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Comment Re:Ads from yahoo has a bad rep. (Score 1) 281

I figure I've got about a decade of work product on my computer. If my machine gets infected and that gets stolen, is Yahoo! willing to pay me... oh, let's see... 10 years, that's 520 weeks at 40hr/wk (being generous, most weeks are closer to 60 with some topping 80+), at my high-volume billable rate of $50/hr... 520 * 40 * 50 = $1.04 million? Oh, plus a day's work that will be lost to nuke-and-pave, another day to configure all the software I reinstalled the day prior, and another day to restore my backups, so tack another $1200 on there. And if my backups are damaged, tack on another decade of payment to cover my time to redo that work; if those backups simply don't exist, then, instead tack on two weeks of lost work ($4000) while I take the system off my network, go through everything and back up whatever's clean make note of what's not salvageable, a percentage of $1.04 million equal to the percentage of work that must be redone, in addition to the time to restore those backups after nuke-and-pave.

Unless Yahoo! is willing to accept potential liability of up to $2,085,200 (plus court costs, legal fees, and my billable rate for work lost having to sue them over it, let's just bump that number up to $3mil since I won't cheap out on my lawyer), they should allow me access to the email account I already have with them, without requiring me to view their ads, which have a history of carrying malware. At the very least, they should provide a list of alternate providers who don't block users of ad blockers, assistance in migrating to one of those providers, free forwarding from the old address to the new address for at least a year (preferably 5-10) and, if the newly chosen service is not free, cover the cost for that same period. After all, it's not like I can just stop using my Yahoo! mail, there is a fair bit of work involved in doing that and I would need access to my Yahoo! mail (without the ads that have proven to be dangerous) in during that time.

I say would because the real reason I can't just stop using my Yahoo! mail is that I don't use Yahoo! mail, or any other Yahoo! services, on the off chance that one of their potentially malicious ads slips past my ad blocker.

Comment Re:McDonald's menu has become more diverse (Score 3, Interesting) 213

In accordance with Brazilian law, employers have to provide a “healthy and varied” lunch for their workers. This is commonly accomplished through distribution of meal tickets that can be redeemed at restaurants and grocery stores, giving employees the optionof bringing their own lunch or eating out. Last year a state labor court in Pernambuco ordered the company to pay $15 million in damages to employees who were not allowed to bring their own lunch to work and were obligated to eat McDonald’s. In São Paulo a pregnant employee who was ordered by her doctor to stop eating McDonald’s food filed charges when her employer refused to cooperate.

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