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Comment Re: Shocking (Score 1) 244

Personally, I draw the line at when the thing would feel pain from the "killing."
If there were hospitals/doctors where people could take unwanted infants and have them painlessly euthanized, I'd be fine with that. Maybe there could be a waiting period where the infant has the potential to be adopted into a good home, like we do with animal shelters.
3 month old fetuses don't feel pain, so I'm fine with aborting them.

Comment Re:Cryonic, not cryogenic, and some thoughts (Score 1) 313

I have 2 kids and I have some sympathy for the family and I can say that before having had my kids I wouldn't have.

4 kids here and I have to agree with that... it's kind of appalling that so many people believe a 2 year old is not really a person and has no memories that hold any value, but I suppose I can understand how someone that has had only brief interactions with 2 year olds can think that. A 2 year old is definitely a person with thoughts, feelings, memories, and a personality, and if I lost one of mine at 2 and thought there was even a slim chance at preserving them, I'd do it. I still think it's rather silly to get all attached to fetuses and embryos though.

Comment Re:Pointless! There is no person to recover. (Score 1) 313

How much do you remember from before the age of 3 or 4?

Not very much NOW ~26 years later, but ask a 3 or 4 year old how much they remember about their life and they can tell you quite a bit.
I'm guessing the parents' hope is that advancements would happen within their lifetime so that they get to continue raising their daughter from where they left off; not so much that their 2 year old has some kind of knowledge or memories that will make her important to the future.

Comment Re:Not fully junk (Score 1) 313

I use to have a friend who's brain (and skull) was half gone. His mother had smashed it when he was a toddler. But he was a fully functioning adult.
I had another friend who's toddler nephew got shot in the head, damaging a good portion of his brain. I didn't know him past his childhood, but last I saw him he needed glasses but was otherwise fine.
A toddler's brain is quite resilient...

Comment Re:I thought we were trying to end sexism? (Score 1) 599

Yes, how appalling that a child is happy and doing what he wants to do with his life.
Forcing a child that doesn't like sports and art into a "balanced" amount of sports and art does nothing positive for anyone. It just wastes years of the child's life.
The same goes for forcing a child that doesn't like STEM into STEM.

Honestly, I would say yes; let the child choose what school to attend and then use your knowledge, wisdom and maturity to see if the school is a good fit for that particular child. Or figure out what it is the child likes about this particular school and help them find some options that have the same positives, but less negatives. Forcing a child into a school they hate is only going to make them hate learning... and it's kindergarten, not college, so there's little issue with switching to a different school the following year if the chosen school doesn't work out.

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