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Comment: Re:Excuse me while.. (Score 1) 97

by Zero__Kelvin (#48123281) Attached to: More Details On The 3rd-Party Apps That Led to Snapchat Leaks

"... for those that were stupid enough to think that something electronic and stored in a common format over a common communications medium was secure.

Stupid enough? I hate to break it to you, but most if not all secure systems work in exactly the way you decry to be "stupid". Maybe you've heard of SSL?

Comment: Re:At home too (Score 0) 185

by Zero__Kelvin (#47837629) Attached to: Why Munich Will Stick With Linux

"I've administered Linux systems since 1995."

So you have "administered Linux" since 1995 and you both chose Ubuntu and didn't do any research to see if the laptop you were buying had hardware that wasn't supported (if we are to believe your story at all)? I wouldn't go around telling anyone that story, let alone posting it on Slashdot.

Comment: Re:So.. (Score 1) 110

" But a high-profile IT company that starts filing patent law suits can only mean one thing, the company has peaked and is on its way down. "

Actually there is another thing it could mean. It could mean somebody is violating their patents. Had that possibility not occured to you?

Comment: Re:Troll much? (Score 1) 613

by Zero__Kelvin (#47812529) Attached to: You Got Your Windows In My Linux

"Do you really not acknowledge the existance of FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, AIX, Solaris, HP-UX, and more?"

Do you not acknowledge OS X, Windows, BeOS, C-64 DOS, CP/M, PS/2, VMS, MVS, Amiga DOS, Apple DOS, etc.!!!!?????

I guess you don't get that there are lots and lots of OSes that aren't Linux, and trying to be one system to rule them all is a fools errand? Again, you don't know anything about software engineering so stop complaining when the people who do make the right choice. When I said systemd is universal that means in a Linux conext, and your attempts to paint it as otherwise are not "cute" or "insightful".

" Just because something does the job and hasn't been mucked with in years does not mean it should be presumed garbage and replaced."

Your statement shows how much you don't know about init systems. every init system has been mucked with constantly. Again, your delusion that there is a single (or even two) init systems that "haven't been mucked with" blasts your complete lack of understanding of init systems to the world at high volume (and the bass is way to frigging loud.)

Comment: Re:What's wrong with Windows Server? (Score 0, Troll) 613

by Zero__Kelvin (#47812469) Attached to: You Got Your Windows In My Linux

"Ignoring the very real problem that putting so damn much in PID 1 is dangerous for system stability and security"

Yeah. We ignore that because that isn't remotely true, and you are just repeating misinformation you heard and showing that you don't have a basic understanding of how Linux or systemd works.

"Also, despite the fact that dependencies are baked-in to systemd, it's not at all uncommon for a service that depends on an something else (service, NFS mount, etc.) to still start up before the dependency is fully ready, simply because the default systemd is to assume the dependency is fulfilled as soon as whatever "starts" it returns."

So it is not at all uncommon for people to use the default when they shouldn't, and that is somehow systemd's fault?

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