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Comment: Re:Mars is stupid (Score 1) 136 136

We have microbes on earth right now that could easily survive on Venus.

Eh? We have microbes that could survive as long as they stayed aloft in the Venusian atmosphere. At the surface of Venus, all life as we know it would die from the extreme heat. 400+ Celsius is no picnic for DNA and all life that we are aware of is based on DNA.

According to the summary of this paper:

DNA begins to completely break down at 190C (in dry conditions).

Floating them in the atmosphere is quite doable and is a great idea. You are absolutely correct that we should concentrate on terraforming (not a real word?) Venus before Mars.

Comment: Re:So, um, guys? (Score 1) 221 221

The PS4 runs BSD, while it is also a general purpose OS, there's no need on the PS4 to keep "desktop computer services" running. The PS4 doesn't have to keep a print spool up, have a java updater constantly running, . It doesn't have to worry about the "needs" of an Office suite, or SMB shares, or Norton/Kaspersky/AVG, or any of the other things a PC does. It runs games. It can do other things as well but it's design focus is on games more than anything else.

Odd, every time I say I do not want those services, I am soundly reminded, like a child mind you, that none of those things really affect performance and that I whining about nothing at all. Apparently, you and I are just imagining things.

Comment: Re:Because titan has ice, pluto isn't even a plane (Score 1) 98 98

Titan has the possibility of extraterrestrial life, the finding of which would mark one of the biggest discoveries in the history of the human race and end all doubts that we are alone in the universe.

Sure, finding extraterrestrial life would be a HUGE discovery; however, the total amount of energy on Titan is negligible and the variety of energy gradients do not lend themselves well to anything but the simplest forms of life. These would be extremely difficult to detect and even more difficult to identify as actual life.

Europa, with its water and tidal heating from Jupiter is a much more likely candidate for finding extraterrestrial life. The whole ice shell thing is a real issue so I would not pin all of my hopes on Europa either.

Honestly, the best chance for finding evidence of extraterrestrial life is on Mars. Yes, it will be long dead, but I would be surprised if we did not eventually find some sort of fossil evidence. If not Mars, then it will be extra-solar.

Comment: Re:Just spent a Weekend TRYING to Use 8.1 (Score 1) 277 277

Honestly, install Classic Shell, follow the instructions you can find on the intertubes to make the Metro crap almost completely go away, get rid of their stupid start screen altogether, disable the Windows store and the apps ... and then just realize that the crap Microsoft has "innovated" is useful for touch screens, and beginning users and get on with their life.

Epic fail. If I have to do that to even start using it, it is wrong.

Windows 8.1, once you remove the crap interface stuff Microsoft put into it, is a stable platform with a Start menu, which looks like it has for years.

Windows has become ever more convoluted over the years. 8.1 does not offer improvements. It uses more disk space, more RAM, and more CPU than ever before. In Windows 7, there are several dozen process running at any given time that I have no need of and can not turn off without crashing the operating system. Those processes more than doubled from Windows 7 to Windows 8.

You can argue all you want that they provide awesome services that make my life so much easier... but it is not true. I do not need port 445 sitting there listening. I do not need their fancy DNS services. I do not need half of the processes opening up under svchost.exe and hiding themselves. I do not need Active Directory subsystems functioning at home. I do not need my operating system to try and discover shit on the network. I do not need my operating system trying to force an election to see who wins (pun not intended) the ability to be authoritative about Microsoft protocols on my network. I do not need my operating system trying to enforce DRM. I do not need my operating system to continually multiply the number of hidden places program can start from.

The product is shit. 8.1 is worse shit than 7, and by definition, 10 will be worse shit than 8.

Install a fucking cover over the shit and call it good to go? Stop smoking that stuff my friend. Just stop. Lipstick on a pig does not fool me.

Comment: Re:I don't think it means what you think it means (Score 1) 277 277

The only advantage MS has is exclusive access to the source code. If they give that up, its sayonara sucker.

Oddly enough, I made a comment a week or so ago that resonates with this. Linus is not the only person with access to the source code for Linux... so why isn't it sayonara Linus? Only because it is free (Free?)?

No. It would be sayonara Microsoft because Microsoft does not build a good product. They are not focused on the product at all. They are focused on how they use that product as leverage. So Microsoft would be history if the opened their source because another company would make a BETTER Windows... because they would be able to focus on actually making a good product.

It is rather like the American automakers and why they are constantly on the edge of bankruptcy. They are not in the business of making cars. No, they are in the business of making money; making cars is merely the vehicle (pun somewhat intended) for making money. When you lose sight of the product, in time, you always end up failing. Concentrate on the product first. Afterwards, you can play whatever shitty games you want to try and wrest more money from people.

Comment: Re:Krauss' claim is not about moral authority (Score 1) 305 305

though I know what Francis would say: people should be fucking a lot less and only for procreation. This doesn't actually work in our culture, but as far as he's concerned the culture is the problem.

I am unsure why culture has anything to do with it. At most, culture may cause the hiding of non-procreational sexual activities. It will not prevent it. Back-alley abortions have been around forever.

People have sex. It is a constant desire for most people. Culture has no effect on this desire. At most, culture will curtail the obvious manifestations of it.

Birth control and legal abortions are the only sane and rational answer to out of control population growth.

Comment: Re:Irrelevant (Score 1) 272 272

We have no delivery system, no fire control system, probably no software to guide it to the object, no information on a nuke's impact on the object, etc.

Eh? We have the technology to fire a missile from a ship floating in the ocean and hit a relatively small satellite orbiting the planet. I do not think it would be THAT much different to fire a missile from land to somewhere just past orbit and hit a relatively large object.

Are they the exact same problem with the exact same missiles, targets, and locations? No. Regardless, the problem of sending stuff accurately past planetary orbit is a solved one. The only question is how quickly can they do it within the new set of requirements.

It's like trying to decide if you should keep that 105 howitzer shell around when you have no gun, no one trained to use it, and no way to target anything with it.

It is not like that at all.

Comment: Re:We're in it together (Score 1) 367 367

No. To farm, you need land. 200 years ago, if you did not have a job, you sold yourself as an indentured servant.

Or, you wandered the forest as a hunter and occasionally rob from the rich who might wander nearby. Of course, to assuage your feelings of guilt from robbing people, you might be tempted to redistribute some of your ill-gotten gains to the poor people in villages surrounding said forest. ;)

Comment: Re:Well this is the end of YouTube... (Score 1) 401 401

You know what is funny, is every single time somebody puts in the word Republican, the word Democrat works just as well.

Hm. Not really.

Republicans and Democrats belong to the same party: The authoritarian and corrupt Pwned by Corporations party.
Democrats and Democrats belong to the same party: The authoritarian and corrupt Pwned by Corporations party.

It just doesn't sound the same if you replace Republican with Democrat... but, I know what you were trying to imply. :)

Comment: Re:The most cross-platform is C (Score 1) 173 173

Actually, C is indeed awesome for cross-platform compilability; however, try using libraries cross-platform. Nastiness.

For example, the crypt() function. Call it under Linux and call it under OpenBSD and see how that works out for you. Yes, it is possible. I am not even sure that is available in Windows.

Pure, ANSI standard C will compile under any platform. It is the details (libs) that kill you.

Comment: Re:Nothing about Facbook is private (Score 1) 173 173

If the vast majority of the new generation manage to piss off future employers, what are these businesses going to do, not hire anyone at all? Because they certainly aren't going to start hiring 50 year olds.

Ummm... you already know the answer to this since you work in Silly Valley currently: They will bring in more H1Bs since there will not be enough "qualified" workers locally. Heheh.

Comment: Re:Not for me... (Score 1) 141 141

You're the music industries worse nightmare in the same way the guy who buys 2nd hand cars, and indirectly keeps the new car and trade-in markets going, is Ford's worst nightmare: In. No. Way. At. All.

Au contraire mon frere. You seem to be under the delusion that reality actually matters. What Ford sees is that you are not buying a new car so each second hand sale is a direct loss to them. Apparently, figuring out that the second hand market enables certain people to buy more new cars than they normally would be able to is not part of their math. Same with CDs.

In a consumer society there are inevitably two kinds of slaves: the prisoners of addiction and the prisoners of envy.