dead body you need to come out here and clean up.

Comment: Re:Parallel "Nothing Wrong" case in VA (Score 1) 439

well to be fair, many people would have done the exact same thing. If i am the head of my home, and from my understanding, everyone in said home is asleep, and i hear someone "breaking in the garage" Im probably gonna shoot the person too.

I feel bad for the family but the daughter should have known better having a father who is a cop, breaking into the home might not be the best idea.

long story short, its apples and oranges, not parallel case

Comment: Re:Manslaughter? Murder with intent... (Score 1) 439

comments like yours do not help solve the real issues. yes this man made a mistake, but mistakes do have consequences. vehicular manslaughter fits the crime, not first degree murder, and sure as hell not kill the man bring him back and kill him again

Comment: Re:yet if we did it (Score 4, Informative) 439

im not applying emotions to the law, im applying the law to the law. If you or I were texting or emailing in our cars, we get a fine, If we kill someone, its homicide.

if this was SOP, than it shouldnt be any longer, and as such the training was bad if it allows cops to break the law in such a way and new training should be in place that says "stop driving to respond to an email, if you need to radio it in" cops have radios for a reason, use them

I understand that the findings show that in this case he was following procedure, but said procedure caused the loss of life, whoever signed off on said procedure should also be held accountable.

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