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Comment: and there cable tv sucks! even next to other cable (Score 1) 534

and there cable tv sucks! even next to other cable systems. It's said then there premium HD line is just about 1-2 HD feeds per pack. Even other cable systems in smaller ares have 3-5+ Feeds per premium pack.

Channel map is a big mess.

Most areas no FOX sports 2 HD

WGN America SD only in Chicago land added in 2014!

no CLTV HD (rcn has it)


epl extra time on Comcast is a VOD only mess for live events when other systems have it as real part time channels.

They don't even have all in market feeds of there OWN RSN in HD. CSN CHICAGO + 2 HD is only on DIrectv and u-verse.

No big ten alts in HD

No pac12 HD (out of market areas)

Out of market sports packs at best 1-2 HD channels

Comment: Re:Workers Have Complained (Score 1) 56

by Joe_Dragon (#49340835) Attached to: Amazon Robot Contest May Accelerate Warehouse Automation

True; I live far away from an Amazon warehouse so I won't have to worry about the laid off workers robbing me for money / food / shelter.

they should rob CEO of Amazon or some GOV people and they be willing to go to jail / prison where the state will pick up the tab for food and shelter + a doctor that covers more then the ER.

"Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain." -- The Wizard Of Oz