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Comment Re:So what is YOUR plan? (Score 4, Insightful) 406

My first reaction is to think "what an idiot!" My second reaction is to think "Wait, this got somebody (I didn't care to hear from in the first place) into the news... is he mimicking Trump's approach?!"

Listen up United States! This is what happens when you award crackpots and morons with press. You end up with those willing to say anything getting elected. You get the government you deserve and heaven help those of us who just haven't yet built up the necessary disillusionment to emigrate.

Comment Re: Remember when the US could point fingers? (Score 1) 109

I didn't grow up* the same way as you I guess. My parents and my friends had little love for the government, though they had and continue to have a love for the country.

Thus it doesn't surprise me much to see the government acting the way it is or other governments for that matter. However, I wouldn't say they're acting out of fear, rather I'd say they're capitalizing on the fear of the people to attempt to acquire power and control... pretty much as I've always expected.*

*Most people would call me a grown up, but I'm not done yet.

*Despite the current atmosphere, posting under my own name because I believe people should be willing to be accountable, and my real name, address and phone number aren't that hidden if you're determined to use my nick here to find them.

Comment Re:Clueless... (Score 2) 109

Yes they do, and it's pretty much possible, and just as stupid as you imply. What it means is that we can expect government keys and government certs and compromises by and of the government implementing stupid things like this.

We should be cheering for this. When people in power insist on something stupid, sometimes the best you can hope for is an example of bad things that happen when stupid people get their way. If we in the US are very, very, very lucky, maybe Santa will give us bad Russian consequences to point to in our attempts to keep our own government officials from being just as stupid.

Comment Re:Fairly generous? (Score 1) 130

What I'd like is a legal requirement to submit software code and reproducible compiling requirements to the library of congress in order to be sold, even if a service. There would be a five year waiting period after the end of support before the code and requirements would become public domain.

I'd like to see the same basic idea, specs and designs would be submitted to the library of congress with the same basic guarantee, if it becomes unsupported for a period of five years, it becomes public domain.

The problem with these ideas is that the definition of supported would have to be somewhat beefed up since Windows 3.1 could still be "supported" just without any bug fixes or security updates or available staff to handle issues. Ditto for the Model-T. The (perhaps impossible) trick would be setting up clauses that allow traditional copyright and patents and at the same time defining support as something that fixes discovered problems.

Comment Re:Thank you for your kind permission (Score 4, Insightful) 361

Sort of like illegal drug dealing, prostitution and assassination? Granted they exist because they provide a service people are willing to pay for. However, they're limited in number and difficult to do due to the nature of governmental opposition.

Many potentially profitable businesses don't exist because society doesn't give permission for them. It sure seems like they do need "society's permission" since laws are created by society to prevent actions and businesses the society doesn't approve of. Many times, this is actually a good thing.

Consider net neutrality. Most posters here seem to be in favor legislation forcing companies to act against their own profit interests in favor of something benefiting the greater good of the society that creates the rules.

This coming from an avowed libertarian.

Comment Re: NO !! (Score 1) 380

No, because we're treating your copy of digital information as a rental. Just as when you rent a car, you can't transfer that rental to someone else. We have to treat digital data as rentals because buying and selling has never been possible on the scale the internet brings.

Take the movie Ant Man. Lets say 100 people watch it after purchasing the rights for $50 each. That's more than the studios would have gotten from those initial viewers, but those 100 people can sell their rights to someone else two hours later for $49 each. That's a good deal for the first 100 people because they get to watch the movie for $1. But then the next group willing to pay $1 does the same thing and the studio makes no money. How many times does the cycle need to repeat before the studio has lost all the potential to sell a viewing? At 50 repetitions the studio has made only $2 per person and it's free for passing on at that point.

This whole topic of rights to prohibit possession of digital media bothers me. Numbers (because digital data is a string of 0s and 1s) cannot be possessed except by certain people because we've decided that some numbers, if arranged in ways similar to other numbers are rightfully the property of someone else. Not only that, we say that sometimes, if you get consent or follow rules few people understand, you can have a particular number for a limited time but cannot let anyone else have a copy of that number or make a copy of the number for yourself, or even make a similar arrangement of numbers after the period you've been approved for.

Interestingly this makes irrational numbers illegal since they contain the numbers (all the numbers) you're not allowed to have a copy of.

It makes me wonder. What if I copyright a tiny black and white drawing which can be represented by a relatively small number. Then I sue a mathematician who has printed out or otherwise disseminated enough of Pi that it includes my number. Could we get a judge to rule that either having Pi without my permission is illegal, or alternatively that possession and dissemination of numbers can't be illegal?

Comment Re:Lol... (Score 1) 819

If Barney didn't think you were driving safely he'd throw you in the drunk tank. Complain? That's a nightstick. Try to get a court hearing? That's a nightstick and maybe some stairs.

That's unless you were in a position where you could control Barney's rise or fall. Governors and mayors would never be able to get so drunk or high as to actually face repercussions. People with a few hundred bucks in their pocket would go on their way after donating to the police fund, etc.

That's why civilized societies include courts and evidence as part of the legal system. Otherwise Barney Fife *is* the law.

This post uses Barney Fife as the quintessential clueless cop, but Barney was well meaning and mostly honest, which is a far cry from the bad cops that we should worry about. Also, RIP Don Knotts, and thanks for the memories.

Comment Re:Half arsed (Score 1) 921

Don't forget their dependence on heating lamps and trash cans too.

The actual food cost is low compared to everything else, so what can't be sold while appealing gets trashed (instead of microwaved.) The amount of trashed food is pretty staggering.

But that's what you get when you try to give people what they want. We want food right now and we want it to be freshly prepared. That's only possible if you're constantly preparing food that may not be wanted.

I haven't had fast food in ... days. I think the last fast food I had was a McDonald's breakfast combo #5 with bacon, eggs and cheese on a biscuit with a hashbrown and orange juice. It seems so long ago; I don't know how long I can resist So . much . grease .

Comment Re: civil unrest, war, etc. (Score 1) 921

Essentially, machines will fly spores, seeds and embryos (or just genetic blueprints) to a habitable planet, do some basic terraforming then raise up some baby humans and teach them how to spread themselves and interact with the machines.

I expect humans to eventually be the virus that gets this sector of the galaxy wiped out.

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