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Comment Re:Marketplace Justice (Score 1) 97

Bingo. So someone can hack the monitor and listen to my baby sleep or not sleep. Or even watch him sleeping. What exactly is the threat? What information can they really gain that is of use? That the sheets are green instead of blue?

You can't see color when the video camera is operating by IR light. So you would not even be able to tell if the sheets are green or blue. You could tell the pattern or print on them but not the colors.

Comment Re:Programmed behaviour is programmed behaviour. (Score 1) 429

You can't program the self-driving car to break the rules as it opens up all kinds of moral and (more importantly, or at least more expensively) legal liability issues. You have a human driver for that situation until the proportion of self-driving cars increases enough to change traffic characteristics.

They are already programming the car to break the rules about speed. If it drives at the speed limit it causes problems with the other drivers on the road and is less safe. So they found that they had to tell it to drive slightly faster than the speed limit. Something like 5-7 miles per hour faster that what is posted for that road.

Comment Re:First experimental study? (Score 1) 85

For 14 consecutive days, they reported their sleep dura- tion and sleep efficiency (percentage of time in bed ac- tually asleep) for the previous night and whether they felt rested.

It isn't said to be the first study. Only the first one that didn't rely on self reporting of amount of sleep. They used monitors to measure their sleep before the administration of the cold virus, then they were kept in the lab and their sleep was again measured. Self reporting is pretty notorious for being incorrect.

Comment Re:Yes? And? (Score 1) 266

Former officials, candidates for office, and even current members of the legislature aren't "government officials." They can blow as much smoke and wind as they want, it doesn't constitute policy.

There is essentially no chance any of that will happen.

Sure! Because the US hasn't done other illegal things to other wanted people. I remember the New Zealand police being pretty upset after the Kim Dotcom take-down because of the way the US acted in such illegal ways that the evidence would be inadmissible. If they are willing to do illegal actions to get what they want in one case they sure will do it in another.

Comment The entanglement works with the right electrons (Score 2) 214

If they could only get some of the photons to entangle, then how do we know that the ones that would not entangle were not due to the state of the original electrons. If the electrons are in opposing states, then when you entangle a photon with it and try to entangle it with another photon that has been entangled with the other electron, it will refuse to entangle unless the two electrons are in a compatible state. I don't think you can leave out the failed to entangle photons like that. It seems that they tell you something important about the system.

Comment Re:another vaccine (Score 1) 96

The reason for everyone to get vaccinated is because high vaccination rates go a long way to preventing transmission, and thus preventing deaths.

Sure, buy into the sales pitch and lies why don't you. When the flu show is made for the wrong version that year, the number of flu cases does not go up. That tells me the effectiveness of the vaccine is very low, possible even non-effective. Then you also have the chance of getting the flu from the shot. And it makes you much more susceptible to getting the deadly flu when it comes around. But we need the corporate masters to make their quarterly earning, so keep getting your shot every year like a good little consumer, until you die.

Comment Re:I volunteer as tribute. (Score 1) 381

There are other things that could help, regulating and/or taxing fat [...] in food for example.

If you listen to the wrong people you will get the wrong results. Studies show that eating fat does not make you fat. That is like kindergarten level thinking, if you eat chicken you will be a chicken!

Comment Re:I volunteer as tribute. (Score 2) 381

There is the fact that being lazy is thought to be the reason these people are fat. The reality is that getting fat makes you more tired. You are seeing correlation and thinking it is causation. It is actually the other way around, the fat comes first, then the laziness comes afterward. I think it was in the movie Fat Head on Netflix where I learned about these findings. They cover the whole cholesterol thing too, where the very thing they tell you to avoid to prevent the hardening of arteries is actually what keeps your arteries from hardening. It's almost like they want to make everyone fat and sick so they can profit from it.

Comment Re:hyperloop could beat normal commute (Score 1) 107

IMHO, nothing beats rail for commutes.

It is easy to beat rail for commutes. Get rid of all the stopping at stations you are not going to. We need rail systems with on/off ramps where your pod can separate from the train and stop at the station while the other people continue on. That would speed up a standard slow speed rail more than all this high speed crap will ever do

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