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Comment: What are the difficulties with going Digital? (Score 1) 111 111

I have a hard time seeing why games like Car Wars and some of your other games should have any difficulty going digital. In fact I am wishing for a Car Wars game to play. Not real time action/arcade, but the turn based one where you can use strategy and car build matters. Why haven't you created something like this yet? I guess I figured you were either already working on it, or you had your reasons not to do it.

P.S. I have plans for a turn based car battle game for Android and would love to partner up. If your interested, email me.

Comment: Re:Seattle too (Score 1) 203 203

Some studies show that injuries are worse when helmets are worn. It's not the neck injuries you might think due to the weight of the helmet either. It's more along the lines of people feeling indestructible when wearing one that they act in much more dangerous ways.

Comment: Re:Idiot (Score 1) 1067 1067

The problem lies in the inexpressivity of math, not in the student. Division by zero happens naturally and it is math's problem if it can't deal with it. Natural language can deal with it, nature deals with it. Math fails to express nature adequately.

Example: water flows over an area of land and divides itself evenly: so 1 cubic meter of water / 1 square meter of flat land. Now the land erodes and becomes 0 square meters. The water doesn't have to resort to error-handling code, it knows what to do, it flows on. But math gets hung up at the point when the land disappears, your code throws an error, and you have to handle that. But nature doesn't throw any error, it handles division by zero naturally and seamlessly. Again, math fails to describe nature very well.

This is some pretty unthinking logic you have going on here. How can land erode away to nothing. Is the Earth a flat plate sitting in space and once it erodes away there is nothing there but a hole? You do realize that underneath the land, there is more land right?

If your land is slowly eroding into a channel, then the area is getting smaller. As it gets very narrow the water divides by a smaller and smaller area of land showing the depth to be getting bigger. Once the channel gets to zero width, there is nowhere for the water to go, so it can't be zero depth or even infinite depth, it is a question that makes no sense. If a channel in the real world got infinitely narrow, it would make more sense in the real world that the water would flow over the land that made up the channel's sides, but that is outside the division equation you stated with. That was dividing to find the depth of the water within the channel, once the channel is gone you have to redefine the equation to use another parcel of land.

And if we go to the example where there is a hole into space through the flat earth, then it also makes no sense as there is no depth to water falling through a hole into nothing. It can't spread out onto land that isn't there.

Comment: Re:Los Dummelos Moronos (Score 1) 206 206

Right, but if they have the database, they don't need to log into anything. They just need to crack the encrypted database, which they have in their hands, and it is still encrypted with the old password. See, changing the password does nothing.

Comment: Re:Los Dummelos Moronos (Score 1) 206 206

How does changing the master password help anything. On a site, you change your password and the old one does not work anymore. With an encrypted database, the old password still works with the old copy of the database. Changing it only works if they got your old password and want to use it on the newly encrypted database. Since they have a copy of the old one, they can take their time cracking the old master password and any amount of changing it will do nothing to remedy that. You would have to change every password you have stored in the database so when they do crack it open none of them work in those sites any longer.

Comment: Can we arrest the police for bad judgment? (Score 1) 535 535

It seems like bad judgment to go around arresting people who are in a costume. Perhaps we should arrest the police chief. And if I see anyone in a police uniform with a weapon, I can assume they are a burglar in disguise and kill them before they try to hurt me, right? I mean, it can only be considered bad judgment to be in a uniform that criminals would wear when doing crime.

Comment: Re:TL;DR (Score 1) 108 108

But wouldn't it be the Earth that is doing the U-turn and coming back at you? Seriously, if there is no preferred reference frame, then both twins could end up being younger than the other one depending on which frame you look at it from. So in the end they are the same age? I have never heard it told that way before though!

Comment: Re:Mental health workers? (Score 1) 385 385

That's a little sad.

You're talking about a profession that in many cases has either no training or dubious training. Anyone here have a family member that has an addiction problem? I have a cousin that is a heroine addict and a brother that is an alchoholic. My brother is also bipolar and god knows what my cousin is at this point... because the drugs do damage the brain.

But the point is that I've some experience with these people and they're often very nice, sometimes they're quite smart... but this is not what I'd call a "science" or even "medicine". A lot of it is witch doctorism. And that can make people feel better. But that is because the believe it works.

I remember seeing a vision of the future where therapy was given by a computer. It went something like this:
Throubled Guy: I don't know. . . lately I just don't feel like there's anything special about me.
Compu-Chat: You Are An Incredibly Sensitive Man, Who Inspires Joy-Joy Feelings In All Those Around You
Oh right, that was Demolition Man! Wow did they ever accurately predict the future!

Comment: Re:Affirmative Action (Score 1) 529 529

Recently I learned that black people from Africa have a very different end result when they move to America compared to black people raised here. Even if they were disadvantaged in all the same ways before coming here, they do better. They end up in jail less, they get a better education, and make more of their life once moving to the "land of opportunity".

To me it sounds like they grow up in a certain mindset. Nobody else can fix that for them, they have to change their mindset to get out of the disadvantaged beginnings they might start out with. If getting educated is looked at as a bad thing in your neighborhood, then you had better be strong enough to be an "Uncle Tom" or whatever your friends are going to call you. Otherwise you will just end up poor and in prison, if not dead from gang violence, just like all your friends.

Comment: Re:Oh for fucks sake (Score 1) 615 615

Maybe everyone should get the same base cost of living allotment from the government. Even if you make 10 million a year, you get it. Of course if you want the fancy cars and electronic gadgets you will need to get a job or make money with a business. Then you can pay the taxes on the extra money you make. Of course this means the rich people pay more taxes than the ones who are eeking by on their allotments. And since they control the politicians it will never happen.

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