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Comment: just wait for ISP's to bill you per IP / outlet an (Score 1) 111

by Joe_Dragon (#49516245) Attached to: Why the Journey To IPv6 Is Still the Road Less Traveled

just wait for ISP's to bill you per IP / outlet and ban / lockout NAT.

Right now ISP like Comcast may a lot of outlets fees on there TV side and when TV starts to really die down the last thing you want to have is to have it like the old phones days where they made for pay / rent EACH PHONE. Right now the cell phones provides make you pay per line to use the same shared pool of data / minutes and make you pay more to unlock tethering.

Comment: Soldiers have the up or out rules that limit there (Score 1) 65

by Joe_Dragon (#49504865) Attached to: US Military To Recruit Civilian Cybersecurity Experts

Soldiers have the up or out rules that limit there you don't want to lose a good tech guy who does not want to go management or be forced out of the unit due to there rank being to high.

It needs to be civilians based. Also some tech people may have a hard time with boot camp and I not just talking about the PT part of it. Also people with disabilities who can do a desk job but can't do boot camp as well.

Comment: DirecTV needs ATT (Score 1) 59

by Joe_Dragon (#49419803) Attached to: How Comcast Bankrolls Organizations That Support TWC Merger

Just think about it good TV + Good internet (just think u-verse with out useing part of it's bandwidth for TV)

Comcast cable TV sucks there internet is fast. But I have OLD ATT DSL (in a u-verse area) I don't want to give up Directv for u-verse lower bit rates and HD streams limit. I can get comcast but there have a very weak HD line up + big mess of a channel map.

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