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Comment Re:This is a bad thing? (Score 1) 543

Which show is this the pilot episode script for, and when does it air? Sounds awesome.

Ice Road Truckers, Iceland.

I'll watch anything with Lisa Kelley in it, and I have to admit watching Art Burke routinely driving his truck to the point of destruction and then trying to excuse it is pretty funny. M'boy!

Comment Re:Uh... let me think about it (Score 0) 543

God forbid you ask them their phone number. This generation of people barely know that.

Why should I know my own phone number? I never need to call myself. Anything I want to say to myself I can say in person. Unless, of course, I'm in a place where talking is inappropriate and then I have to call myself at home and leave a message.

And if you're asking me for my phone number so you can call me, why don't you just tell me what it is you want to call me about instead?

It all just seems very inefficient to have to remember my own phone number.

Comment Re:SA meh. (Score 3, Informative) 73

all that "post-processing" could probably be done on the fly if you really needed to, provided things like base stations still existed,

WAAS and DGPS ground stations are all over the place, and you can access the DGPS correction data using a wireless modem. It is used for maritime and aviation navigation at a minimum.

The concern that created SA was not for long-term stationary measurements, but on-the-move guidance for troops and weapons systems which would not have nearby fixed station correction data.

Comment Re:Accuracy for WHOM? (Score 1) 73

The pubic uses of GPS are so numerous and critical that selective availability will never be turned back on. Also, there are too many other options (GLOSNASS, for one) for turning SA back on to be a solution to enemy use of GPS.

Besides, in time of war, the enemy will just track you using your cellphone transmitter and drop a bomb on you that way. There's the old saying, "there's no such thing as 'close enough', except in horse shoes, hand grenades ... and atom bombs."

Comment Re:Accuracy for WHOM? (Score 1) 73

RTK is more accurate than 42 cm. But that is not true GPS I suppose.

What? Why wouldn't using GPS for position information be "GPS"?

DGPS is accurate to 10 cm though.

If DGPS is "GPS" then so is RTK. Both require fixed station correction information. RTK adds in phase measurements of the GPS carrier signal to get to cm accuracy.

Comment Re:Still going to be optional (Score 1) 46

Yes it'll be opt-out eventually,

Will it? Will it be "opt out" like Yahoo's "important posts" in Yahoo Groups are "opt out"? I'm referring to the ads that show up mixed in with the actual group messages.

I'm pretty sure that important stories and world-news stories are going to keep getting enough likes to keep them on top.

I'm sorry, but if I'm not following someone or something, I don't want to see their twits ever. I don't care if a million strangers all vote up a twit telling them about cheap viagra, I don't want to see it, and it isn't important. And don't dismiss the idea that if voting up twits makes them show up on more screens that twit-spammers won't create the users to vote their stuff up.

Comment Re:Energy in? (Score 2) 156

you'd need a facility with a total volume of 18,600,000 m^3

No, you'd need to process that much air. The facility could be much smaller, but you'd need to move so much air through it you'd be expending much more energy moving the air than you'd get back from the methanol.

Even if you contain all the air in the one facility, you won't be using 18 million cubic meters of water and catalyst, so you still have to move the air.

But it is a beautiful thought experiment to think about such a CO2 to methanol recovery device on the output of the burner of a hot air balloon. Maybe you could make enough methanol from it that you could replace the tank of propane and burn only methanol. And with thermal electric generation, you could install wireless networking in the balloon and have permanent access points in the sky...

Comment Re:Energy in? (Score 4, Interesting) 156

Trust me, it makes no sense... I can guarantee you that it takes a lot more energy input than you can get out of the methanol.

Every energy storage process takes more energy to store it than you get back out. I don't think getting energy back out of the methanol is the goal. Using it for other industrial processes that require methanol would be more useful.

but if you wan to produce methanol, just produce it the normal ways.

This method can be used on the output of current industrial processes that produce carbon dioxide and prevent it from being released in the first place. It's less efficient to loose the dragon and then hope a tree eats him than to just keep the dragon in the dungeon to start with.

Comment Re:huge savings on ink (Score 2) 156

e-ink is hugely expensive. This saves them a ton of money. but don't turn it on negative contrast or you'll be replacing toner cartridges like mad.

Doofus. e-ink doesn't use toner, it uses ink. You don't put toner carts into your ink-jet printer, do you?

Turning on negative can cause the e-ink to leak out of the e-book and get all over your hands. Impossible to wash off. And don't get me started on the damage that running an e-ink device through the washing machine with a load of whites can cause.

E-ink is expensive because it is a dead-end technology. There are so many more uses for LCD displays that volume drives prices down. e-ink works for e-book readers, that's about all. You can read your e-books on a full-function tablet device, so why buy something locked to one vendor? (Yes, I know that e-ink is very good for reading things so e-book readers have a niche.)

Comment Re:What year is this? (Score 1) 177

The article mentions 6mbps, that isn't fast enough to support many modern and common household internet usages

Like what? It's enough for TV-quality streaming video,

No, this must be one of the few times where they actually mean 6 MILLI-bits per second (mbps) and not 6 MEGA-bits per second (Mbps). Six mbps means you get one character every, umm, 27 minutes. Six Mbps would be fast enough for streaming all kinds of things.

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