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Comment: Actually (Score 1) 82

uhm, actually plist files are xml

ACTUALLY plist files can be either textual or binary, which is very much not XML

I should have said not necessarily though, instead of just "not"... but it was kind of irrelevant to the main point.

They certainly aren't very compact as far as formats go, even on the watch.

Sigh, didn't read much of that original message, did you?

They don't NEED TO BE EXTREMELY COMPACT because they are sent over only once, when the app is loaded on the watch - that said, it is in the binary format which is much more compact than the textual format.

In use the watch pulls files from that bundle at runtime. And if you were any kind of programmer you'd know there is a tradeoff between compression and computation (which the watch has little of) in terms of file formats, so a fairly but not maximally compact file format is better for performance than whatever you are thinking of.

Comment: Yes you are wrong (Score 1) 82

The UI definition is held in a Plist format (like, but not, XML) but that's not what the device gets. It gets a very compact binary form of your UI, that is loaded onto the watch before the user even opens your application.

The Apple Watch API is actually EXTREMELY conservative with what gets sent over to the watch, to the extent that even attempting to set the same label value twice in a row is rejected with a warning. and UI elements on the screen are wits-only (you cannot query the watch see what currently displayed values are).

Comment: Re:Well that's rather the point (Score 1) 319

by SuperKendall (#49487209) Attached to: Gyro-Copter Lands On West Lawn of US Capitol, Pilot Arrested

Would have been much easier and less obvious for the pilot to drive 30lbs of C4 into position in a vehicle or a backpack or bag

You aren't going to be able to get close enough for the explosion to do anything on foot or in a vehicle. All of the major government structures now have very imposing anti-vehicular barricades there is no way around. On foot you are going to be challenged long before you reach your target, you are limited to what you can carry, AND you are only at ground level even if you do get close.

Someone in an auto-gyro could for example take out the dome above the chambers where everyone sits when Congress is in session, instead of not getting anywhere near that chamber on foot or in a car. Or they could fly right up to the window that the Oval Office looks out on...

Comment: Well that's rather the point (Score 1) 319

by SuperKendall (#49482755) Attached to: Gyro-Copter Lands On West Lawn of US Capitol, Pilot Arrested

So instead of there being a helicopter in the air with a human at controls

What about an auto-gyro with 30 lbs or so of C4? Do you still want the "human at the controls"? You don't know what the intentions are, you just know it's very illegal to be there yet there he is.

At this point you'd have to be an idiot to be a terrorist and not try to pilot a small explosive laden gyro into some major target, since it's obviously so easy.

I can't believe the "no fly zone" over Washington is such a total sham with not even a monitoring aircraft on top of him. Just like the Pirate Code, the No Fly Zone appears to be more of what you would call guidelines than an actual rule...

Comment: Your point is counter to what is offered (Score 1) 74

Advertisers value people, period. Even those with very little money... it's a different demographic, is all. The thing is people using free internet connections are not going to have that much money period so it simply does not match with your thought the advertisers on such a service will be expecting rich people on a limited free service.

Anyone who prefers to view the internet as a wealth-enabling resource

I do, which is why I'd prefer as many people to have internet access as possible - not hold it back from the poor in some ideologically misguied desire to "protect" them.

Comment: You advocate more censorship than I (Score 1) 74

No internet is more censorship than some internet, no matter how you gate it. And people will always figure out some way to get to what they want even on a "limited" network connection...

In the ACTUAL example here, Facebook is part of this and you can find any viewpoint you like on Facebook.

Comment: New product (Score 3, Interesting) 339

Musk's claim is that the barge didn't sustain any serious damage.

Screw self-landing boosters. What I want is a house made out of whatever the barge is made of, easily shrugging off what are essentially two direct rocket hits complete with massive explosion.

Comment: Is it really better to withhold internet? (Score 0) 74

There are lots of people in India too poor to pay for internet, that this system could link them in.

Is it really worse for them to have a gated internet than no internet at all?

So what if "normal" internet becomes a little more expensive, that's fine when anyone can get limited access to the internet for free.

Comment: Helps chess as a sport (Score 2) 234

by SuperKendall (#49472687) Attached to: Chess Grandmaster Used iPhone To Cheat During Tournament

Chess tourneys should be played by naked participants in a large faraday cage.

If you think about it that really helps the sport appeal to younger people - instead of advertising a "chess tournament" (what is this, the middle ages)? you get to advertise the event as a STEEL CAGE CHESS MATCH TO THE FINISH!

Comment: Re:In Depth Analysis (Score 1) 676

by SuperKendall (#49460869) Attached to: Hillary Clinton Declares 2016 Democratic Presidential Bid

The real question: Is Hillary a greater poison to Republicans, or Democrats?

Republicans saying silly things at times is a small shadow of the Democrats having to deal with Hillary's Terra-Cotta Soldier sized army of skeletons, some of them quite fresh from the skinning as it were.

The only person the Republicans even have that could do worse than Hillary under any real scrutiny and debate process, is Jeb Bush. America (left and right) is tried of them both in equal measure.

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