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Comment more for the pre existing conditions list (Score 1) 82

more for the pre existing conditions list and you boss can hold it over you with the GOP wins

Well bob you can keep working the OT or we can get rid you and you will have a very hard time being able to pay for a doctor ever again.

Comment college transfer after this? how meny credits will (Score 1) 176

college transfer after this? how many credits will a 4 year school take from this?

There are issues with moving to a different school like


"Columbia wouldn’t accept credits for a class Hernandez had taken and passed in meteorology, for example, she says. “My dean said, ‘Well, we don’t know what that covers.’ I would think that would be so simple: It’s, like, about the weather.”

"For example, while some credits from one school may be accepted by another, they may not count toward a major, something students often don’t find out until after they’ve transferred."

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