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Comment Re:Give it time (Score 1) 37

Transhumanism is inevitable. Shortly after prosthetic performance exceeds human performance early adopters and those willing to push boundaries will opt-in to the technology. Acceptance is then just a few short generations away, all the while the state-of-the-art will continue to improve.

Can you imagine a future baseball league with a F1 style technology homologation committee to normalize the performance of the athletes' augmentations? I can't wait! Unfortunately I probably won't live another 80-130 years to see it.

Comment Re:Or, it might simply be... (Score 3, Insightful) 121

From the description in the article it would seem that consciousness is an emergent phenomena based on the interactions of multiple networks in the brain. Turn off the interactions (as they did with propofol) and the emergent phenomena (consciousness) dissipates. Or better stated, consciousness is not inherent in a part of the brain, but a result of the interactions of the different systems of the brain.

If there are drugs that can inhibit or change the operation of some of these networks individually it would be interesting to see how the other networks are affected, and also to explore how consciousness is affected. The resiliency of consciousness, coupled with its plasticity speaks to a complex system where multiple, simple, and similar components interact chaotically. Tinkering with those networks individually could lead to some profound insights about the nature of consciousness, both objectively and subjectively.

Comment Re:An Oscar in the works? (Score 1) 255

You mentioned "Force Awakens" as a possible Academy Award winner when discussing race?

Are you mental? I loved that movie, but there were 0....ZERO...Academy worthy performances in that film, with maybe the exception of BB-8.

Raises an important question: are robots considered minorities? What about Wookies?

Comment Re: Pounds or dollars (Score 1) 255

Would they? Or could they have swapped out? Say, at 00:00:00 Person 1 is in the screening room. At 01:00:00, Person 2 comes in Person 1. At 02:00:00, Person 1 leaves and Person 3 enters Person 2. At 03:00:00, Person 2 leaves and Person 4 enters Person 3.

FTFY. More fun for everyone now, and just the kind of thing the regulators are supposed to be looking for.

Comment Re:Rather stupid, apparently. (Score 1) 56

The only people that lose their jobs or are prosecuted are the whistle blowers who let the American people know the government is breaking the law.

Jesus, typing that really brought home just how fucked our country is. What kind of bizarro world am I living in? How much longer can our government continue to operate with a complete lack of accountability and integrity?

Time to pack up the patriotism, and pass the popcorn. This shithole is going down in flames, and probably sooner rather than later.

Comment Re:Not at all (Score 1) 151

But we're as far as I know the only species that hunts and kills each other for no other reason than for fun. With every other species you can point to a logical reason to kill another member of your own species, be it competition for food, mating rights, territory or even to eat the competitor.

We need no such petty reasons. We just do it.

Citation needed. Also, define "fun."

My experience and research says "fun" is an inadequate descriptor of the motivations that lead to violence, murder, and even rape. "Curiosity" would be the closest to "fun" I have heard, but most violent acts (especially murder) have a reason far removed from mere entertainment.

Interesting fact: The greatest common factor of those on death row in the US? Blackouts. Not "propensity to hunt for fun", but blackouts. Also associated with traumatic brain injury, noted by a history of concussions or other head injuries.

Comment Re:Not at all (Score 1) 151

Even worse, the human female seems to have been eugenically bred to possess increased sexual response and increased fertility in a prolonged multi-partner sex event like gang rape. Just read the research on time to orgasm (longer than single male partner's time to ejaculate), orgasm response increasing fertility, female sexual response to violence, involuntary orgasm during rape, etc.

Scary when you start to think about how our early, violent evolution is represented in our phenotype today. Frank talk about this is probably a thoughtcrime in the US though.

Thank goodness there hasn't always been the option of abortion for rape, otherwise none of us would exist. Every human on earth is, I am quite certain, descended from rape at one time or another.

Comment Re:Not sure of the importance (Score 1) 51

A newborn will also learn the humans that take care of it in root fashion and develop a deconstructed model of their parent' interface at an intuitive level.

In short, newborns eventually teach parents more about themselves than the parents can learn without them.

Kind of like science. Each new scientific discovery teaches us more about ourselves. We learn what we do with novel ideas. Mostly exploit, dominate, and divert ourselves and each other, but hey, we're only human.

Comment Re:18 years? (Score 1) 332

But its a government project, so they would want it to run at least as slow as the original mainframe, possibly slower. Also, the retrofit/emulation project should preferably be at least 2 orders of magnitude more expensive than the original mainframe. Your tax dollars at work.

Comment Re:Just don't buy or take delivery of a phone ther (Score 1) 353

I wonder if there is a legitimate law suit against phone manufacturers (or any manufacturer for that matter) that produces a product that says it has encryption but has a back door knowingly built into it. Wouldn't that be false advertising? Its not really encryption anymore. Its a sieve that leaks information to ANYONE that has the key to the back door, law enforcement or not.

Comment Re:Law or morality? (Score 1) 257

Police don't typically beat people to death, shoot them for being the wrong color, or generally go around trampling on the rights of law abiding citizens either, but I definitely don't want to give them easy access to revisionary tactics that would make covering up misuse of power as easy as 1-2-3.

A law stating that it is illegal to upload photos of a certain type without waiting a certain time frame would be incredibly easy to abuse. The police only need to utter one phrase and you are on the ground, cuffed, and taking the ride downtown where who knows what will happen to your person and personal effects. That phrase? "Are you uploading that video?" Presto! You're now a victim of the "system."

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