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Comment Re:Thaty's the wat to do it ... (Score 2) 257

I'm really shocked that more US fast food (crap food) places don't also server some form of booze...it would sure help things go down easier....

Well you're in luck then. Taco Bell has started serving beer, wine, and sangria at a couple of its stores. I expect they plan on expanding that to most of them. To me it seems like a copy off of Chipotle which already serves beer and margaritas at their stores.

Comment Re:Setting kids up for failure (Score 1) 257

I used to think my daughter was just getting into a picky eater phase. As a very young toddler she used to love lots of things. Olives, peas, potatoes, etc. She started getting picky and has only gotten worse. The new child eats almost everything we give her. I am ready to try the starving technique on the older one though or she may never eat anything but fruit, hot dogs, and McNuggets.

Comment Re:Thaty's the wat to do it ... (Score 2) 257

Wasn't about to try that stuff though. It would have kind of defeated the whole point of being in France.

You were there in France and you did not get a Royale with Chese? Man, you missed out.

Also, how long were you there. When you are there long enough you start to get sick of trying to translate all the menu items to figure out what you want to eat. We ate at "MacDough" only once, but it was still a part of the French experience.

Comment Re: Social media (Score 1) 307

Or what if you killed a crooked cop by stalking him at his house and sliding needles into his eyes for 10 hours until he died. I would say it was the moral thing to do and calling the "authorities" would be wrong.

Or what if it was a lying, cheating politician? Or a lawyer? Not one of the few good lawyers out there that fight against the corporations of the world, but one of the ones that deserve to be fed to the sharks?

Comment Re: Well that settles it then (Score 1) 138

You know what? I think I was mistaken on what is said to be infringing. The summary states that "Towle infringed upon DCâ(TM)s property rights when he produced unauthorized derivative works of the Batmobile as it appeared in the 1966 television show and the 1989 motion picture." I thought that meant the 1966 show and 1989 movie were the unauthorized derivative works. I thought that seemed weird because I had never heard that the original show was unauthorized, but that's what it looked to be saying. Sorry about the confusion.

Comment Re:Well that settles it then (Score 1) 138

How do you see that implied. The 1966 TV show Batmobile is "the one" everyone thinks of as the original Batmobile. I never saw another one before that one. And every Batmobile made for the movies is a knock-off on that one. It certainly does not look anything like the comic version that I had to look up in a Google search and have never before seen in my life.

This judge is saying that a newly created car, that looks nothing like any car made before, is a derivative and a copy just because of the name. So then every elephantmobile would be a copy of the first elephantmobile. Even if it looked completely different, the fact that it has any elephant appearance at all would make it a copy. So then, wouldn't Hello Kitty be a copy of Catwoman?

Comment Re:Estimates (Score 2) 299

And you get the experts to help make the estimate. Then they say it is too long and cut it down to 1/3rd the time estimated. And the project ends up going way over what was estimated.

I have stopped caring about the estimates. The boss can make his fantasy timelines all he wants. Sometimes, when it is a small project I come in on time. Other times the project ends up going over. It ends up cutting into the next project, which has a firm stop date, so they don't give even the original amount of time estimated for that project even though that was already estimated to be too low. So that project goes over also. I don't even look at the schedule. If you use unicorn farts for your estimates then I don't play your game. If you want to get rid of me for that, your projects will be even later while you spend time looking for new people to hire and train. Plus, I would be better off finding a new job anyway since pay increases much more with a job hop rather than staying loyal to a company.

Comment Re:Nail everyone? (Score 5, Interesting) 618

From the article itself, (I know, I am not supposed to read the article), the traction control is mandated to be turned off when testing the emissions. So you already have a need to check that emissions testing is being done. Once that flag is set in the code other areas can use it and they may not even be aware of the ethical dilemma that arises. Perhaps someone was told to lower the fuel flow when the test_mode flag was on. Why would they feel that something does not "smell quite right" in that case? Someone else turned the flag on with a code change several years previously. There is plenty of other things being changed or turned off when in test_mode, so adjusting the fuel flow can fit right in with that. Unless they realized that test_mode was used to determine that emissions testing was being performed (it could be used for other tests also) and that the changes they are making will cheat the emissions test they might not even realize that something is wrong with what they are doing.

Comment Do we know it can work? (Score 1) 72

I don't really see how this method can even detect the gravity waves. As the gravity waves come along, they change the length of the beams. But the change in gravity will also change time. So the light beam traveling down the beam will appear to have taken longer to travel the shorter distance. I bet they cancel each other out and you have no difference in the time taken to travel down the beams even when there is a gravity wave traveling by.

Comment Re:What the hell happened to us as a nation? (Score 1) 956

It isn't fear of terrorism that causes this sort of reaction. At least, not directly. I don't think the police or teachers were necessarily worrying themselves that they might get blown up. Rather, it was a fear that - if the clock was a bomb used in a terror attack - THEY WOULD GET BLAMED for not doing something about it earlier. It's the same reason our politicians are so willing to pass the most obscenely unjust laws to chase down criminals: the penalty for not passing the law is disproportionately greater than passing it. If even one crime could have been prevented by the non-existent law (or had the clock been a bomb), far more blame is assigned to the people-of-authority who MIGHT have done something about the crime than to the actual criminal performing the act itself. It's no wonder people over-react in these situations. They aren't worried about being attacked by terrorists; they are worried about being attacked by us.

That's why we need to balance the penalties. If a politician passes an unjust or unconstitutional law, instant death by firing squad for everyone who signed the law. Even if they have been retired for the last 30 years. Now they would think twice about passing all that crap they do.

Comment Hoax Terrorism Charge?! (Score 1) 956

If the police want to charge him with making a hoax bomb when he never threatened anyone with saying it was a bomb, then the real charge should be making a hoax terrorism threat against the police who arrested him. Of course the police don't get charged with breaking the law, that would be ridiculous. This is why I rejoice when I hear another one of those blue fuckers gets shot and killed. They don't answer to the law, but they sure do answer to being dead!

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