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Comment Re:I Know Where The 22,000 Went! (Score 1) 474

You're forgetting the other end of the equation. The price of goods and services in a highly automated and unemployed society will fall to whatever the market can bare. Will you care about keeping down a job if your car never needs a repair and it runs off free electricity from sunshine? Will you worry about food and shelter if it is practically free? Yes, free. Because the final end game of a perfectly automated society is that everything will be so cheap and abundant that there will be no real reason to charge for it and no real reason for anyone to work anymore.

Comment CO2 levels up - C3 plants photosynthesis improves (Score 1) 837

Growing up, I used to believe in global warming. Then I started learning about growing crops, solar energy, and the first law of thermodynamics. Increasing atmospheric CO2 concentration improves performance of the C3 photosynthesis engine predominately used by most plants. When plants can convert more sunshine to biomass, less sunshine is converting into heat (first law of thermodynamics). This means there is an inherent counteracting force steering us away from run-away global warming. Al Gore, Bill Nye, etc -- these guys PROFIT from people believing their global warming propaganda. Long before humans showed up, the planet had much higher CO2 concentrations than we have today, and that is why C3 photosynthesis was adopted by most plant life compared to CAM and C4 photosynthesis that doesn't benefit as much from high CO2 concentrations. The C3 plants thrived and the planet survived to produce humans.

Plant fruits, nuts, vegetables, shade trees, and solar panels around your house. Forget about global warming and tell the propagandists to go to hell with their pseudo-science crap.

Comment Re:we need a trade embargo (Score 1) 876

Manufacturing of tech goods is never going to come back to the USA until the patent system is fixed. If you're a manufacturer, you have two options:

A. Make your products in the USA. If patent trolls come along later with patents on your products, you could get stuck with expensive fines and illegal inventory that has to be destroyed. You can not continue to produce your product unless you can negotiate some agreement with the trolls to continue operating your business.

B. Make your product overseas in a country with lax IP rules (such as China). You can freely import those products to sell in the USA up until you're hit by the trolls. After that, you may not be able to bring your product into the USA as easily, but at least you can continue to make and sell your remaining inventory in countries outside the USA.

Option A puts your business completely at the mercy of the patent trolls. Option B means your business may shrink, but at least you aren't shutdown cold. You have a much better bargaining position to work from when trying to negotiate agreements with patent holders if you still have a revenue stream to pay your lawyers with.

Don't try to tell me that manufacturers are stupid to start producing a product encumbered by patents and that they should be able to know about any patents before beginning manufacture. That's total BS. If you know anything about patents, you'll know that fines are lower if you had no prior knowledge of patents existence. That's why lawyers do not recommend you do your own patent search. Plus, it's very difficult to figure out if a patent really does apply, that's why patent lawsuits cost millions of dollars to execute.

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