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Comment Re:Companies trying to help is the myth (Score 1) 242

Trump recently stated he wanted to build a database of Muslims.

Look, I would vote for Trump just to say "fuck you" to the American political system, which means I think Trump is an absolute joke; however, Trump did NOT say that. That headline was crafted from him being asked about such things and not directly responding so the "journalist" (aka professional liar) wrote their article as "Trump did not say no so that means that "Trump recently stated he wanted to build a database of Muslims.".

My god. Research your facts. I saw that headline and just about had a cow. After reading what actually happened, I just puked and noted that this is par for the course. There can never be any sane discussion about politics. Of course, when you include Trump as a "real" candidate, you have already tossed out any semblance of seriousness and reality... but that is not the point.

Comment Re:It's even worse than that now. (Score 1) 366

Ummm. I know this is a VERY expensive idea, but you know that turn that planes make just before entering onto the runway? Yeah, that one. Why not have that section be a scale? There could even be some sort of giant electronic billboard that could show the weight... in kilograms if you are uncivilized. ;)

Comment Re:r u srs (Score 1) 518

In Western media we never actually get to hear the other side of the story and I certainly don't speak Arabic or Farsi and so even if I had access to the other side I wouldn't be able to understand their message.

I do have access to other media and translations. Their view (that they project but only the lower ranks believe) is that they are doing God's (Allah's) work. They are cleansing the world for the believers to live in a paradise ruled by Sharia law.

Ultimately, I judge people by their actions. Burning people alive, cutting off heads (especially of truly innocent people), throwing homosexuals off of tall buildings... These are not things that anyone should be doing regardless of the why and wherefore. Sure, cleansing the world of perceived evil seems to be a great and altruistic thing, but those are just words. The actions are clear and unambiguous.

Da'esh and all "movements" like it must be opposed strongly. The weird thing is that fighting them is likely the worst possible way to oppose them. Fixing the corruption so that the "regular people" can trust and support their government is the best way to fix all of this. Their is less corruption in the administration of Da'esh than there is in the governments of Iraq, Syria, etc. which is why despite their horridly evil actions, they still find continuing support amongst the populations they have invaded.

Comment Re:Securing your laptop? Only one way (Score 1) 324

I personally use Windows EFS on my entire c:\user\myname folder, and that whole folder is backed up to a zero knowledge storage provider.

Yowsa. You trust Microsoft not to have a backdoor into the encryption scheme that they provided to you? Go ahead and tell me I am wearing a tin foil hat... Recent events have proven even creepier than the distrust that I am showing here.

(CAPTCHA is outwit, lol)

Comment Re: Did they learn anything?? (Score 1) 278

The school "privatization" movement is one of the biggest scandals of the 21st century. Charter schools fail. They exist to funnel money upward, not to educate kids.

That may be true in many instances. My own son went to a charter school. My friend's son was attending that school and my friend invited me to go sit in the classroom to watch how the classes went. I was VERY impressed, so I sent my own son.

Long story short, some charter schools are actually out to try and teach.

Have a nice day (CAPTCHA is educable, so weird)

Comment Re:Handwavium (Score 1) 274

The evidence points to some sort of weakly interacting/non-interacting form of matter.

The hypothesis of Dark Matter can not be taken seriously until there is some way to falsify it.

But until you put forth your theory with evidence to the contrary that not only explains the current observations but also doesn't break current physics it's simply your unsubstantiated opinion.

Dark Matter in fact DOES break current physics. There is no theory of matter that exists that can explain a mass that does not interact with anything and yet creates gravity.

Th universe is pure energy. "Condensing" this energy creates matter, which creates space-time. I would argue that our understanding of space-time is insufficient, not that our understanding of matter is insufficient.

Does this imply modifications to our understanding of gravity? Yes. I would argue that gravity is not a simple homogeneous basic force, rather it is merely an effect of time and space interacting with matter in ways that we do not fully understand.

CAPTCHA is moonlit: Perhaps light, which is energy minus mass (so not pure uncondensed energy) alters the quality of space-time in such a way as to appear to "slow down".

Comment Re:Explain to me like I'm 5 (Score 1) 257

"A better explanation is -- nothing exists in any definable state until it interacts with something else."

How can something interact with something else if it is not already in a definable state? Is there some minimum zone around all "objects" that permit interaction to start and cause the collapse of the wave function only when that boundary is crossed? Would that zone be one wavelength? If so, what determines the wavelength of a particular object? Its energy state?

Comment Re:That, Detective, is not the right question (Score 1) 225

"Because apparently most Americans now accept this crap as perfectly normal, and have fully embraced that if you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear."

The media campaign is clearly working. What makes you think "most Americans" accept anything as perfectly normal. Have you performed studies?

As long as most people think that most people are okay with it, nobody will fight it. The media campaigns are working.

Comment Re:impressed again. (Score 1) 211

so long as it's easy to get the bare essentials, which in the US it is.

No. It is not. It is for you. It is (currently) for me. I know many who can not easily get the bare essentials. Living a sheltered life is a wonderful thing but you need to find a way to see outside of your little bubble before making such pronouncements.

Life is grim for quite a number of people in America.

Comment Re:Don't trust the gov to use good technical solut (Score 1) 470

All I have to say, is if this were Jeb, he would be in jail already.

WTF?! Jeb's brother, Neil, stole 2 trillion dollars and bankrupted all Savings and Loans (while their daddy was in the White House) and was never even investigated... and you think Jeb would be in jail over an email server? Just wow.

Jeb is part of the ruling class, as is Hillary. Neither will EVER do any time in jail. The only risk they may ever face in their life is getting their heads chopped off by the masses. Literally. Vive la France or whatever. Heh.

Comment Re:The kilogram is based on a chunk of metal? (Score 1) 278

Hm. Mass is energy contained within a defined space. Shorthand is E=MC^2.

We have measurements for distance that are constant.
We have measurements for energy that are constant.

Can't the gram just be expressed as energy density? Does it have to be solid? If so, is it the expense of turning energy into matter that is preventing any properly equipped lab from having a perfect reference for the gram?

Comment Re:Bull (Score 1) 235

The programming has worked. You see drones as a potential vector for terrorism. Carry on citizen.

Drones are almost as good as self-driving cars would be at allowing suicide bombers to blow things up without the need for suicide. Small payload, but can still be turned into a flying death machine, and very common.

Leaving backpacks and pressure cookers laying around are effective death machines too. Shall we have registration for backpacks and pressure cookers too?

If you require registration, not only do you have a better chance at tracking the owner of a drone, but you can do more to run the owners through watch lists and add drone ownership as another weight in an equation or neural net that is trying to spot people the government needs to worry about.

I do not want to live in a jail cell to protect my freedom. All of these rules and surveillance are walls and bars restricting my freedoms. I would rather die than live in a jail cell.

Comment Re:And then we know ... what exactly? (Score 1) 134

I doubt that we will see any effects that are noteworthy because of our frame of reference. We are in the frame of reference of the planet Earth, which is in the frame of reference of the star Sol, which is in the frame of reference of the black hole Sagittarius A*.

Due to galactic rotation curves not being understood (Dark matter? Matter that does not interact with anything but gravity? It is to laugh.)

I do hope that this experiment does shed more light on what we call gravity.

"You can't get very far in this world without your dossier being there first." -- Arthur Miller