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Comment Re:Surprised? (Score 1) 576

Please stop helping MSFT spread the myth that Windows 10 is free because it requires a valid Win 7/8 license which currently costs a MINIMUM of $100. The only "free" version of windows 10 is the "super duper extra spying" Win 10 Insider Edition, the rest? You have to give up (and yes give up, if you go longer than 30 days you better be ready to call MSFT as they WILL cancel your previous license) a $100 Windows 7/8 license to get the "free" Win 10.

Comment I know people who are I just do what the GPS says (Score 1) 529

I know people who are I just do what the GPS says even when I try to tell them some routes to take (some times the GPS gives poor routes or ones that like jump down this small 2 lane back road then turn turn turn.. vs the slightly longer / easier to fellow main roads. Some of them are apple uses so I hope that apple maps does not really mess them up some day.

Comment Not always user error (Score 1) 529

Not always user error.

One I was going to a office building. That basically had it's privet road as part of the parking lot called tower ln but the online maps sent me to the near by tower pl road that also has office building on / next to it. Same city about 3 miles or less apart. (I think it's fixed now)

There is this one house where some times if you enter it to maps some times it will pull up the wrong place so much so that when they have some come over they need to say google maps is wrong.

There is this other area where at times you need to play with the address to get it right (same road just at times is a little off)

Comment Re:What kind of telemetry (Score 4, Informative) 254

Actually allow me to correct your correction as MSFT is giving away absolutely nothing as a full version (not the "super duper extra spyware" insider edition) of Windows 10 Requires a legal key from 7 or 8 which currently costs as of this writing between $100-$200 dollars and there are several reports of users trying to go back to Windows 7 after the 30 days to find THEIR KEYS ARE NOW INVALIDATED. I can attest to this being true as I've had to talk to more damned third world MSFT flunkies than I ever cared to thanks to this very issue.

So the REAL cost of Windows 10 is currently between $100- $200 USD, that is the cost of the Windows 7 or 8 key you are giving up by taking this "free OS" and not going for the super duper extra spyware insider edition......sorry but that is the most fucking expensive "free OS" I've ever seen in my life and why we need to kill that "Oh its free you can't complain" bullshit because that is what it is, total bullshit!

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