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Comment: Whiny bullshit. (Score -1) 161

by RightSaidFred99 (#47722435) Attached to: Calif. Court Rules Businesses Must Reimburse Cell Phone Bills

If you don't want to use your personal phone for work, don't. Easy peasy. You could even tell a white lie and say you don't have one.

I think the solution here is for companies to provide ca. 1995 brick cell phones to employees. "Oh, you want reimbursed? Turns out we'll provide you a phone, here you go big guy" (proceeds to hand employee a 9 oz phone with no screen). They could even not go that crazy and give out the lamest feature phones they can find. I guarantee you the whiners will be all "Oh, uhh, nevermind."

Comment: Re:Good riddance (Score -1) 790

Most humorous to me is that you think you could possibly trust someone else anyway. It would be security theater. Your data is going over the Internet and to someone else's server, then over the Internet to someone _else's_ computer. It's going to backups, possibly at both ends.

You are a fool if you think it can be secured, and an even bigger fool if you think you can trust companies or employees not to search or read it regardless of the law.

Comment: Re:Good riddance (Score -1) 790

Oh toss off. You and everyone else are too lazy to worry about using encryption that you want to run crying to the government to protect you.

Fuck off. If you don't like what Google does with the free email service they provide you, don't fucking use it you entitled wanker.

Comment: Re:Real problem was law letting the networks charg (Score -1) 342

by RightSaidFred99 (#46826299) Attached to: Aereo To SCOTUS: Shut Us Down and You Shut Down Cloud Storage

"Let them"? It's amusing you think you are "letting" someone do with their content as they wish. It's almost like you think you are entitled to their work in some bizarre way because you like to watch content they product.

You won't win. Period. Sorry, content costs money to produce and distribute and doesn't "want to be free".

Comment: Nice for rural areas.. (Score -1) 41

by RightSaidFred99 (#46750509) Attached to: Google Buys Drone Maker Titan Aerospace

But wireless is fundamentally inferior to wired, I'd much rather have fiber in metro areas in terms of home internet. Mobile internet? Hells yeah, this could do an end-run around the big carriers. If Google truly wanted to "do no evil" they'd build a kickass flying infrastructure system and then lease it out to providers to sell.

Comment: Re:Lol don't (Score 0) 452

by RightSaidFred99 (#46729613) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: How To Start With Linux In the Workplace?

What an asinine comment. So nobody should ever do anything new because, well, it's already been around for decades in some form or another.

Powershell is different from the UNIX shell environment. In some ways things are more difficult, in others much much easier and cleaner.

What does a neckbeard like you get out of this? Powershell isn't bash and sucks! What I get a kick out of is the plethora of bullshit UNIX shells and how they get a pass, even though they all have their own little quirks. Back when I was stuck on 70's technology, the rule was always use 'sh' for scripts, not csh/tcsh - those can be used for interactive but are poor choices for scripts.

Nowadays? Pfft, people using 'bash', 'sh', 'tcsh', it's a god damn mess. Then you have the cool kids using Python (Perl is so old school now, apparently, though it's 50X better for most routine UNIX scripting).

Don't be a tard, nobody will take you seriously.

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