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Comment The entanglement works with the right electrons (Score 2) 163

If they could only get some of the photons to entangle, then how do we know that the ones that would not entangle were not due to the state of the original electrons. If the electrons are in opposing states, then when you entangle a photon with it and try to entangle it with another photon that has been entangled with the other electron, it will refuse to entangle unless the two electrons are in a compatible state. I don't think you can leave out the failed to entangle photons like that. It seems that they tell you something important about the system.

Comment Re:another vaccine (Score 1) 94

The reason for everyone to get vaccinated is because high vaccination rates go a long way to preventing transmission, and thus preventing deaths.

Sure, buy into the sales pitch and lies why don't you. When the flu show is made for the wrong version that year, the number of flu cases does not go up. That tells me the effectiveness of the vaccine is very low, possible even non-effective. Then you also have the chance of getting the flu from the shot. And it makes you much more susceptible to getting the deadly flu when it comes around. But we need the corporate masters to make their quarterly earning, so keep getting your shot every year like a good little consumer, until you die.

Comment Re:I volunteer as tribute. (Score 1) 380

There are other things that could help, regulating and/or taxing fat [...] in food for example.

If you listen to the wrong people you will get the wrong results. Studies show that eating fat does not make you fat. That is like kindergarten level thinking, if you eat chicken you will be a chicken!

Comment Re:I volunteer as tribute. (Score 2) 380

There is the fact that being lazy is thought to be the reason these people are fat. The reality is that getting fat makes you more tired. You are seeing correlation and thinking it is causation. It is actually the other way around, the fat comes first, then the laziness comes afterward. I think it was in the movie Fat Head on Netflix where I learned about these findings. They cover the whole cholesterol thing too, where the very thing they tell you to avoid to prevent the hardening of arteries is actually what keeps your arteries from hardening. It's almost like they want to make everyone fat and sick so they can profit from it.

Comment Re:hyperloop could beat normal commute (Score 1) 107

IMHO, nothing beats rail for commutes.

It is easy to beat rail for commutes. Get rid of all the stopping at stations you are not going to. We need rail systems with on/off ramps where your pod can separate from the train and stop at the station while the other people continue on. That would speed up a standard slow speed rail more than all this high speed crap will ever do

Comment Re:ansible (Score 1) 43

I don't think it matters that we both flip them at the same time, they have already been flipped but the result is in both states at once. It is more like looking at the result of the flip. Once I look at the result then your coin result is also set and when you look you will see the same result even if it is an hour or day later. To do another case we would need new coins where the result is unknown and they are entangled.

Comment Re:Sounds like an ad (Score 1) 314

But some tasks which would be considered simple in Excel are impossible in Libre.
For example, I can create a dashboard in Excel fairly easily, that pulls tickets from the helpdesk SQL database, and gives me a histogram of ages.

And some tasks that are simple in Open Office are impossible in Excel. Your example of a dashboard pulling things from a database is pretty uncommon. My example is of doing a search that looks in every worksheet in a spreadsheet. It Excel you have to manually repeat the search in each tab. In Open Office you can specify if the search should be in the current worksheet only or should look in each one. That seems much more of a basic use to me.

Comment Re:Consoles and couches (Score 2) 147

On a stick, each movement takes a move forward then a move back to center to stop walking off the cliff. It takes twice as many finger movements to get the same action.

You must live in a world without auto-centering sticks. There's no need to "move back", not even taking into account the ability to move slowly in the first place. And how is it twice as many movements when you say " tap the forward key very quickly."

Besides, the thumb is your most cabable finger.

It still takes more movement to get the stick back to the center than it takes to release a key.

I understand that the sticks are technically analog

Not technically analog, they ARE analog

and you should be able to slowly creep forward, but their response is so bad and the range of motion is little that it is quite difficult to move just enough to creep forward,

Your thumb is quite cable of making tiny movements. Now admittedly as a PC gamer you haven't got the skills/practice to do it well, but it's quite easy actually. Just because the stereotypical "ham fisted PC gamer who hasn't touched a joystick since 1981" can't do it, doesn't mean that it's a problem for anyone else.

Yeah, they are analog. But they are too small. You have to move it less than an inch to get full speed. Trying to get a slow speed is impossible because there is slop at the center. You start pushing forward, nothing happens yet, push further, still nothing, then while you are trying to creep forward the barrel comes crashing down on your head and your are dead. You are better off just going full speed.

That is also why headshots are impossible with stick and the games have to help out with aim-cheats.

Stop right there. I wasn't talking about FPS aiming now was I. I was talking solely about movement. The mouse is a fine pointing device, but it is essentially "easy mode", which is why you like it. In the transition to mouse aiming, mouse aiming was considered "easy mode for casual dudebros" compared to the games that came before it.

Headshots shouldn't be easy if we have any pretense towards realism in games, they should be HARD and rare.

You don't seem to realize that all console games have to have aim helpers when people play with the joysticks. Your target is greatly magnified so even if you are off to the side of the person it still counts as a hit. Or the crosshairs are moved onto the target when you get close enough. When a mouse player competes against a joystick player on a game that supports both methods of play, the mouse players completely dominate the game. That is the main reason that the XBox and Playstation does not let PC players play on their network with the console gamers.

The stick moves when you move it over, and keeps moving even though the stick is still, you need to move it back to center to stop the movement.

You're doing it wrong. "You" don't move it back to center. it moves itself back to center.

Sure, just release your thumb. You still have to move it back to center to put it back on the stick again. That will always take more time than not moving anything will take.

The stick also has a maximum speed that is way slower than mouse movement.

It depends on the game settings. What, you didn't know you could change the speed of the right stick?

So it's a trade off of being too fast or being too slow. With the mouse you have both at once.

With a quick jerk of the hand you can do a 180 spin. On a stick it is move over, wait, wait, wait until you have moved a full 180, then move back to center. Way too slow.

Again, you're doing it wrong. You don't move it back, it moves itself back.

You will not be able to move the stick again until you move your thumb back to the center. I don't see how your thumb can be in two places at once or can teleport from one location to another without movement between them.

Comment Re:Amazed (Score 1) 185

But nobody has been able to figure out how to charge 5 cents to view a news article using credit cards. The transaction charges are higher than the amount to be charged.

There is also the fact that one is a loan while the other is a cash transfer. Once you buy something with a credit card you then have to pay the credit card loan off. When you buy something with bitcoin you have already transferred your money directly to the person you bought from and do not have a loan to pay off. They are different in many ways and bitcoin does solve some of the problems that credit cards have been unable to solve.

Stellar rays prove fibbing never pays. Embezzlement is another matter.