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by Agent0013 (#47775051) Attached to: Should police have cameras recording their work at all times?
Yep, it changes behavior. But in the places where the officers have tried wearing cameras they decided it was the public that the officers interact with that changed. They came to the conclusion that there are much less officers beating and shooting people because the people know they are being filmed and so they don't report false accusations like they used to. Don't you know the police can do no wrong!

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by Agent0013 (#47747699) Attached to: "MythBusters" Drops Kari Byron, Grant Imahara, Tory Belleci
If all you are doing is trying to prove something is possible, and it happens, then you don't need any more than one run. Obviously it can happen. If it doesn't happen, you haven't proven anything, but that is where you need the many reruns of the experiment and that is where they can fail the scientific scrutiny.

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by Agent0013 (#47515975) Attached to: Researchers Create Origami Wheels That Can Change Size
Couldn't you do the same thing using only the metal wires that the wheel actually rolls on? The origami part is unnecessary. You simply have the metal wires folded along the axle with a cable that pulls them in the same way this one does. The wires would then extend away from the axle and make a larger wheel diameter without the need for the paper origami part at all. As it is, the paper part does not seem to serve any function. It does not roll along the ground, nor does it extend the wires, the cable does that.

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Well, by that logic pretty much anything should be outlawed that you can do to your body. Including trans fats and crunch chicken skin. Both are very dangerous, especially in large quantity.

The problem with that logic, is you are falling for the lies that have been propagated for the last few decades. Your example of trans fats and chicken skin are particularly insightful as the scientist that came up with the fat is bad for you studies threw out half of the data so he could get a curve fit that he wanted to see. one link on this subject. It is well know that studies have shown the fake sugar stuff makes people and rats fatter, not thinner. Margarine also does tricks that end up being less healthy than just eating butter. And using vegetable oil is much worse for you than using coconut oil or even just plain old bacon fat. (My family now uses bacon fat to cook and our health and weight has improved.)

So letting some group decide what is healthy and un-healthy just leaves you open to being manipulated and controlled by those with power over the laws. I don't want anyone telling me I have to eat some crap than causes anal leakage or turns your eyes brown permanently just because they have stock in the company and will make a ton of profit if they can make the laws say you are required to eat their crap because it has been deemed to be the healthy thing to do.

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If as you can do with VR is reproduce a similar experience to a PC game no one will buy it. They'l just keep playing their PC games with their music on and reddit or youtube on their second monitor while enjoying a beverage. You have to offer a more immersive experience if you're going to limit multitasking and convenience.

You could have a virtual monitor in your cockpit that you bring reddit or youtube up on. When you are on those long boring flights through space toward the far away target you need something to keep you entertained.

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What kind of a stupid fuck are you that you can take a very legit complaint of using a password manager and then say I have never used one. I use one all the time. As you can see from my post, if you actually have the intelligence to read "SENTENCES", I use one on my phone. I also have the same one that runs on my PC at home. And whether I use one or not, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize that typing a memorized word is easier than looking something up in a database. It only takes someone smarter than BMO I guess!!!
God! What a douche!!!

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Using a password manager makes it just as easy to have secure passwords as it is to have easy to remember passwords that you recycle everywhere.

This is just plain wrong! There is no nicer way to say it. Typing in a 6 letter word that I remember is much quicker than opening a program, typing in my master password, finding the account that I want to log in to, clicking on the log-in button, then switching back to the browser. Even describing what you need to do is too long and complicated.

And it fills them in for you, automagically, when you have to do the "new password" and "confirm new password" fields on a new site.

And this does not work from my password manager on my phone when I am using a PC at work on home. The automagic part seems to fail on many sites also due to the way the structure their login screen.

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The password manager keepassx is available for Mac OS, Windows and Linux and you can sync the databases. I'm not aware of one that also works on Android or IOS, though. :(

Yep, Keypass is available for Android. It uses the same password database, so is compatible with the others. It is called KeePassDroid. I like the fact that it is not on the web so there is no server that can be hacked into or spied upon. I use the password and keyfile so if someone were to get the password database file they would not also have the keyfile that I use. And since it runs on my phone, I pretty much always have it on me when I might need it. I even upload the file into Google Drive on occasion in case my SD card got corrupted or something.

I have also been doing what the article says, simple passwords that are reused for something like slashdot, more secure ones for sites that I buy things from, and very secure ones for banking sites and GMail. I include GMail as an extra secure site because any other site could have their password reset if someone got into my GMail account.

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There is a non-trivial fee associated with cash too. Cash requires labor to move/protect it, can go "missing" much more easily than credit card transactions etc. Cards are probably still more expensive, but not by as much as you may think.

And credit card fraud doesn't exist? At least with cash, you are usually aware of it as it happens and you are limited to what you have on you at the moment, they can't take your whole account in one go.

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