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Comment: Re:But why is there only one spot like this? (Score 1) 45

by Agent0013 (#49560979) Attached to: Mystery of the Coldest Spot In the CMB Solved
But the cool spot in the CMB says it should be an extra dense region of space. How do we have a void in an area where we should have extra density. It seems the two things are saying the opposite should occur and they reinforce each other to make the spot appear even colder. Ok, you explained how it got colder than what it actually is, but you skipped over how the two results are opposite of each other.

Comment: Re:Good (Score 1) 301

And it is quite evident from the fan edit community that there are plenty of people who will spend a lot of time doing complete re-edits of movies if they are interested in them. I could very well imagine a silent movie fan doing a simple digitization and restoration and putting that out for other fans of the genre.

Comment: Re: Define 'Terrorists' (Score 1) 228

by Agent0013 (#49537149) Attached to: UK Police Chief: Some Tech Companies Are 'Friendly To Terrorists'

Quite a bit happened before the seals choppered into a complex then shot him and dumped his body in the ocean. Is anyone even sure that happened, if it did I doubt it did the way they say it did..

Nearly everybody in the complex killed and who remained has never even been brought forward to account for events. The most hated man was shot on sight instead of being drug into a kangaroo court to be humiliated for a year before being put to death just like every other villain the US put its hands on. His body was respectfully buried in a conveniently unrecoverable and unspecific location. The trumpets weren't even continuously sounded for political and military benefit with no end when even that silly "mission accomplished" presentation was stretched far too long.

Yeah, I'd imagine you are right. One big obvious question is: why isn't anyone talking about it?

Don't forget that the Seal Team that did it all ended up dead not too long after! We can't have any witnesses that might tell the true story some time later, can we!

Comment: Re:You think 7 vaccines is a lot? (Score 1) 339

by Agent0013 (#49537111) Attached to: Study Confirms No Link Between MMR Vaccine and Autism

Do you have any citations for your first paragraph? It looks like utter nonsense to me. For example, people aren't necessarily immune to a disease after getting it.

Immunity against measles in populations of women and infants in Poland. Low titers of measles antibody in mothers whose infants suffered from measles before eligible age for measles vaccination. Outbreaks of Measles have occurred in schools with 99% vaccination rates.

As far as your second paragraph goes, the useful question is not "Does the MMR vaccine kill more people than measles kills in a mostly immunized population?" but rather "Does the MMR vaccine kill more people than measles would kill in a mostly unimmunized population?".

Yes, I have thought about that. Most people are vaccinated for Measles so there are a lot less people getting it that would otherwise if the whole population were not vaccinated. But still, the primary cause of problems from Measles is due to the complications that arise from things like dehydration or poor nutrition. Ask your older relatives how many people they knew when younger that died of Measles. I bet you won't find any. Everybody got it and it wasn't a big deal then. Today it is made out to be a big deal. If you are some starving African kid with no medical attention it can be a problem. But that kid probably doesn't have access to the MMR shot anyway. Here in the USA we have good nutrition and access to medical care. Complications from Measles would be rather rare.

Severe complications from measles can be avoided through supportive care that ensures good nutrition, adequate fluid intake and treatment of dehydration with WHO-recommended oral rehydration solution. This solution replaces fluids and other essential elements that are lost through diarrhoea or vomiting. Antibiotics should be prescribed to treat eye and ear infections, and pneumonia.

All children in developing countries diagnosed with measles should receive two doses of vitamin A supplements, given 24 hours apart. This treatment restores low vitamin A levels during measles that occur even in well-nourished children and can help prevent eye damage and blindness. Vitamin A supplements have been shown to reduce the number of deaths from measles by 50%.

Comment: Re: Agreed but there is a point (Score 1) 339

by Agent0013 (#49536877) Attached to: Study Confirms No Link Between MMR Vaccine and Autism

Wearing a seatbelt does in fact increase risk to you of serious harm in certain kinds of accidents. It also protects those around you, as you are held into the driving position in your vehicle, so are less likely to lose/be unable to regain control of your car.

Yep, and making people wear a helmet causes more and worse head injuries than if you don't require them. Sometimes things are not the way you would think they should be.

Vaccines protect the herd -- this is not "random people" but the people you come into contact with each day.

Why should I care about "the herd"? I am not a cow or sheep. I will do what is right for me and my family. They used to tell you to use all the anti-bacterial solutions in you soap and sanitizers also. Only we now find out it is causing much worse bacteria that we can't kill off. Some studies show that being too clean makes your immune system overreact to things causing allergies and autoimmune diseases. I put vaccines into that category. Getting the disease does something different from getting the vaccine as is evident from the different length of immunity given. I'm not saying people should be getting the polio disease. But go on and ask all your older relatives how many people they knew as a kid that died of Measles and I bet you don't find any. Everyone got it, but they make it sound so scary today in the news and it's not.

You do indeed have the right to get the flu instead of a shot.

Only until people like you get the law changed to make it mandatory that everyone get every vaccine that the government mandates and get the flu vaccine added to the list. California is getting rid of the religious exception for vaccines for school children. I guess we just have to get fake medical records made up then. The situation does not really get better, does it. Plus, when you see these outbreaks in the news, they always fail to tell you how big a percentage of the outbreak is among vaccinated people. The Measles outbreak at Disney Land was mostly among unvaccinated people, but there were five vaccinated people that got it anyway. In New York in 2011 an outbreak was traced to a vaccinated 22 year old that gave it to 4 other fully vaccinated people. Did you know that getting the vaccine can cause you to shed fully contagious Measles virus and you can then make other people sick. You probably didn't know that either, did you.

We keep learning about the companies that make these and how the effectiveness is way lower than they have been telling us, or it turns out to cause cancer.

Who is we? I haven't been hearing these things.

They have nothing to do with chicken pox, nor with the flu virus, nor MMR

It seem to me that you people that want to be part of the herd of Sheeple always claim that us "anti-vaxxers" don't know how to think clearly and use scientific methodology and instead just listen to the wackos out there. I find the opposite is true. The people questioning the vaccines we are told to get are always a part of the highly educated demographic and some of the more intelligent people in the population. second paragraph in conclusion In this case you state you haven't heard about something that was discovered back in 2010. I can't help it if you choose to believe the lies spread by vaccine makers and the media, perhaps you need to read up more on the subject before you tell people they should do something when you are flat out wrong. It is in fact the MMR that lack the effectiveness. In particular it is the Mumps part of the MMR. Merk states it is 95% effective. If they don't meet that rate they loose their licence to be the only maker of the Mumps vaccine. So they just lie about it. When challenged and taken to court, their response is that the safety is fine, they don't even try to answer the actual accusation, rather they redirect. the references are included on this site, so don't bother complaining about the link

There are some non-approved vaccines that have side effects that are considered worth the risk in the middle of a pandemic -- are those the ones you're referring to?

Here I am referring to Guardasil which was being pushed on young women to prevent cervical cancer even though no studies showed that it did that. Instead, studies showed it increased your risk of getting pre-cancerous lesions.

Flu vaccines are a crap shoot -- I never used to get them, but now I do, as it costs me nothing. The reason they're a crap shoot isn't because they're not effective though; it's because they only target one strain. Vaccine companies look at what's brewing in China at the beginning of their flu season, and then inoculate against that in North America so by the time flu season hits NA, enough people are inoculated to the most likely strain, protecting the herd. This year, they guessed wrong, and a different strain made the hit list. Result? A greater number of child and elderly deaths due to influenza.

Everyone was still inoculated against the strain that went nowhere; nobody was inoculated against the strain that became pandemic. Was the vaccine effective? Not at minimizing flu exposure, but it WAS effective at minimizing exposure to the target strain -- in China, before it ever spread anywhere else.

Again, you spout off while being quite uninformed about the actual facts of the matter. The flu vaccine does make you more likely to get the flu. First of all, getting the shot gives many people flu symptoms for several days. Sounds great to me. Second of all, it makes you much more likely to get the more pandemic type of flu.There is renewed controversy surrounding influenza vaccines, with some studies showing people immunised against the seasonal flu might have been at greater risk during the swine flu outbreak.

Comment: Re: Agreed but there is a point (Score 1) 339

by Agent0013 (#49531481) Attached to: Study Confirms No Link Between MMR Vaccine and Autism
Execpt wearing a seatbelt does not increase risk to me only to give possible benifit to someone else. It is possible that you might start shooting random people some day. Does that make it ok to kill you now to possibly save people in the future. If I would rather get the flu than a shot, I have that right. I don't believe the vaccines work as well as we are told. We keep learning about the companies that make these and how the effectiveness is way lower than they have been telling us, or it turns out to cause cancer. I will get the ones I determine to be justified while you can get vaccine for everything including sky falling-itis.

Comment: Re:Agreed but there is a point (Score 1) 339

by Agent0013 (#49530053) Attached to: Study Confirms No Link Between MMR Vaccine and Autism
Yes, Shingles is something you get when you are older if you had Chicken Pox earlier in life. It still makes no sense to get the Chicken Pox vaccine. The vaccine has possibility of side effects, however small they may be. If you get vaccinated you have to get new ones every 10 years for life. If you get the Chicken Pox, you are immune for life from getting them again. As an older person you can prevent getting Shingles by getting. . . wait for it. . . the Chicken Pox vaccine. So even though you had Chicken Pox as a kid and now have the threat of Chicken Pox you can prevent it by getting shots. So you either get shots your whole life, or you just get them when you get older. If you never got the Pox you can then get the vaccine when older. If you did have the Pox, you can get the vaccine to prevent Shingles. So what's the point of getting the shot when young then if you need to constantly keep getting more of them. Oh yeah, I know, they get more money out of you that way!

Comment: Re:You think 7 vaccines is a lot? (Score 1) 339

by Agent0013 (#49530003) Attached to: Study Confirms No Link Between MMR Vaccine and Autism

Yes, but the mother's milk antibodies don't work nearly as well if the mother had a vaccine rather than has real antibodies from getting the disease. Vaccines don't work as well as getting over being sick. There are people who have a defect in their immune system where they don't even make antibodies. These people still get immunity from a disease after getting it, so there is much more do immunity than we understand.

I like that we have vaccines for serious and deadly diseases. I don't like the fact that they are pushing them for non-serious things. The last time someone died in the U.S from measles was in 2003. The news likes to tell you how scary measles are and how there are many many deaths per year, but it is a misleading statistic since those are from third wold countries where children don't have good nutrition. There has been 98 deaths from the MMR vaccine in the same time frame. Some studies suggest that vaccine related reactions and even death are under reported by as much as 90%. This means there could be anywhere from 98 to 980 deaths from a vaccine for a disease that has caused 0 deaths. If you keep telling me lies I am going to stop listening to you!

I never did believe the autism link though. From what I have read before, the rates of autism were the same for people getting vaccines and those who did not. That seems pretty straight forward to me. I only wish I could get the individual vaccines that are in the combo shots. My daughter already had whooping cough, so her immunity is far superior to the DTaP vaccine. Tetanus isn't too serious as there are treatments if you get it, but it does seem like one less worry since everybody who spends time outside will eventually step on a nail somewhere. Measles would be skipped as it isn't serious. I would just pick the ones that are bad and get those by themselves.

Comment: Re:The old "let's learn a new keyboard" routine (Score 1) 140

by Agent0013 (#49465155) Attached to: Finding an Optimal Keyboard Layout For Swype

Tried many times in the past, failed. The amount of time and effort to reach proficiency on a non-standard layout, combined with the presence of standard layouts in business and consumer products, means you are fighting the Beta vs. VHS war. It's right up there with designing new pet programming languages that are essentially syntactic sugar, offering no additional computability.

I don't think that is true at all. I put MessagEase keyboard on my Android phone a while ago. They have a training game that you can get also. By the time you have played the game for 10 minutes you are faster than you are on a qwerty keyboard. It is grid of only 9 main keys. Touching a key enters that letter, but sliding your finger from that key in towards the middle does a different letter. Punctuation is on there as slides in other directions and you can even enable number entry without switching to the number keyboard by drawing a circle that starts on the correct key. The keys end up being much larger and you only need 9 locations to learn.

Comment: Re:masdf (Score 1) 297

Do you have a source for that? Certainly there are narcs, but I've never heard of any of them enrolling in high schools undercover. Cops threatening high school kids who got caught anyway to cough up some names, sure. But when they invest an undercover agent (= lots of money), it's going to be for a big investigation, not to find out which high school kid sold a dimebag to which other high school kid.

I heard the story on NPR where a highschool kid gets a crush on a new girl. The girl asks him to get her some drugs. He isn't a dealer, nor does he even do drugs, but he talks to some people and is able to get her some where he gets busted for his reward.

It doesn't sound like an isolated incident either.

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