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Comment Re: There's a bigger issue here (Score 1) 212

Ok, lemme rephrase that: There's a shortage of work that would be paying a wage.

And yes, you're absolutely right. Demand creates jobs. I've been saying this for ages, and every single time without fail I get shouted down that jobs are created by employers. But to employers, the job he creates is the necessary evil he would gladly go without if he could. Because "creating" a job means expense for him, not revenue.

I create a job if I want to buy apples. I create that job for the guy picking them. I create a job by wanting a new computer. I create a job by wanting to spend an evening at a bar. Ok, not a whole job, but a fraction thereof at least. If for nobody else, than for the owner of the bar who can keep the bar running because I spend my evening and my 100 bucks there.

And that only works if people have money to spend. But that's a different topic. What's left is that yes, there is work to be done. But pressing people to do it without a wage only creates even more pressure on wage earners who would now have to compete with these people forced into work. And if you tell me that "this would only apply to work nobody else wants to do" I have one sentence for you:

"H1B visa are just for jobs that we cannot fill with domestic workers"

Comment So ... lemme get this straight.... (Score 3, Insightful) 303

You buy a superspecialawesome phone that is ultrasuper thin. Then you stick it into a phone case, returning it to the 3-4mm you had before.

So ... you have a phone with a crappy battery life because they can only include a paper thin battery pack, which has to be glued on and can't be exchanged "or it would get too thick", you accept that they take away your headphone jack for the sake of thinness, then you pay extra to put a case around it that returns it to brick size.

Let me spell that in a way that you people understand:

Comment Re:Complex Passwords (Score 1) 175

That's pretty much what someone did at an office I worked before.

They had a system where someone could call IT to say they forgot their password, which resulted in their account being locked and a new password was generated. What this person did was to call IT as the last thing before he went home, said he forgot his PW, had his account locked, then next morning he would show up, pick up his password "for the day", enter it, shredder the paper it was printed on, do his stuff, call IT at noon with a lost password...

He pretty much got away with it because he had the agreement with IT that they wouldn't cause a stir and he won't tell anyone about his trick to avoid memorizing passwords with ridiculous requirements.

Comment Re:Passwords exist (Score 2) 175

There's three possible kinds of security factors. Something you know, something you have and something you are (or, more cynically, something you can forget, something you can lose and something that can be chopped off). They all have their advantages and disadvantages, but saying that one is superior to the others is simply and plainly wrong.

And the key reason, btw, why pages don't do it is simple: When people forget their password, resetting that is easy (plus they get your email address so you can reset it in the first place), but if you lose the token...

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