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"We can survive bacteria, viruses and parasites and wounds"

So can most animals otherwise the most complex life would still be a sponge. And to use my dog as an example again - he can happily drink water from streams and puddles that would put me on the toilet for 2 days.

If you drank water from the puddles and streams often you would probably not end up on the toilet. Don't the people in Mexico (or other countries where they tell tourists not to drink the water) drink the water just fine?

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It is a very good tactic for getting a child to do what you want. You make them feel that they had a choice even if it didn't matter at all. "You can have your bath either before or after dinner." But either way they are having a bath! Once I have heard about that trick and how it applies to politics I can see it in use a lot.

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It isn't the designing that CAD falls short. It is in the manufacturing process.

An example that I saw that is not directly related to CAD design, but was due to one-off hand build prototype that does not lend itself to assembly line manufacturing: There were bolts where the head was inside of an assembly and you could not get to them to put it together. Now a good CAD engineer should notice that and not design it that way in the first place. These people did not so much design the machine, the just built it and got it working and then we took over manufacturing it for them. We did some quick re-design of some parts to make it easier and quicker to assemble. But it is very conceivable that even with a good CAD engineer you might not notice improvements that could be made during the manufacture of the part. The CAD designs are concerned with what the finished part looks like, not so much the material the part is made out of before it is machined or stamped or whatever process it goes through.

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These debts are mostly from SSI aid to dependent children. The money is sent to the parents, but strictly speaking the children are the beneficiaries.

Interesting logic, so as a parent you could take out a loan with your child as liable for the debt... What could possibly go wrong :)

Ohh, ohh! I want to take out a loan with the IRS as liable for the debt. Turn about is fair play an all!

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Some people still try to debate things that are already settled and others look for solutions before everything becomes a problem. Mankind has a huge list of fuckups to fix - but we either continue as is or we continue to try to improve things. Your viewpoint is incredibly pessimistic. Very few people would say life was better 200 years ago than it is today. Let's take that viewpoint and move forward with it.. We need more Star Trek and less Water World.

Either way, we should be investigating options like these.. You're being pessimistic during the initial stages of discussion - so it brings very little to the table.

/sarcasm/ Yep, and we should be investigating on more species that we can introduce to new areas that they currently don't live. Because that works out so well. /sarcasm/

Some things are impossible to fix once you mess them up. There is no putting the genii back into the bottle once you open it, so you have to tread very carefully or things will surely get worse.

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I like your post, very reasoned thoughts and I would say I agree with you in general. I would only lean towards the altered vaccine schedule as that might also help with the overloading of the immune system or whatever might be the cause.

The real reason I am posting is just a little fact as I understand it about the aluminum in the vaccines. It may serve as a preservative, but I believe the main function is to activate the person's immune system. Without the aluminum, the immune system does not always detect that there is something to react to for making the antibodies and thus, the vaccine is much less effective. I found that to be an interesting idea, that the dead or deactivated virus may not cause your immune system to react, so they add something else that helps to get the immune system all fired up where it will then discover the deactivated virus particles and make the antibodies desired from getting the vaccine.

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From a simple analysis I have a couple of answers. One: It's marketing! Our laptop has more ram, or faster Mhz, or shinier screen, on whatever. Just like all the bullet points for a software package, even though most of them don't matter or are basic functions that don't even deserve to be pointed out. So saying the market place has millions of apps sounds better than saying it has thousands. Two: If only one percent of the apps are any good you are more likely to find one that does what you want and is a good one from a market of 1,000,000+ over a market that has only 100,000. Three: It's not it Apple, Google, or Microsoft's benefit to turn away developers who want to pay them money for a developers licence. The more the merrier.

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When people believe in gods that can't invent wireless camera phones

Yeah, because if it suddenly started raining iPhones in 5 A.D., that totally wouldn't have turned anybody into gibbering lunatics.

No. if it started raining iPhones, then science would come up with an explanation of how iPhones can be formed in the upper atmosphere via molecular accumulation and then fall from the clouds once fully accumulated. Science can explain everything you know! Just look at the Big Bang and the expansion of the universe and all that other amazing stuff!

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The blue turtle shells are the ones that fly in and target the person in first place. If you want to unlock everything you need to get a star grade ranking in every course, that is better than the A grade that I would have thought is the best. And when looking at our old save game, we had D in courses that we got gold cups in, so the star ranking has something to do with how well you race, I think you have to be in first place for 70% or the race or something. With all the items that blast you when you do good it is an exercise in random play rather than in your skill as a racer.

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I have been watching "Alaska: The Last Frontier" lately. It's a documentary show about a homesteading family in Alaska. They like the hunter/farmer/subsistence lifestyle. It's pretty amazing watching what they have to do during the short summers to prepare for the long hard winter. And the people love the lifestyle and would not want to move into the civilized world. They certainly work hard each day doing things like hunting for food or growing their vegetables or chopping wood for heat, but at least they aren't working all day in a cube farm and end up with no time to spend with their families or be out in nature.

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I don't know about the study, but the results are resonating with me. My wife and I have been playing the Mario Kart Wii version again because we realized we didn't unlock all the vehicles and characters. The controls suck and no matter how good you race you end up getting bombed by a blue turtle shell right before the finish line or something like that. And even when in the fastest bike and up to full speed, I watch all the other computer characters zip right past me in whatever cars and bikes they are in so I know the game cheats. You can also see cheating when you pick up a question mark box for the items. While you and a NPC both get a box at the same time, yours is still spinning while the NPC is using the item already. It's a fraking computer that can drive the perfect line and they make it have to cheat just to make it harder! Sometimes I want to punch the controller or throw it across the room. So I can definitely see that the control system or the feeling of the game cheating can have a much bigger effect on the players emotional control than the content of the game. The original Super Mario always pisses me off also because I feel that Mario has some sort of death wish and falls off the ground into pits no matter what I try to tell it to do with the control system they implemented.

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Ok, thanks for clarifying that. I thought you were saying that it would not be obvious or that it would be valid just because it had the new combination even though it might be a simple addition. I also understand that not every case is clear cut and sometimes when looked at closely it can be an actual innovation. Sometimes it just seems that the most basic and obvious stuff gets patented and it can seem that some people deny any type of obvious test.

Thanks for the helpful conversation!

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