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I get completely RAW milk straight from the cow. I even have to bring my own jars to put it in as the law is that the farmer cannot sell it in containers. It lasts a full week in the fridge before it starts to go off. I have even used the cream for a few days more than a week.

I guess if you got milk from the store it would have spent a few days sitting on the shelf before you buy it, so perhaps it isn't that big of a difference.

So are you saying your milk in the store is unpasteurized? That's awesome if you have raw milk in the store. The US has made that illegal. You have to go through some extreme steps to be able to sell milk that is not pasteurized here. And don't even think of taking it across state lines!

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(marijuana was originally regulated via tax stamps, similar to the way machine guns and destructive devices are currently regulated)

Close, but not quite similar. They made the law mandating the tax stamps for marijuana, but they never made the stamps. The real goal was to make it illegal to use, so they just made it impossible to use it legally.

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A bowl of Cap'n Crunch with skim milk? 300 calories. Add some sugar to that, and just having these will put you over 600 calories

Not sure why you would add sugar to Cap'n Crunch, isn't it sweet enough already? Anyway, the skim milk is the wrong way to go. Studies have found that people who drink skim milk are generally fatter than the people who drink whole milk. When kids start drinking milk at age two, the ones who drink whole milk keep their healthy weight, while the ones who drink skim milk get overweight.

There is a big misconception that fat makes you fat. Fat is the signal for your brain to know you are full. It is also the ingredient used to make the brain. Avoiding it is just listening to old wives' tales from people who think eating fish will turn you into a fish or some non-sense like that. Dietary science has been confused and mistaken for a long time, but it seems there are studies that are finally looking at it properly.

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It is basically as you say, burn more calories than you eat, but with some extra complicating factors with the way your body and brain do all the chemical processes. I have come to believe that using more natural is better than the processed. So I cook with real butter or bacon fat, not the fake stuff. And when I drink soda I get the sugar one, not the diet one. I find it easier to eat in moderation this way. Fat is a big signal in the brain to make you feel full. Avoiding it has been shown to make people get fat. Even two year old kids that start drinking milk in the studies get fatter if it is non-fat milk than if they drink the full-fat milk.

But even more than the calories in is the calories burned. If you can increase you exercise levels by a bit that helps much more than reducing how much food you eat. It helps your body get into better shape, and then things like the metabolism or whatever work better also. And any muscle you build will help for as long as you keep it on to burn more calories, even when not using them. Of course you can overeat so far as to make your exercise useless. But in general I think people focus too much on the calories coming in and not enough on keeping active.

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You seem to be leaving out the shit. People do shit you know. There are some calories in that shit. Someone who eats a lot and shits a full shit-ton could keep their weight stable while someone who eats a little, but uses and stores all those calories and therefore shits very little could gain weight.

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It is more complicated than that. Many smart people on this site seem to think that this topic is as simple as (calories in) - (calories burned) = (calories stored). First of all, there are many calories that are sent out as waste products. Second of all, there are effects on how your body stores energy depending on the blood sugar levels and how fast they spike. A more even level allows your body to respond while a quicker spike has a different effect. There is also a placebo effect by simply reading the ingredients of your food. The same shake was given to people where some were told it was a full fat, thick and rich shake, and other told it was a diet shake. The full fat people had more grehlin levels in their blood. In fact, the grehlin levels were the correct amounts for how many calories the person thought they were consuming, not how many they actually consumed. So, it can be quite complicated.

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So do you believe people have been to the moon. Where is the evidence to show that we have been there? Astronauts saying so must not count as proof. Pictures must not count as proof. People working on building the equipment must not count as proof.

We have the Minister of Defense for Canada coming out and telling the world that UFOs are real and have visited us, that Roswell really happened and the US government has communicated with the aliens. We have the head scientist of Project Blue Book, who at the time stated that there has never been any definitive evidence that Earth has been visited by extra-terrestrials, and then after that is shut down he starts the CUFOS, Center for UFO Studies, looking for aliens. Plus, before his death he said that what he said during Project Blue Book was a lie and that the government felt it must lie to the people about aliens. We have pictures, videos, markings and radiation left on the ground, radar tracks of impossible fast and maneuverable aircraft, Air Force pilots chasing or being chased by disks, encounters where hundreds of people in a city witnessed a flying saucer including highly trusted individuals such as police officers, military generals, etc.

I find it hard to discount all of that and say that there has been "No Evidence". That seems pretty closed minded to me.

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