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Comment Re:Artificial intelligence personified is ... (Score 1) 229 229

You might as well say that cars can't be any faster than their creators.


I might as well have said what I did.

Toyota had some computerization that supported fast cars but failed to add anything to the process that was smarter than its creators.

What has Toyota said about sudden acceleration?

        First, Toyota blamed its drivers, claiming that drivers pushed the accelerator instead of the brake.
        Then Toyota blamed floor mats, claiming that gas pedals could become entrapped by the floor mat.
        Then Toyota blamed the floor pan design, claiming that gas pedals could become trapped in the floorboard.
        Then Toyota blamed “sticky” gas pedals, claiming that the gas pedals did not return to idle.

Notice there's no "artificial intelligence" that suggests that things are not going to end well and stuff.

Comment Bullshit because ... (Score 2) 484 484

... what experiments were performed and what data points gathered, and where are the conclusions based on the study?

I am not implementing Windows 10 because it is a security bitch and I'm not interested in fucking with the drivers that run my peripherals.

I will wait until the early adopters send in their reports.


I just wrote the same goddam article.


Comment Re:A simple proposition. (Score 1) 380 380

I disagree.

Those who have studied history are bound to predict it. ~ © 2015 CaptainDork

Look at TV. It has two basic business models:

1.) "Free." as in advertiser supported
2.) "Paywalled," as in pay per view
3.) Hybrid of subscription with advertisements. (most common here in US; subscribe to cable or other and suffer through ads))

That same structure will work on the Internet.

You are correct in that places that refuse to show me content with the admonition to turn off Ad Blocker lose my eyeballs and I do go somewhere else.

Still, that's the content provider's choice and if enough sites take that approach, we'll be disabling Ad Block.

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