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Comment: It's a pity (Score 2) 160

by greenfruitsalad (#46643991) Attached to: Canonical Shutting Down Ubuntu One File Services

Oh For F***s Sake, not this S**t again! Serves me right for finally succumbing to the cloudy temptation.

I refused to use any of the xxxxBoxes and AmazoGoogDrives that are so popular nowadays as I don't trust any of them. I held out until my wife installed "ubuntu one" on her phone last month and set it up so that whenever she took a picture on her phone the photo immediately appeared on my computer. Within a few days, my whole family started using it on their phones and computers.

Our mothers-in-law religiously check the albums on every night too see all the new pictures of their grandchildren and now this! Never, I say, NEVER will I put my trust in these EEEEeeeeeevil clouds again!

+ - The 3D Economy - What happens when everyone prints their own shoes?-> 2

Submitted by cold fjord
cold fjord (826450) writes "From Reason: "Last May, Cody Wilson produced an ingeniously brief but nuanced manifesto about individual liberty in the age of the ever-encroaching techno-state-a single shot fired by a plastic pistol fabricated on a leased 3D printer. While Wilson dubbed his gun The Liberator, his interests and concerns are broader than merely protecting the Second Amendment. ... Wilson is ultimately aiming for the "transcendence of the state." And yet because of the nature of his invention, many observers reacted to his message as reductively as can be: "OMG, guns!" ... But if armies of Davids really want to transcend the state, there are even stronger weapons at their disposal: toothbrush holders, wall vases, bottle openers, shower caddies, and tape dispensers. ... Imagine what will happen when millions of people start using the tools that produced The Liberator to make, copy, swap, barter, buy, and sell all the quotidian stuff with which they furnish their lives. Rest in peace, Bed, Bath & Beyond. Thanks for all the stuff, Foxconn, but we get our gadgets from Pirate Bay and MEGA now. Once the retail and manufacturing carnage starts to scale, the government carnage will soon follow. How can it not, when only old people pay sales tax, fewer citizens obtain their incomes from traditional easy-to-tax jobs, and large corporate taxpayers start folding like daily newspapers? Without big business, big government can't function.""
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Comment: Re:You know what they call alternative medicine... (Score 4, Interesting) 517

i'll give you an example. i once came across a homeopathic product that I could reliably prove worked!

i used to get horrible rash every time i shaved. my dad's quack of a girlfriend gave me some kind of gemmo/homeo-therapeutic oil made from a shoot of a citrus tree diluted gazillion times and then mixed with olive oil to use on my face. it worked and we all lived happily ever after

until i showed her (a week later) that using plain olive oil was 50x cheaper and just as effective.

+ - WPA2 wireless security cracked

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Achilleas Tsitroulis of Brunel University, UK, Dimitris Lampoudis of the University of Macedonia, Greece and Emmanuel Tsekleves of Lancaster University, UK, have investigated the vulnerabilities in WPA2 and present its weakness. They say that this wireless security system might now be breached with relative ease by a malicious attack on a network. They suggest that it is now a matter of urgency that security experts and programmers work together to remove the vulnerabilities in WPA2 in order to bolster its security or to develop alternative protocols to keep our wireless networks safe from hackers and malware.

Read more at:"

Comment: Re:Reminder: Software as a service (Score 1) 208

by greenfruitsalad (#46519535) Attached to: Microsoft Releases Free Edition of OneNote

The thing is, even a simpleton like you can set up a sftp storage server in 30 seconds (apt-get -y install openssh-server; echo "all done, go have dinner").

Now try to set up a web server that accepts 'https post' from your application and knows what to do with it in less than 3 hours (That's how your favourite WhatEverNotePad does it).

+ - Moderators role to determine between Interesting, -> 1

Submitted by lsatenstein
lsatenstein (949458) writes "A hair they say, divides the false from the truth what then is the difference between...
Insightful, interesting and informative,
Many postings I read make me have none to all of the above three attributes. I often have difficulty in deciding between interesting and informative. For example, some postings bring me information that gives me a background into the poster's opinion or view. I then ask myself "Is it insightful or informative"?

If the topic is "new", "never discussed before", a "first" presentation, I would deem that to be informative. If the topic is "old", but the writer presented some side (consequential) benefits of that topic, would it be "insightful" or "informative."?

What do I do when the topic is all three of the above?

This is my dilemma. Guidance is requested."

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+ - Community-sourced news site,, goes live 18

Submitted by umafuckit
umafuckit (2980809) writes " is the new way of taking the pulse of the nerd community. Soylentnews is a grassroots-based platform with the content feeds are powered by readers like you. The objective is to highlight news stories of general importance to everyone, but especially nerds. News about technology, art, science and politics: it's all there. Soylentnews is the new kid on the block and will adapt quickly to satisfy our community's needs and and push boundaries like never before. This is a real community site: no changes in format without a general consensus from the community. Stop by and see what you think of the freshly-launched site."

Comment: Re:Why not rate limit? (Score 1) 92

by greenfruitsalad (#46256163) Attached to: 200-400 Gbps DDoS Attacks Are Now Normal

i see you've also had to deal with this plague. stupid juniper switches are unable to work as ntp clients only. as soon as you configure ntp settings, they reply to client requests. a few weeks ago, i learned this the hard way when all my switches suddenly became overloaded and all my bfd sessions started flapping.

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