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Comment: This would actually be useful the other way around (Score 1) 205

by s0nicfreak (#47500179) Attached to: New Toyota Helps You Yell At the Kids
! Not so that the kids can yell at me, but so that I can actually HEAR them over the wind blowing through the windows and the cars outside. I know how to project my voice, so the kids hear me fine, but I can't hear them at all. And I'm just in a car.

But just no, to the conversation mirror - most parents already don't keep their eyes on the road, we don't need to give them another excuse.

Comment: Re:That's Fine (Score 1) 110

Well, that's only if you've only ever lived in places with good electricity service that doesn't go out regularly, electrocute you nor set houses on fire on a regular basis. As someone that has lived in places like that as well as places with no electricity, and places where there were actually options for utility companies - I can appreciate good electricity service.

Comment: Re:We have to get away from instant gratification (Score 1) 155

by s0nicfreak (#47436983) Attached to: Amazon Seeks US Exemption To Test Delivery Drones

I do not see 30 minute delivery as a beneficial in any way.

I'm in the middle of a sewing or knitting project, and I run out of thread or yarn. If I can order it with 30 minute delivery, I do not have to wait hours for my husband to get home with the car so I can finish the project. If it is something I'm making for sale and there is a time limit (say, it's suppose to ship out tomorrow or the next day) this can be vital.

The power is out, and the batteries in my radio die. .

I'm sitting on the toilet and run out of toilet paper. .

Heck I can think of a million reasons.

Comment: Re:Anyone here order pizza? (Score 1) 155

by s0nicfreak (#47436971) Attached to: Amazon Seeks US Exemption To Test Delivery Drones
If you don't, then you don't set it to be delivered at that time.
Personally, at my house, there are very few periods of time when no one is home or awake - I have a family, and we don't all leave/sleep at the same time.
I also live in a neighborhood where I'm comfortable leaving a package on my lawn for a few hours... and my dog is going to bark if anyone gets near it, anyway (which will wake me up).

Comment: Re:nice work (Score 1) 468

Personally I don't have any hobbies that don't come down to needing internet access anymore.

I play video games, but most of the stuff I want to play nowadays is through Steam (which requires internet access, if only to set it to offline mode), or online play is a major component, or the game I want to play at that moment is not necessarily on my device (so I'd have to download it before I could play).

I read, but mostly ebooks nowadays, so I'd have to download a book before I could read it. I listen to audiobooks, same problem - and audiobooks from the library download in parts, so even if I've already started listening, there's no guarantee I'll have the next part downloaded.

I watch anime, but I watch it streaming nowadays.

I knit and crochet, but 95% of my patterns are digital - so if I want to start a new project I have to download the pattern.

I listen to Japanese music, but most of my music is in Amazon Cloud Player. There are no Japanese radio stations here.

I could go to a coffee shop or the library to use their internet access... but are they open today, what time do they close today, do I have enough gas money to drive there, enough money to buy a cup of coffee? I don't know for sure without internet access.

I could pull out some older games or a dead-tree-book or knit something I know how to do by heart, without a pattern. But it wouldn't be what I hoped and planned to do that day, so it would feel like a waste of time and/or, depending on the activity, a waste of money. Or I'd start enjoying something and come to something that needs internet access (looking up a word that is too new to be in the dictionary I have, looking up how to get past something in a game, the next part of an audiobook, where to buy new hiking boots, whatever) and then I'd get frustrated and angry. Even having a conversation with my husband usually leads to one or the other of us wanting to look something up on the internet.

I know it's a first world problem.. Usually if the internet or power is going to be out for more than a few waking hours, I go to someone elses' house (power especially because then I can't recharge my devices that can connect to the internet on their own/without my in-home internet access working).

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