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Comment Re:The more you tighten your grip... (Score 2) 315

My PCs all have US English keyboards.

To type accented letters, in Windows I hit Start+Spacebar to toggle back and forth from the English International keyboard layout. (It ships with Windows, but you do need to install it and possibly activate the hotkey.)

The English International layout allows you to type most European accents with easy to remember mnemonics, like typing double quotes plus a vowel to put an umlaut over the vowel, or typing a single quote plus a C to put a cedilla under the C.

I know OS X has keyboard shortcuts for most of the accented characters, too, and surely there must be an easy way to achieve similar results on Linux, so I'm not sure what the problem really is.

Maybe what's needed isn't a new keyboard, but simply more education?

Comment Re:Good time to be an Android developer! (Score 4, Interesting) 215

The difference between OpenJDK and Java JDK is meaningless (In Android), so nothing will break

If that's true, why haven't they been using it all along? The first commercial Android phone was unveiled in late 2008. The OpenJDK class library was pretty complete by then.

Comment Re:Can a corporate security officer comment (Score 1) 314

Indeed, MS is most likely obligated to turn those keys over.

Not in all cases. One particular one that I'm aware of was where a US court ordered Microsoft to turn over one of its customers' data, but Microsoft responded that the data in question was not hosted in the US and therefore the court had no jurisdiction to seize it. I think Microsoft is still battling it out with the US government on that one.

Comment Re:Can a corporate security officer comment (Score 1) 314

Besides, using Win 10 without a touch screen kinda defeats the point of having it at all.

You're thinking of Windows 8. Windows 10 tries to cater to desktop machines more, and in the process it actually degraded the experience on tablets in various ways (smaller onscreen controls, gesture actions removed, onscreen keyboard acts in unpredictable ways, etc.)

Comment Re: Karma! It IS a bitch! (Score 2) 245

I don't care much for the affordable care act, and I'm in favor of allowing people to buy medication from wherever the hell they please. There's no "doublethink" here. I'm just a free market guy.

The question is not really what they're allowed to do, because they seem perfectly content to import foreign medicines illegally. The question is why should they feel compelled to do that if the US healthcare system is so perfect it shouldn't be tampered with?

Comment Re:Karma! It IS a bitch! (Score 3, Funny) 245

This is really pretty interesting. My parents have trended pretty seriously right wing since moving to Arizona for retirement. They absolutely hated the idea of Obamacare, every single healthcare reform that the Democrats proposed they would shoot down. But they buy their prescriptions in Mexico. That, friends, is literally what George Orwell called "doublethink." And damned if I know how to break its hold.

Comment Re:Too little, too late (Score 2, Interesting) 200

Now I manage a windows environment. It's all 2012R2 and with server manager, core/minimal, DSC, and powershell. I honestly really enjoy it and find it to be a perfectly fine solution.

Seriously. If half the whiners would just learn Powershell and try managing some actual, modern Windows servers, I'm sure they'd go, "Huh! Whaddaya know." In some sense, modern Windows Server is kind of like C#, in that Microsoft learned from the competition, took its ideas, polished them up, and put its own spin on them. Nothing really wrong with that, if your chief concern is getting work done and not just arguing on the interwebs.

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