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Comment: What the computer needs is ... (Score 1) 332

by CaptainDork (#49798881) Attached to: Crowdfunded, Solar-powered Spacecraft Goes Silent

... the ability (small code here) to power cycle and come backup in maintenance mode where it doesn't do anything on its own except receive diagnostic commands.

The computer also needs a sibling for fail-over.

There may be reasons those were left out that I would agree with.

I sure hope they can get this puppy lined out.

Comment: Re:Complaints (Score 1) 39

Yeah, well what ever and stuff because you would have had no idea that social media leaks and Bitcoin theft have been on the rise because, fuck, Bitcoin didn't even exist that long ago and stuff but the FBI has done a lot of forensics, probably via spectrometric analysis of finger prints and DNA and stuff to give you this information that you would have never in your wildest dreams have ever thought possible and stuff.

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