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Comment: Re:it's an electric universe baby (Score 1) 68

by Agent0013 (#48212015) Attached to: Astronomers Find Brightest Pulsar Ever Observed

That is some of the most asinine shit I have heard. You seem to not understand the difference between "made to match" and "made up". Try learning to read what people write sometime.

From your statement then the Copernican heliocentric math would have been discovered and so it must accurately describe the physical universe. Jeeze, what a dumb-ass!

Comment: Re:it's an electric universe baby (Score 1) 68

by Agent0013 (#48206663) Attached to: Astronomers Find Brightest Pulsar Ever Observed

I believe the point is that they made the math to match the observations. If their assumptions are incorrect, then the math they made up will be based on those false assumptions, like current cannot exist in space. Which does not make sense to me since we obviously have the northern lights being created by current flow from the sun. And now we know about the magnetic tubes that form every 15 minutes that connect from the sun to the earth. Perhaps the assumptions made decades ago need to be revisited.

Now I will admit that some of the extents they go to on that site go too far and seem too much of a stretch. Everything gets put into being evidence of the electric universe even when there are simpler explanations. But the basic idea of current flow at massive scales may have some merit.

Comment: Re:Competition urgently needed (Score 1) 149

by Agent0013 (#48150311) Attached to: ISPs Violating Net Neutrality To Block Encryption

For example, to leave New York you have many options (most of them requiring payment on top of the taxes) — why can't those bridges and tunnels be privately owned and compete with each other?

It isn't really feasible to have more than one road going to your house. How do you propose you could have competition in the road you use to get to you house? Are we going to have multiple roads stacked on top of each other like a bridge. Once you get beyond 2 or 3 that become pretty much crazy. I am lucky that I have two cable companies that run lines to my house, but having 20,30, or a hundred gets to be unfeasible real quickly and most people don't even get the chance to have two because of monopoly agreements with the city.

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by Agent0013 (#48091933) Attached to: Studies Conclude Hands-Free-calling and Apple Siri Distract Drivers

For a non-safety-related case, you could just walk around in Seattle after the first legal pot shops opened and smell the Marijuana everywhere in a way you didn't the previous week. Some of that was just excitement about a change, to be sure.

And somehow you think these people did not smoke before the law was changed? That would be highly unbelievable.

Comment: Re:Copyright Infringment (Score 1) 191

by Agent0013 (#48091789) Attached to: DoJ: Law Enforcement Can Impersonate People On Facebook

I think the agent in question & his bosses all hanging themselves in their bedroom would be acceptable to me as well.

I would rather we do the hanging in the town square so we can all enjoy the scene. When the worst criminals we have to deal with work for the government, we are all in trouble.

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If you line them in a grid from wall to wall and floor to ceiling, I think you could fit quite a few. And you would not need to be watching any more than one as the image would be stitched across all of them. It could display scenes such that your underground apartment would have a view. See you are thinking of it in the old fashioned way.

Comment: Re:And some say Obama isn't a Republican (Score 1) 425

by Agent0013 (#48087007) Attached to: Former Department of Defense Chief Expects "30 Year War"
Yep! We should do democracy like the Romans did. With random selection to congress. If someone wants the job, they damn well should not have it. So the only option left is to choose the people randomly and the few that are in it for corrupt reasons will have a very narrow chance of getting in. And they should be limited to one term.

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by Agent0013 (#48085847) Attached to: Possible Reason Behind Version Hop to Windows 10: Compatibility
I also have not heard of people still using software on Linux and Mac that is as old as stuff that people depend on with a Windows system. It probably stemmed from Microsoft's strong stance on keeping backward compatibility for as long as they can and not breaking old software. Now people out there rely on some unique and old piece of code that doesn't have a modern equivalent and will become upset with Microsoft if it breaks.

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