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Comment Two Seconds (Score 1) 426

Just take two seconds after you get routing directions up to zoom out and verify it's going about where you want to go.

I've driven in Iceland before and it's impossible to not go to Reykjavik if you pay even the least attention to signs, or just look at the map where you can see where Reykjavik is in relation to where you are driving.

I really like using Waze to guide me, not even by giving directions (which I often ignore) but just to see what roads are around me while driving so I can quickly adjust pathing to something that makes more sense.

One gripe I have with all modern nav systems is that I really wish I had a lot more control over the routes - like "avoid highway if possible" or "Your traffic predictions are always wrong, do not believe their lies". At least Apple Maps gives you three different routes to choose from, that's a nice start but I'd like to be able to guide it further.

Comment Re:The U.S. is much more civilized (Score 1) 39

I find it interesting to see how Europeans get so testy whenever any other country is mentioned. Seems like you are projecting quite a bit there!

This post should make you happy since it only talks about Europeans, even only the failings, unlike the ability of Americans to consider a bigger picture.

Oops! Ha Ha, just did that to goad you further obviously. If you don't want buttons pressed you may not want to wear them on your sleeve.

Comment Picture is misleading, so is affected system desc (Score 2, Interesting) 71

For the few of you that actually bothered to click on the article link, the picture shows some kind of really short cord with a plug at the end...

I don't know what the hell that is but it cannot be the cord the article is about, because the cord MS is sending is just the cord that goes between the power brick and Surface Pro, so it doesn't have a plug.

Also worth noting that the article summary might lad you to believe this was about the current Surface Pro, but it's not - Surface Pro 3 and older. Even then it does not apply to a Surface Pro 3 you'd buy new from Microsoft now, they ship with fixed cables already. It doesn't affect the Surface Pro 4 at all.

Comment Re:Excess (Score 1) 280

I thought that about carabou but info on it seems to be mixed on an ideological basis.

Here's some links on it.
Herds have declined a lot.

Herds have declined a lot.

Disaster! Woe is me! Caribous going extinct!

One herd has increased!

Mmmm. Pipelines good! Jobs jobs jobs! Pipelines good!

The MRC seems to paint a good picture but then you see it has cherry picked one particular herd, the Central Arctic caribou herd, and ignored a huge decline in other carabou herds!

"In 1977, as the Prudhoe region started delivering oil to America's southern 48 states, the Central Arctic caribou herd numbered 6,000; it has since grown to 27,128. "

It seems to me that the pipeline's benefit to carabou is a conservative fiction. Grrr. I used to be very conservative from 1980 to 1992. It upsets me that so many religious people lie by commission or omission on the conservative side.

Comment Re:They had attempted sex (Score 1) 261

It is in new orleans, lousiana.

An ultimate frisbee buddy of mine came back with a story about a hot three way in new orleans with an enthusiastic girl and her boyfriend.

Three weeks later he's contacted for by the DA about raping her. The reason was she had been observed drinking that evening and so her consent wasn't valid. (Obviously she had changed her mind after the fact - perhaps because her boyfriend changed his mind but he never found out).

He was lucky to not be convicted but it cost him thousands of dollars, his promising job at a law firm, and a lot of mental anguish.

I've looked it up since then and it's not just new orleans. Many areas (and many college campuses) are headed to a position that intoxication means you can't give consent. And they usually apply it unequally in favor of females to boot. So if an intoxicated man and an intoxicated woman have sex- he's the guilty party.

It's a mine field out there and the rules are changing all the time.

Comment Re:Not Progress (Score 1) 562

That's a great example... I hate to say that nothing should ever change, but I guess it has to change in a way that is different enough you cannot be confused like that.

It was probably cheaper to not have to include the ability to lock at the bottom/top of the switching positions.... but like you said it seems like it would really confuse people, or make it more likely to forget the signal was on.

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