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Comment Re:Good quality memory (Score 1) 197

"I think I'd avoid doing a torture test of a disk drive of any type, but especially an SSD. Technically you are wearing out the SSD which has a finite number of write cycles before it will stop working on you. Problem is, you don't really know how many cycles an SSD has ..."

If the kind of wear and tear you can create in a few hours or a day of stress testing is significant then your drive is severely flawed. As far as knowing how many cycles it can withstand, it's called a spec sheet.

Comment Re:Coding vs Programming (Score 0) 173

"Coding is learning the syntax of a language and the mechanics of implementing a solution to a problem. Programming is analyzing a problem and determining what computational steps are needed to arrive at a solution."

Coding is learning? Programming is analyzing? I think you might want to stop and think about what you say before you talk out your paper asshole again, especially since coding and programming are synonyms.

Comment Re:Python for Cons? Why not Racket or Scheme? (Score 1) 173

" I've always considered Python as a stop-gap emergency replacement of Perl. "

Despite your apparent misunderstanding of Heisenburg Uncertainty, how you perceive things actually doesn't make a god damn bit of difference. Python is a solid, well designed, efficient language. It isn't perfect, but most of its shortcomings would be true for any interpreted (With JIT/VM) dynamically typed language.

Comment Re:Huh? (Score 1) 173

"It's always amusing when I can't get wireless, so I hack on something that's on my laptop, and people start asking me how they can get on the wireless too."

I know. It is almost soul crushing to realize that most people think that a laptop is for using Facebook, but with a bigger screen than their phone has.

Comment Re:Huh? (Score 1) 173

"The flow chart method is only good for iterative programming. OOP is an entirely different way of approaching programming and flow charts aren't really useful."

Where the hell did you ever get that idea? A flowchart makes an excellent part of an orthogonal design in an OOP paradigm. Each class actually has methods, and each of those methods can be better designed with a good flowchart than without.

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