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Comment Re:automatically install firmware updates (Score 1) 275

In the auto updating case, if the network dies in the middle of the day, it's not immediately obvious whether there's a transient network problem or a failed update.

So, what you are saying, the average user will simply assume their router broke and buy a new one? You weren't supposed to figure that one out. Google does no evil. They'll have to send an android out to exterminate you now. Or maybe you'll get run over by a self-driving car.

Comment My ATM is Walmart/Sam's Club (Score 1) 99

I haven't used an ATM in decades. I simply buy something at Walmart or Sam's Club and get cash back using my Discover card. It's far easier to find a Walmart than your bank's ATM. It's not uncommon for me to walk in to Walmart and walk out with $60 cash and a bag of Lindt chocolates. I even have a name for it, I call it a "truffle withdrawal".

Comment Re:But what about motion sickness (Score 1) 46

I have a solution to the motion sickness problem. I am designing a totally immersive VR experience that allows you to feel what it is like to be paralyzed from head to toe. No matter how much you try to move your head around, the images presented to your eyes remains the same. As a bonus, this virtual reality experience only requires a Pentium and a VGA card, so you can experience it on a shoe string budget. And did I say, no motion sickness? It's gonna be the killer app for VR, I guarantee it!

Comment Two layers or multiple layers? (Score 1) 46

It's unclear to me whether the two LCDs just give the user two individual planes to focus on, or whether through some computational wizardry two is enough to generate multiple virtual planes. If it is the latter, I am very impressed and am curious whether this technology could be applied to TVs or other devices.

Comment Re:Don't believe the hype (Score 5, Informative) 223

Except with just refill bottles instead of cartridges it means that it is vastly easier to sell off brand ink, no pesky DMCA and such on the cartridges, so you are not really locked in.

You haven’t seen the bottles, have you? They come with pentalobe shaped tips that only fit the pentalobe shaped hole on the printer’s ink reservoir.

Comment Re:Back in my day (Score 2) 61

Our storage mediums spun and made noises! And we liked it!

What is funny is that I recently upgraded my laptop to an SSD and I was flabbergasted that during disk access it made the exact same noise as it did when I had a regular hard disk. I thought I had been sold a fake SSD, but I’m getting approx 510MB/s on benchmarks, so I know it is legit. On further investigation the noise comes from where the speakers are located, so what I thought was hard disk noise was probably just electrical noise. My system makes the same soft buzzing sound on data access as it always had!

Comment Re:Why animals can't be given human rights. (Score 1) 172

What exactly do you think "rights" are but a form of social contract?

That's not the exclusive meaning of "right". Here is the dictionary definition:

"a moral or legal entitlement to have or obtain something or to act in a certain way"

The part about "legal entitlement" does indeed fit the definition of a social contract, which is all fine and good, but the definition involving "moral" allows people to get away with all sort of logical absurdities.

So, I think my original objection to the phrase "right to life" still stands.

Comment Re:Trucking (Score 1) 904

Speaking of horses... Electric cars have not yet reached the Tipping point of surpassing horses in the US.

That's because horses are far greener than electric cars. You put in a biofuel in one end and compost comes out the other. And they have excellent self-driving abilities. So electric cars don't stand a chance against horses.

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