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Comment: Re:Affirmative Action (Score 1) 527

by Agent0013 (#49721007) Attached to: Harvard Hit With Racial Bias Complaint

Recently I learned that black people from Africa have a very different end result when they move to America compared to black people raised here. Even if they were disadvantaged in all the same ways before coming here, they do better. They end up in jail less, they get a better education, and make more of their life once moving to the "land of opportunity".

To me it sounds like they grow up in a certain mindset. Nobody else can fix that for them, they have to change their mindset to get out of the disadvantaged beginnings they might start out with. If getting educated is looked at as a bad thing in your neighborhood, then you had better be strong enough to be an "Uncle Tom" or whatever your friends are going to call you. Otherwise you will just end up poor and in prison, if not dead from gang violence, just like all your friends.

Comment: Re:Oh for fucks sake (Score 1) 612

by Agent0013 (#49719091) Attached to: The Economic Consequences of Self-Driving Trucks
Maybe everyone should get the same base cost of living allotment from the government. Even if you make 10 million a year, you get it. Of course if you want the fancy cars and electronic gadgets you will need to get a job or make money with a business. Then you can pay the taxes on the extra money you make. Of course this means the rich people pay more taxes than the ones who are eeking by on their allotments. And since they control the politicians it will never happen.

Comment: Re:Now if only the rest of the country would follo (Score 1) 544

by Agent0013 (#49697371) Attached to: California Senate Approves School Vaccine Bill

Every study that comes out continues to prove how safe and effective vaccines are. They prove beyond any legitimate doubt that vaccines are so effective that the very small segment of the population that cannot tolerate them are effectively shielded by the herd immunity. There are absolutely no legitimate studies that question the safety and effectiveness of vaccines.

On the other hand, there is an epidemic of willful ignorance when it comes to vaccinations. A large segment of the population flat out refuses to believe that they've been duped by someone trying to sell something. They refuse to admit that the science is overwhelming and undeniable. They flat out refuse to acknowledge facts staring them in the face. But, sadly, that's a disease that is impossible to overcome.

If you pro-vaccine people keep lying to us all the time I will stop listening to you. This is why I am not getting every vaccine recommended, not because I think there is a autism link. Merck, the company that makes the Mumps vaccine has been caught lying about the effectiveness of its' vaccine so it won't loose its' monopoly making it. They will tell you it is 95% effective, but it is well less that that, perhaps as low as 33%. Of course they tell everybody in the media that the outbreaks were due to vaccinated people, when in reality as many as 77% of the infected in the outbreak were vaccinated.

We also have countries like China where they mandate vaccination. They still have outbreaks of measles there even though 99% of the people are vaccinated. So again, this thing about herd immunity turns out to be a lie. And cigaretts don't cause cancer!

Comment: Re:Look for PC gaming, not mobile (Score 1) 175

by Agent0013 (#49682389) Attached to: The Decline of Pixel Art

it's really an "I can't do hi-res, so I'll leave that to your imagination" style.

If you read the article you would see examples of the hi-res that does not look good. That horrible scene with the chipmunk flying through the air with purple mountains in the background. There is too much distraction with all the little dots all over the place. Just because you have high resolution does not mean it makes a good picture.

Comment: Re:why did "spiral gestures" never catch on? (Score 1) 144

I liked it a lot. I don't use a screen protector sheet as that increases the friction. I would guess that is why you felt it was uncomfortable, but I could be wrong. I like the smooth glass as your finger can slide much easier that way, and dirt and crap does not accumulate around the edges of those films. The thing that made me give up on the 8-pen was having to switch to a number pad for numeric entry. When you are writing an address or a sentence with mixed numbers and letters it gets old very quickly.

Lately I am using MessagEase. It is a main grid of 9 boxes that you either tap or slide. A tap gives you the most common letters and a slide toward the center will give you an alternate letter. There are a couple of letters that slide in other directions and then punctuation is also put on there as other direction slides. You have the option of switching to a numeric keypad, or if you have the room, having both up side by side. I like the option for circular gestures though. If you start on a letter, but rather than tap or slide you draw a circle, you will get a number that way. So no switching between keyboards and learning the placement of the letters takes no more than 15 minutes or so to be quicker than using a QWERTY keyboard.

Comment: Re:Apparently people cannot even read... (Score 1) 416

by Agent0013 (#49621497) Attached to: No, NASA Did Not Accidentally Invent Warp Drive

Thrust was observed on both test articles, even though one of the test articles was designed with the expectation that it would not produce thrust. Specifically, one test article contained internal physical modifications that were designed to produce thrust, while the other did not (with the latter being referred to as the "null" test article)."

Listen up kids, this means that they tested the "true em-drive" and a dummy and _both_ gave them thrust. The dummy is specifically designed so that it _cannot_ do this! This means the "thrust" comes from some other effect, not the "em-drive".

I would say that they don't yet understand how the thrust is generated and when they tried to make changes to one device to get it to stop working they did it wrong. I am assuming that the thrust stops when you turn off the power. Obviously that is an easy "null" device, one that does not generate the microwaves. So they are generating microwaves in them both and hoped to stop the trust by changing the resonating cavity in some way and they failed to stop the trust. If the thrust stops when you turn it off then there is something measured and it will need more study to figure out what exactly causes it and how to properly make a "null" device that bounces the microwaves without creating thrust.

Comment: Re:intentional (Score 1) 416

by Agent0013 (#49621285) Attached to: No, NASA Did Not Accidentally Invent Warp Drive
There is also the Asimov story about the guy who works on the time dilation field for his whole life and he gets one stable for a few minutes where he brings a small dinosaur through. His chain of restaurants selling dino-chicken is the most popular thing in the world as dino-chicken is the most tasty thing ever. He is still upset about never getting time travel working, but at least he has a statue for being the originator of the most popular food on the planet.

Comment: Re:Poster sounds sympathetic, but sounds like thre (Score 2) 254

Unless you think that the law enforcement folks are a bunch of hired guns for a corrupt political system and they will use their power to harass and/or kill you. I'm sure we can look to other examples to see how well the typical reporting of a problem goes. What about whistle-blowers? They get the red carpet rolled out for them, right? Ok, then let's look at people who report flaws in websites. They don't get arrested and thrown in jail for hacking, right? Yeah, I'll go with the good old "Don't Talk To The Police!" And that includes when you know bad stuff is going down. It would especially include when bad stuff is going to happen to the police. In that case we should start a kickstarter campaign to get more of it!

Comment: Re: I like this guy but... (Score 1) 438

by Agent0013 (#49588035) Attached to: Rand Paul Moves To Block New "Net Neutrality" Rules

Just because the military and police used to use civilian weaponry does not mean there is a reason to take it away now. In fact, now that the police feel they need to get stronger and better weapons than the civilians can get we have turning into an evil oppressive force that kills any time it wishes and declares it a justified kill.

When the police give up their weapons, then they can talk about others giving up theirs. I still would not give mine up, but it is a non-starter when you are going to have an organized criminal gang of hired guns running around in the streets.

Comment: Re:But why is there only one spot like this? (Score 1) 45

by Agent0013 (#49560979) Attached to: Mystery of the Coldest Spot In the CMB Solved
But the cool spot in the CMB says it should be an extra dense region of space. How do we have a void in an area where we should have extra density. It seems the two things are saying the opposite should occur and they reinforce each other to make the spot appear even colder. Ok, you explained how it got colder than what it actually is, but you skipped over how the two results are opposite of each other.

Comment: Re:Good (Score 1) 302

And it is quite evident from the fan edit community that there are plenty of people who will spend a lot of time doing complete re-edits of movies if they are interested in them. I could very well imagine a silent movie fan doing a simple digitization and restoration and putting that out for other fans of the genre.

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