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Comment: Re:The old "let's learn a new keyboard" routine (Score 1) 140

by Agent0013 (#49465155) Attached to: Finding an Optimal Keyboard Layout For Swype

Tried many times in the past, failed. The amount of time and effort to reach proficiency on a non-standard layout, combined with the presence of standard layouts in business and consumer products, means you are fighting the Beta vs. VHS war. It's right up there with designing new pet programming languages that are essentially syntactic sugar, offering no additional computability.

I don't think that is true at all. I put MessagEase keyboard on my Android phone a while ago. They have a training game that you can get also. By the time you have played the game for 10 minutes you are faster than you are on a qwerty keyboard. It is grid of only 9 main keys. Touching a key enters that letter, but sliding your finger from that key in towards the middle does a different letter. Punctuation is on there as slides in other directions and you can even enable number entry without switching to the number keyboard by drawing a circle that starts on the correct key. The keys end up being much larger and you only need 9 locations to learn.

Comment: Re:masdf (Score 1) 297

Do you have a source for that? Certainly there are narcs, but I've never heard of any of them enrolling in high schools undercover. Cops threatening high school kids who got caught anyway to cough up some names, sure. But when they invest an undercover agent (= lots of money), it's going to be for a big investigation, not to find out which high school kid sold a dimebag to which other high school kid.

I heard the story on NPR where a highschool kid gets a crush on a new girl. The girl asks him to get her some drugs. He isn't a dealer, nor does he even do drugs, but he talks to some people and is able to get her some where he gets busted for his reward.

It doesn't sound like an isolated incident either.

Comment: Re:What's really behind this hue and cry? (Score 1) 421

by Agent0013 (#49423041) Attached to: Powdered Alcohol Banned In Six States

I wonder how much of this objection has nothing to do with the vasty overstated risks but instead is of a commercial nature. Alcoholic beverages are extremely expensive in a lot of places (stadiums, bars, restaurants, events) and sneaking your own in is inconvenient or impossible.

I woner if the real opponents of this aren't people who make money charging $10 for cocktails to captive audiences. How much money do they stand to lose when people start bringing a half-dozen packets to the big game?

You would still need to buy the $5 bottle of water to add to your powder. I bet the markup on the bottles of water is even bigger than they have on the alcohol that they sell.

Comment: I think it's in your imagination (Score 4, Interesting) 394

by Agent0013 (#49393203) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Living Without Social Media In 2015?
I have never signed up for Facebook. I can count of the fingers of one hand with some fingers missing the number of times I have had someone say anything about me not having a Facebook account. I have seen online groups, where they have their own site nonetheless, where some of the members make meeting preparations or discussions on Facebook. I find this to be bizarre and completely rude to others. Why not keep your discussions on the site that was made for those discussions. If I want to communicate with people, I will use email or text messaging, or even a phone call. But then again, I don't want to broadcast my life to a bunch of strangers, so I must be weird and suspicious! I do have a Linked In account as that serves a different purpose. It allows me to keep track of work contacts for future use. Facebook has no use to me though and I will not get an account there.

Comment: Price difference for more that images is steep (Score 1) 122

by Agent0013 (#49354353) Attached to: Amazon Announces Unlimited Cloud Storage Plans
I find the price difference for storing more than just images to be pretty steep. Wouldn't it save money to use stenography to store your files inside of some images so you could get around their stupid rule? You could even up the amount of data storage inside the image since you don't really care if the image looks good afterwords. Just have the file name and structure of an image would work even though it looks like static or something. Then you run them through a program that extracts all the files and if needed puts them back together like a multi-part rar file or something.

Comment: Re:it could have been an accident (Score 1) 737

by Agent0013 (#49354121) Attached to: Germanwings Plane Crash Was No Accident

Actually that video does show the switch being lifted when moved to the other positions. It is hard to catch the switch being lifted, but at 2:20 when they are unlocking the door, you can clearly see the switch shaft lowering back down after being lifted and moved. You can also see the notch in the switch body where the switch shaft locks into place when not raised.

As I watched further I do see at 3:05 they moved it to the locked position without raising it, so there you are correct.

Comment: Re:Heisenberg compensator ... (Score 1) 83

Now imagine a 3d object leaving the 3d "surface" he lives on and flipping himself over (like a 2d object could be flipped). He would be able to escape from a locked chest, and his appendix would be on the wrong side! I think we have discovered how Houdini did his tricks!

Comment: Re:the US 'probably' wont use a nuke first.... (Score 1) 341

by Agent0013 (#49347869) Attached to: Feds Attempt To Censor Parts of a New Book About the Hydrogen Bomb
Sure, you can believe they were talking about surrendering. But they attacked Pearl Harbor during talks of surrender also. I'm not so sure I would put much stake into what they say. And they also had the plans and exercises going for every civilian to mount violent resistance with pitchforks and whatever else they could muster.

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