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Comment Exactly what we need ... (Score 1) 50

... to fix security -- litigation.

Instead of shrugging our shoulders with the fail of, "Well, that's just the Internet," we need to identify the incompetent and make them pay.

Businesses are not motivated to give a shit unless there's financial gain or cost avoidance.

That's the ONLY reason businesses have fire extinguishers, sprinklers, smoke alarms and fire exits.

Comment Re:Over and over (Score 1) 90

This, precisely.

We are all here statisticians.

Look at the population sizes and probabilities of the demographics.

As JustAnotherOldGuy points out, there are a few cyber coin exchanges and a shit load of headcount that would like to grab some play dough.

Given the small number of players inside the exchange perimeters as compared to the billions who are on the outside, trying to get in, and given that ALL players have the same goddam hardware and software and mental capabilities, the odds are that many people outside the exchange inner circle are very much more savvy than the people guarding the gates of the exchanges.

Hunnert dollas to a hole in a donut says the exchange took advantage of recent "GOVERNMENTS DEMAND BACKDOORS" to cash out and blame it on the backdoor buzzword of the day.

Early adopters of Internet shit are batshit crazy.

Comment I can get behind grey hat hackers if ... (Score 1) 95

... the hackers have reported an exploit to the owner and the owner just doesn't give a shit and the grey hat officially declares a grace period before going public.

Then, I could see the grey hat grabbing a SMALL amount of data, as a proof of concept, to share with the owner with the warning that if something isn't done during another grace period, the shit's going to hit the fan.

The grey hat had better have the sense god gives a piss ant to be anonymous, of course.

Comment The only reason ... (Score 0) 410

... this shit is a goddam story is the camera attachment.

People want to video stuff from unusual perspectives.

I'll bet you a dollar to a hole in a doughnut that most people don't have a drone, don't want a drone, and don't know bullshit from wild honey about drones to the point that those who do have one mostly crash them. Look it up on YouTube®.

The common sense rules work to void the expectations of irresponsible people who want to fly fucking video-equipped toy airplanes over cars, people, houses, and power lines.

Just stop it.

Comment Re:OK FAA - I challenge you to simplify (Score 1, Flamebait) 410

No. People don't need fucking toy airplanes.

For the few who insist on getting one, they need to pony up and get one that carries a database of no-fly, downloaded from the Internet and described in terms a simple GPS can understand.


A wildfire breaks out. FAA temporarily invokes no-fly for drones in a particular area. My drone won't cross the perimeter and returns an error that translates into: "Sorry, but I'm not allowed to go there."

The no-fly applies to permanent areas, as well.

Comment Re:SIgh (Score 1) 490


Do you really want the Trump crowd impulsively voting on anything?

Hell, on most surveys that have a blank for "Sex _______" we get answers like, "Not recently," and stuff.

Also, the federal government has failed to provide Internet security, as demonstrated by the many breaches. Ballots are private and anonymous.

The Internet is designed for unintended transparency.

So, no online voting.

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