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Comment Re:Machines replacing bank tellers? (Score 1) 271

The mob does a lot of idiotic things and eventually these things turn around and bite it in the ass while restructuring everything around. Restructuring is going to happen now, that the outsourcing and automation will remove the power from the mob and will ensure that the people who actually produce stuff have their proper say in this world.

Comment Re:Dilemma Solution (Score 1) 342

Correct, it may be running at a reduced efficiency but who says that as a business you have some sort of a right not to have competition? Nothing says that. Be innovative, come up with businesses that are required and are not there yet, not with businesses that are well established and whose operating costs are so low you cannot compete on the price (if your entire point is to compete on the price).

Compete on something else. It is probably even possible to compete on the fact that you hire humans, not robots, who knows. The point is that with the government rules, regulations and taxes not there, people will invent businesses and automation is not an immediate thing, new businesses do not have clear cut processes, they are fluid and changing until they find their way, automating that is not possible until we have a full fledged human like AI available in a human like body. But that is not going to be cheap, with no regulations people would be able to compete at the very least on the initial price of the capital investment vs the operation costs of a wage labourer.

Comment Re:Who will care? (Score 2) 325

Lets start with Government, unless you're a "frothing at the mouth" Libertarian like me (and from your Post history here, you're not "frothing), you're misunderstanding the use of Hyperbole. Which seems to be all the rage. Hence the over the top REAL LIFE examples or late.

Seems like every day I hear another liberal talking about how RUSSIA HACKED THE ELECTIONS and another Conservative talking about how TERRORISTS KILLED EVERYONE.

What nobody seems to be talking about is how Americans are being spied upon by the dark shadow government and being outed when politically expedient. We all should be terrified by that knowledge.

And once you realize the Government is spying on you, ATT/Verizon spying makes even more sense. Who do you think BigTelCo is spying for?

Again we've already lost the war, this is just mop up stuff to tie any loose ends that might have slipped through. Nothing to see here ... move along.

Comment Re:Who will care? (Score 0, Troll) 325

You're okay with powerful government already busted several times for spying on Americans, but should BigTelCo do it, you're OUTRAGED!!!! Or are you outraged that big government that is spying on you wants to use the proxies to spy on you even more? Oh wait, you don't care about Big Government spying on you, because RUSSIA HACKED THE ELECTIONS and TRUMP IS EVIL got your goat?

We've already lost the war, this is just a mop up battle for the remaining bits of resistance out there.

Comment Re:Democrats (Score 4, Insightful) 325

Bush put in Patriot, Obama campaigned on repealing it, and made it actually worse. Spying on Americans is now okay, because even though we've caught them red handed a number of different times, nobody is trying to stop them because "TERRORISTS!!!!!" .

If you vote for either of the two major parties, I hope you like your tyranny, for there is almost no functional difference on the major issues.

Comment Re:Who will care? (Score 3, Insightful) 325

Yes, Facebook already sees your other Webtraffic, because it has the ad networks bugged to track you. Google does. All of them do.

You aren't anonymous unless you're on Tor and using Incognito Mode all the time. The internet works by sharing who you are with everyone interested. Or did you think that the price on Amazon is what everyone sees?

If you don't want the government tracking you, go offgrid. Though I hear that is illegal in some places.

Comment Re:Book recommendation: Song of the Dodo (Score 1) 72

Extinction is sad, but only like death is sad. Something that is one of a kind is now gone forever. A gentle reminder that nothing is permanent, hopefully preparing you for your own eventual demise. Life, in a collective sense of the word, is a process larger than individual cells, organisms, or even species. Extinction does not eliminate Life, it enables it to transform.

It is natural, predictable, inevitable. A necessity as well. Humans would not be here to observe and record extinct species if it were not for previous extinctions.

It has been happening since life began, it will continue when mankind is gone. You can view it as a loss, or you can take it as another step along the pathway of Life and celebrate it for what it is.

Comment those are taxiways (Score 1) 305

Look more closely at the diagram.

The dual-circles around the buildings are taxiways. (Notece that, in addition to being far narrower than an airplane and too close in, they're also not circular, but have a flattened area at the right side, making it more like a "D" than an "O".

The runways are the wide, straight, "roads", of which you see just a tiny chunk at the very boundary of the picture. They're essentially tangent to the taxiways - slightly out from them.

This is just a standard airport designs with straight runways.

Comment Re:Dilemma Solution (Score 1) 342

Automation is the key to freedom, including freedom from people who believe they are denied something because they represent no value to somebody else.

Do you or do you not provide value? If you provide value to others then what is your worry? You are needed.

If you do not provide value to others and your only value is in not robbing / not killing them as long as they slave for you then you do not represent any value, you represent an unnecessary added cost and you are subject to an efficiency restructuring.

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