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Comment Re:Poor business (Score 1) 358

What you describe is the rational for the "Audience" score part of Rotten Tomatoes. It is assumed that people that like Superhero movies are more likely to see a Superhero movie, particularly early enough to rate it.

Otherwise there is no little reason to accept random people's review of a movie when the critics review is available (with the exception that proves the rule of movie that targets critics, i.e. that piece of crap "Hail Caeser" which was entirely devoted to in jokes about 1950's movies, hence the movie obsessed critics thought it was hilllarious while the rest of us said eh).

Comment Re:If I had my way... (Score 2) 151

I'd seriously like to see the courts side with consumers and insist Lexmar must refill the cartridge for free as long as I own the printer. Let's see how fast the printer companies back off from their outrageous claims.

All of the printer companies have a history of abusing the legal system. Lexmar just happens to the worse offender.

Comment Re:This is a bit absurd... (Score 1) 207

My gods, programmers have gotten lazy. What's next, extra CPU consumption for bold text? The system slowing down every time it beeps?

Or, we could at least allow for the possibility that the behavior was unintentional. If you've never written a program that inadvertently spins a core rather than correctly blocking while waiting for the next event in the event loop, then feel free to cast the first stone, but I imagine most programmers have made that mistake.

Comment Re:The Lemming Society is pathetic. (Score 1) 358

You get five stars for being over-the-top judgmental and insulting -- apparently that's a requirement on the Internet -- but unless you have the time and money to see every movie, try every restaurant, etc, then you have to decide which ones to try and which to avoid based on something. What you're advocating is either making random decisions (which can be fun occasionally but also leads to wasting a lot of time and money suffering through crap), or making decisions based on other, less relevant criteria (such as which movie has the most competent advertising team, or which restaurant happens to be located in front of your eyeballs when your stomach rumbles).

If you want to make your decisions based on subconscious reasoning that you don't even understand yourself, go ahead, but don't blame others for trying to make an informed decision.

Comment Re:Poor business (Score 1) 358

The problem is that any given reviewer wont "mesh" with what *YOU* like. Or what *I* like.

That's the point of aggregation sites like RottenTomatoes. Any given particular reviewer might have tastes that differ from yours or mine, but if 999 of 1000 reviewers all say the movie stinks, then it's very likely the movie stinks. Sure, you might be the rare exception whose tastes are similar to the lone holdout, but that's not the way to bet.

Comment How dare they tell people our movie sucked (Score 0) 358

Just because a movie sucked, doesn't mean the producer do not deserve massive amounts of money for it. They put a lot of work into it!

How dare those SOBS tell people what they thought about the movie. They have no right to freely talk about the movie - it's not like they are the President - not when BUSINESS is on the line.

End sarcasm

Comment Re:Sounds nice! (Score 2) 122

Your entire statement proves your are wrong or outright evil. You claim resource problems are a myth then say that scarce resources cause poverty and that means population expansion ceases. First of all poverty IS a resource problem. Poverty = not enough money = not enough resources.

Population expansion is caused by more births than deaths. Poverty does not reduce the birth rate, it increases it. But it does increase the death rate more than the birth rate.

Population up with scarce resources = poverty = deaths caused by: famine, disease, drought, war, crime, etc. (all symptoms of resource scarcity).

It is true that recently (in the past two hundred years) birth control and capitalism combined with a larger enough population for scientific research has led to far better resource management and expansion. That is a recent phenomena and NOT related to resource scarcity. That is, science ameliorates the problem you describe, but it is NOT an automatic solution.

It is true that population does expand to fit our current resources, but it is not true that = constant scarcity.

Comment Re: I'm in the 29% (Score 1) 100

A while ago, both my son and I had the same model of Samsung phone. When the phones were about 4 years old, my phone got an OTA update, but my son's phone did not.

The difference? I had downloaded and installed an update that was only available via Kies. It was never pushed as an OTA update.

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