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Comment Re: America (Score 1) 330

"The president has little influence on the economy"

Let's test your theory. George W. Bush fabricated a story of WMDs in Iraq and got us to go to war with Saddam. Unless you can show that the presence or absence of military engagement / war doesn't substantially effect the economy, I'm going to say your theory doesn't hold water at all.

Comment Re:weakly disguised hit-piece (Score 2) 299

"Aside from the incomprehensibility of " turns out Carly may have outfoxed of by Apple's late leader.." anyone else find it curious that we suddenly see a deal between HP and Apple (that allowed a downward-trending computer mfg company to tie itself to the "big up and comer") spun as "Jobs OUTFOXED Fiorina"?"

No, because we read the rest of the summary, where it quite clearly explains how Jobs screwed her. You should try it sometime! (Not screwing her. I wouldn't wish that on anyone. I mean reading the whole summary before posting something so stupid)

Comment Re:It was a test update (Score 1) 210

"If you can tell the difference between working in Windows and in Linux, you're better at this than the vast majority of the population."

If I left you with the impression that I wasn't better at this than the vast majority of the population then I apologize. I chose one example at random to address. Actually it wasn't really a random choice. I chose it because I had no idea what I would find, because I could really want nothing to do with model trains, and had no idea for sure what was out there. Of course the word hacker comes has its roots in model train enthusiast from MIT, but I digress. Here is what I found:
... and the list goes on. I'm going to say that your friend, like pretty much everyone else I have ever heard claim couldn't do without Windows because there is just nothing available for Linux that can do it, is probably just ignorant. Wouldn't you agree?

Comment Re:It was a test update (Score 1) 210

Your argument is Word, Quicken and Turbotax, etc. don't work on Linux. My argument is who cares. Use real tools. We will have to agree to disagree on this one, perhaps. I never said that people wouldn't have to learn how to do things properly. If you interpreted what I wrote as "People can just switch to Linux and then keep on doing everything the same way, and they'll find the ribbon bar waiting for them" then I believe you misinterpreted what I wrote, but if not then apologies for not being clear. Indeed, a switch to Linux is like switching from McDonald's to cooking healthy foods yourself. At first it seems painful, and is more work, but it isn't long before you wonder how you ever lived so foolishly before.

Comment Re:So it was just an error with no consequences (Score 1) 210

" then denied that the Test Update was issued by MS itself"

Holy shit you are fucking stupid. I didn't say M$ claimed it wasn't from them. I said M$ admitted it wasn't a legitimate update. It was an erroneous test update. You clearly don't know what the word legitimate means either. Holy fucking fuck. Your stupidity astounds.

Comment Re:So it was just an error with no consequences (Score 1) 210

Dear moron. My only claim is that you don't know if the person is making it up or not. My only claim is that you have made a claim you can't prove. Unless you can prove your claim, that proves my claim. Unless you back up your claim that he is making it up, my claim stands on its own merit. I don't have to prove anything. You seem to be so stupid that you think I am claiming that the update did break his computer. That was never my claim, and any moron would understand that. OK. Well not any moron, as you don't seem to understand it.

Comment Re:The easiest way? the easiest way (Score 1) 204

You seem to have decided to change the topic, since the original post in this thread states quite clearly: "The easiest way is just don't install this craptastic pile of shit in the first place." Since I am merely responding to what you wrote, it is pretty hilarious that you are accusing me of being the one blathering on with the irrelevant point. The difference of course is that the AC who correctly identified the way to create a system that is identical to one where " this craptastic pile of shit" had never been installed (on topic) you then offered misinformation which would not achieve that goal, which you now keep trying to justify, all the while blaring your ignorance to the world. Off you go now little troll ...

Comment Re:So it was just an error with no consequences (Score 1) 210

" i don't care about which games he had installed, i'm talking about system critical components that could have rendered his laptop useless"

"I don't have the information I need for a reinstall."

Are we talking about a pirated copy of Windows here?.

Kid. There is an old wise saying: "Tis better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt"

"Need i remark that this dude claims that his PC was "compromised" by a Windows update that turned out to be legitimate "

That's a strange claim, since even Microsoft isn't claiming it was legitimate.

Comment Re:It was a test update (Score 1) 210

First of all, 90 percent of people use their computers for email, web surfing, and (light?) word processing, both at home and in the office, with the exception that I'll add spreadsheet based tasks, which again is available and works great on Linux. WINE is right out. I don't care about WINE. Assume it doesn't exist for the purposes of our discussion, as I don't need it to win the point. I'm really not sure why you put the word light in there regarding word processing, actually. As a professional writer I can assure you that Linux is far more powerful than Windows for "heavy" word processing. That leaves 9 percent. Games are a non-issue, as anyone who uses their PC for games is either too cheap to buy a game box, or they can dual boot just for games. They especially don't care if they are running Windows 10 or 7/8/8.1 and they certainly don't care about updates. I'm talking about people who use their computers for serious work or home use. With the exception CAD/CAE and Photoshop (a very small percentage of the population; much less than 9 percent. In fact they are the 1 percenters), give an example of something that Linux doesn't do as well or better than can be done with Windows only applications.

Comment Re:So it was just an error with no consequences (Score 1) 210

As a software developer, hardware engineer and system administrator with more than 20 years of Linux and Windows OS experience I can tell you that the only difference between a laptop and a desktop is the current draw of the hardware and the size and cost of the system. Since your claim is that I am wrong, please do elaborate and expose me as the charlatan you no doubt will claim I am!

Comment Re:So it was just an error with no consequences (Score 1) 210

"Forgot to mention, this dude claims his LAPTOP died because of the update, good luck finding an unique laptop configuration between millions of people."

Holy shit. You really are clueless, aren't you? Please, prey tell, what makes a laptop fundamentally different from a desktop? For bonus points, prove that you found all the people on the planet that had problems, or claim to have had problems, online. For extra bonus points, prove that most people who had their systems hosed have a second system with which to post to forums from, and bother to post about it in a forum.

Comment Re:So it was just an error with no consequences (Score 1) 210

"1) How many people actually claims that the update break their PC... ->1.
2) How many people has been exposed to the update... -> Probably millions since it was global."

You seem to mistakenly think that all PCs have the same software including versions on them. It is entirely plausible that the people who claim to have had their PCs broken had their PCs broken. Your belief that you have proof, even inferred proof, to the contary, is absurd.

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