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Comment: Re:Turing complete protocols (Score 1) 110

by Zero__Kelvin (#49499109) Attached to: Exploit For Crashing Minecraft Servers Made Public

"An operating system has a API through which you communicate with it."

You are joking, right? Out of curiosity, as you are communicating with your OS, do you use Pascal or C calling conventions as you type?

"Much like a protocol."

Considering that "protocol" allows me to type 'sudo rm -rf /' Turing doesn't actually give an fsck at that point now, then, does he?

Comment: Re:Turing complete protocols (Score 1) 110

by Zero__Kelvin (#49497961) Attached to: Exploit For Crashing Minecraft Servers Made Public
Do you not realize that you are running an Operating System, written in a Turing Complete language, and that it is only possible because the other problems can (and have) been addressed? Also:

" Now solve all the other problems without knowing what they are ."

Just because you don't know what they are doesn't mean that they aren't well known and understood.

Comment: Re: Windows only (Score 1) 35

There have always been a pretty steady stream of trolls (at least since around 1999 when I got here), but what has changed is the quality of the trolling. In general the mean skill level has plummeted so you tend to get a lot of really clueless people trolling a bunch of other really clueless people. The difference is that in the old days you could read a whole flame war and actually learn something, possibly even being amused in the process. That kind of high level knowledge exchange is not just less common, but almost non-existent on Slashdot circa 2105.

Comment: Re:masdf (Score 1) 297

"Hmm...okay, let's remove all security with respect to airplanes. Care to fly now?"

Or we could go back to the pre-TSA scenario, which was by no stretch of the imagination "no security", but nice attempt at trying to re-frame the conversation to make it sound like anyone who is anti-TSA is a zealot who wants to allow submachine guns in the Airport lobby.

Comment: Re:The key is pretending it's dtenured academia (Score 1) 183

by Zero__Kelvin (#49436773) Attached to: The Key To Interviewing At Google

"This means that new candidates who already have kids, mortgages, medical insurance needs, or even pet food to pay for are unavailable to complete the interview."

Or it could mean that they tend to hire a lot more people who already have jobs when they apply at Google? If you can't see that your assumption that everyone who applies will be unemployed and unable to secure temporary employment is absurd, then there may be a completely different reason why you didn't get rapidly hired by Google.

"Say yur prayers, yuh flea-pickin' varmint!" -- Yosemite Sam