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by ganjadude (#46772353) Attached to: Lavabit Loses Contempt Appeal

'exhuming forfeited arguments when they involve matters of “public concern” would present practical difficulties. For one thing, identifying cases of a “public concern” and “non-public concern” –- divorced from any other consideration –- is a tricky task governed by no objective standards..... For another thing, if an issue is of public concern, that concern is likely more reason to avoid deciding it from a less-than-fully litigated record....'"

If I am reading this correctly, Would this not mean that the federal government no longer has standing to hide behind "national security" when it comes to denying freedoms or bringing people to court without a warrant?

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in the late 90s in my high school we would have our principal come out to the student parking lot and talk about hunting with the rednecks in their trucks with their rifles in the back window. I remember one time by principal asked by buddy if he could see the rifle, and my friend took it off the mount, handed it to the principal and he checked it out for a good 5 minutes, handed it back and it got locked back in the visible mount in the truck. There were never any problems in my schools This didnt even stop with columbine, although I hear it has stopped as of now

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by ganjadude (#46770835) Attached to: San Francisco's Housing Crisis Explained
ok, and if someone pays me 10K, I now have 9K in profit, so I can buy a bigger truck or new tools, and build a bigger house that is costlier than before. I can now grow my business, and hire people to work for me (and putting money in their hands)

Long story short, supply and demand work. If someone wants to pay me XX for something that costs me XX/10 no one should have a problem with that.

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by ganjadude (#46770607) Attached to: Study Finds US Is an Oligarchy, Not a Democracy

In their view social programs are bad for poor people, as poor people deserve to be poor

I dont think it works quite that way

Lets look at it like this. I cant tell you how many friends I have who lost their jobs over the past few years, myself included. Some of them sat on unemployement for the entire time they could collecting their 400 bucks a week, as soon as the check ran out, they all manage to get a job the next week. Kind of fishy dont you think?

If the government is giving people enough to get by, they lose the motivation to better themselves and get stuck in a rut.

Im in no way saying remove the security blanket, simply we need to find a way to teach people to fish again, instead of just giving them bread

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