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Comment: Re:Pumped storage and transport (Score 1) 214

by fyngyrz (#47812513) Attached to: Power Grids: The Huge Battery Market You Never Knew Existed

> You're assuming you'll get free energy out of this?

Um... no... where would get such an idea?

Think about it. If you put a transport thing in there (think boat) with a nice deep hull, and there's a 5 knot current along the entire canal created by the transfer at the ends of the C, what will the boat do? Now add another boat at a reasonable interval, say another boat length.

Do you imagine doing this will slow down either the current or the other boat?

That's the point, and that's all I am assuming.

Comment: Re:Can anybody tell me, please (Score 1) 122

by fyngyrz (#47812481) Attached to: New HTML Picture Element To Make Future Web Faster

That depends on the DPI. My phone, very small indeed, is 1080x1920 (or 1920x1080 if I'm holding it funny.) One of the monitors on my 8-core desktop is 1280x1024.

The DPI difference between them is radical. Even so, any properly designed page will allow the user's browser to resize and reflow the content to fit the window if it's of any sane width (probably only wide enough to render the longest word in the content.) If it can't do that, the browser should hand you scroll bars. Be nice if the browser had a user setting "minimum width before scroll bars", too. That'd be a joy.

Fixed aspect / resolution webpages are horrible.

That, and "hover" menus and windows are the #1 reason why I surf away from web pages.

Tip to "designers": If I didn't CLICK on it, I didn't WANT it, and that means ITS IN MY FUCKING WAY

(cough) Sorry.

Comment: Re:Can anybody tell me, please (Score 1) 122

by fyngyrz (#47812357) Attached to: New HTML Picture Element To Make Future Web Faster

Desktop screens have had two sizes in the past 10 years to my knowledge: 4:3 and 16:9 (or close to it),

Irrelevant. All you really need to know is that pixels are square. It's been some time since we had to deal with non-square pixels. Everything else should be up to the user's browser window.

Comment: Re:Window size and pixel density in what header? (Score 1) 122

by fyngyrz (#47812283) Attached to: New HTML Picture Element To Make Future Web Faster

> A single combination of web browser and operating system can be used on both low DPI displays and high DPI displays.

If the image is wider than the window, you get scroll bars; also, browsers can resize. It's not the server's job. We don't have a bandwidth shortage. We have a decently flexible content shortage. If you know it's a mac or a PC, you know it's got a desktop range of pixels. Likewise any particular smartphone. There's no mystery here worth noticing.

Don't resize images with the viewport. That's very annoying. They should reflow with the window according to the browser's settings. If you set a constant width, then you're asking for scroll bars if the window can't fit that width. This all works very well. It has for a long time. Stop trying to make it not work.

Just because you can do something, doesn't mean you should do something. You could make both the text and the background black -- but you wouldn't, right? Because it's highly unfriendly, to say the least. Well, so is locking the user's browser view to particular widths and heights and sizes and positions. HTML was intended as the content provider; the browser intended to be the content formatter, using only hints -- lines, paragraphs, font styling, etc. The closer you can get to that in web page design, the better web page designer you are, because then the user gets to fit the thing into the window the user wants it to be in.

Every time I run into a page that makes me resize my browser to make the damn thing work, I curse. Every time. Every time some whackjob decides that menus should drop or windows should open when my mouse pointer crosses some object, I curse. Every time I run into some page (like's) that won't run its cart or checkout through the usual standard ports and protocols, when everything else from Amazon to the tiniest little retailer and back to EBay will, I try to find somewhere else to shop.

Stop trying to be clever with the page. Instead, be clever with what you put on the page.

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I'm even more sad that so many Americans would STILL vote for this guy today simply because they're Democrats and that's that.

Low as my opinion of Obama is, I'd certainly vote for him again if he was running against the same two clowns as last time, or the two psychopaths from the time before.

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by rahvin112 (#47812107) Attached to: You Got Your Windows In My Linux

Almost everyone I've asked that has expressed hatred of SystemD hasn't actually used it. The vast majority either hate the creator or read some blog post, all but one had never used it or tried to understand it. I attribute much of the hatred to a "I hate change" attitude that is unfortunately common in the *Nix sphere.

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This is why the solution, if Putin persists in this line of thinking, will involve a single bullet from a covert operative, not legions of troops or thousands of missiles.

I hardly imagine that that would matter, other than give his successor the "terrorism" excuse to do whatever he wanted.

Putin's cronies at the FSB put him into power. His successor isn't going to a have noticibly different agenda.

Comment: Re:Put it this way (Score 1) 293

And then Putin will start looking around for more real estate he likes. I hear there are a lot of ethnic Russians in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia....

Which have been NATO countries for a decade. The Soviet^w^w Russia will have a bit more trouble getting them back.

In fact, Putin may be making his play for Ukrania now, lest it also slip permanently beyond his reach.

+ - MIT Announces Final Winners of $15,000 Bitcoin App Contest-> 1

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "MIT has led a summer-long competition around Bitcoin innovation, offering $15,000 in cash prizes for the winning teams. Today, the final winners have been announced. The grand prize of $5,000 went to the team behind Ethos, a platform for establishing and maintaining private online identification using the block chain. The team previously picked up prizes in the first and second rounds.

The next major undertaking for MIT and Bitcoin would be distributing $100 in Bitcoin to each undergraduate sometime this month. With this, MIT hopes to engage its entire community with cryptocurrencies."

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Comment: Re:I PC game, and have zero reason to upgrade (Score 1) 91

by drinkypoo (#47811643) Attached to: AMD Releases New Tonga GPU, Lowers 8-core CPU To $229

We had a growth bubble. Most corporations depend on endless growth to be healthy. When they stop growing, they start dying. When the PC market maxed out, both AMD and Intel suddenly had no idea where they were going next.

When the new Intel processors come out on the new process and we get to see how low they can get power consumption, we'll see if Intel is going to continue to kick ass in the next iteration, which is going to have to be mobile.

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