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Comment: Re:He got what he deserved. (Score 1) 317

What if the cops just took him at his word and left? They'd be held liable if he really did intend to knock himself off.

WTF are you smoking? Held liable? Women were raped and murdered while on the phone with 911 and a police unit never even showed up. The judge said that the police do NOT have a responsibility to protect and serve. Police shoot people dead all the time and even in some of the grossest of negligence cases, the police walk free.

Held liable. Over a neglected suicide? Meh. When unicorns start farting iridescent rainbows on my front lawn while the fairies frolic about with the wood nymphs.

Comment: Re:What is systemd exactly? (Score 1) 765

by strikethree (#49203511) Attached to: Ubuntu To Officially Switch To systemd Next Monday

You nailed it on a lot of points.

2) It potentially creates a layer between kernel and the rest of the system that becomes entrenched and irreplaceable.

You would think this reason alone should be enough to push people far away form SystemD. To me, that is probably the largest reason to avoid it, but certainly not the only valid reason.

I wish your point could be echoed loud and clear and that the concern could be addressed. I do not see how it can be addressed though.

Comment: Re:Last straw? (Score 1) 533

I am not saying you are wrong but you are not right.

Da'esh got their initial serious funding from Kuwaiti and Saudi citizens who had family wronged by Iraqis during the US-led invasion of Iraq. Da'esh went into Iraq in small teams and started killing ex-military personnel, judges, etc. They made a video of these executions and other activities (which I can not say more about) and distributed the video to the "proper" personnel to prove what they had done. Those personnel then provided much larger funding and MUCH better equipment.

In short, Obama's actions may have created some of the "environment" but it was Bush, Kuwaitis, and Saudis who really created Da'esh, aka ISIS/ISIL.

Comment: Re:hackers oligarchs & thugs (Score 1) 270

by strikethree (#49134933) Attached to: It's Official: NSA Spying Is Hurting the US Tech Economy

Eh? The results are clear and effective. General Petraeus and Mr. Spitzer found out the hard way.

I would be surprised if these capabilities were not abused to blackmail or otherwise coerce leaders of industry and members of congress.

Someone has a LOT of power at their fingertips now because of these "programs". People are getting hurt already.

Comment: Re:This is hilarious... (Score 1) 270

by strikethree (#49134733) Attached to: It's Official: NSA Spying Is Hurting the US Tech Economy

They're doing it so that US businesses will pressure the NSA to stop, and then if it succeeds, China will have the upper hand in espionage.

Boo fucking hoo. If the NSA had not abused its privileges, they would not be in this position now. They should have stuck to their job instead of trying so hard to become Big Brother. This could potentially tumble America into destruction. They should have thought of that before they started this bullshit.

Comment: Re:we already have killer robots (Score 1) 318

Missile defence systems normally have a fully autunomous setting.
The machine is trusted not to shoot down airlines.

Worked real well in the Ukraine recently eh? (CAPTCHA is grossly relevant this time: obituary, are these really random coincidences?)

Comment: Re:I'm pretty sure it's irrelevant (Score 1) 213

by strikethree (#49111379) Attached to: Sony Offers a "Premium Sound" SD Card For a Premium Price

Whan I want to really listen to music, I far prefer my Sony noise-cancelling ear-cup headphones to using speakers. Ambient noise in this place is just too high to really enjoy music any other way.

Then you are not turning the speakers up loud enough. Funnily enough, the CAPTCHA is demolish.

Seriously, someone was asking me to tell the difference between a wav file and an mp3 file, both were sent to me as a wav. Once I turned the volume up loud enough I was correct on one song 100% of the time (Primus - My Name is Mud) and 2/3 of the time for a Metallica song. I would have had perfect detection for mp3 on the Metallica song but I had my amp (accidentally) still munging music to make MP3s sound better. The Primus song is never in question when encoded as an MP3. Something about it defeats the algorithm no matter how you tune it.

Comment: Re:Now they just need intensity from the actors. (Score 1) 165

by strikethree (#49086907) Attached to: Star Trek Continues Meets Kickstarter Goal, Aims For Stretch Goals

It had more than its share of gimmicks (engineering failures used as plot devices, apparently the concepts of fail safe and even the lowly circuit breaker don't exist in the 24th Century) but on balance it stands the test of time.

What annoyed me the most is that no prisoner could ever be contained. Every. Single. Prisoner. Left. Their. Cell. Every. Fucking. Time.

Really? They don't know how to do security? Oy oy oy.

Comment: Re: Yes (Score 1) 716

by strikethree (#49058643) Attached to: Is Modern Linux Becoming Too Complex?

It's right in their "Why SystemD" document.

I am flabbergasted. The reason Debian does not get corporate contracts is because they do not have a corporate program to provide assurances to customers like Redhat does. It has nothing to do with SystemD.

Redhat is about to lose a largish DoD contract because of SystemD. Debian has removed themselves as an option with this crap. Will my decision hurt Redhat? Individually, no. I will not be surprised if lots of other people responsible for choosing technologies refuse this crap as well. Will it hurt Debian? I was already not using them but now they have excluded themselves. They have limited their own potential growth.

I have quite a few Linux servers under my control. SystemD buys me nothing. SystemD has not caused me any problems in my professional life (yet) but it has caused me numerous problems in my personal life.

In my professional life, I have two services that I would like SystemD to restart when those services die. It does not restart them. Is this a problem? No. It is no different than previous behaviour.

Other than service monitoring, I am unsure what else SystemD is supposed to offer to me. My servers never change hardware, never change networks, never do anything at all other than the two services they provide. Binary logs makes troubleshooting transient boot problems impossible. It never gets far enough to start writing text logs through the other interfaces. I do not even bother to troubleshoot anymore. I have an ISO image that tkes less than 10 minutes to install and make fully functional. Is this the goal of SystemD? To just reinstall like we do with Windows?

Meh. There is no point in discussing this. Some people want SystemD. As a rejection of init, I can understand that position, but it is like worshiping Satan because Beelzebub was too evil. All I can say is, What the fuck is wrong with you people?

Comment: Re:why? (Score 1) 677

Ya, you're not the first to comment on my fat-fingers - though that you (both) felt compelled to do so might say more about you two than me. :-)

In this particular case, it is not about you, it is about the humour. It could have been anyone... even me. It is not the fact that a mistake was made that is important, mistakes are common in casual conversation like this. It is that the mistake was made in relation to the meaning of the word that the mistake was made upon (is that even coherent?!). :)

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