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Comment Re:I needed something simple and (Score 1) 226

An interesting keyboard hack came up for the T430 :

The T420 (which I'm using heavily as a lab machine (16G RAM, 512G SSD, 1TB HDD, + empty ultrabay) has a CPU which runs a bit hot and has poor battery life. The T430 changed the keyboard layout, but better CPU, the T440 has an insanely bad touchpad design with no physical buttons. This meant for a while if you wanted a reasonable touchpad and keyboard on a Thinkpad, you had to look backwards to the T420.

Compared to other manufacturers though, the T440 and T450 at least have home/end/ins/del/pgup/pgdn and prtsc reachable without fn-key combinations, Why they put prtsc next to ctl is beyond me though, but at least they stopped screwing with the design for a while, refined the T430 design instead (grouping function keys by 4s etc.) and they didn't follow the Apple to put the power button next to backspace. the T460 threw out the ins key... I think for an oversized delete and oversized escape next to all their already undersized function keys. "Improvements". Maybe they'll fix it in the T470...

Comment Re:Copy machine at stores (Score 1) 155

The main use I can see for such a machine is printing replacement parts for the cheap bit of plastic that breaks in a load of consumer equipment, but where the replacements are too difficult or expensive to buy. Unfortunately, doing that well will also need some kind of 3D scanner so that you can put in the broken bit and modify it (e.g. put in two parts and then drag them around until you have a single object).

Comment Re:Asus UX305CA (Score 3, Interesting) 226

Running the kernel is no problem.

Having working sound, volume controls, 3d support, wifi, touchpad w. multi-touch, Bluetooth, suspend, hibernate (and resume), etc, etc. is another matter.

For me, having a keyboard which doesn't mix up Fn and Ctrl (with no abilty to remap), or disposes of home/end/pgup/pgdn in favour of putting prtscr next to Ctrl, or forward/back buttons over the arrow keys, keeps function keys as function keys and possibly has a mouse with three buttons... these are the difference between an crappy Linux laptop and an ok Linux laptop.

Give it 8h battery life (genuine 8h, not pretend 8h), upgradable RAM, upgradable storage, and a high resolution display with good viewing angles, HDMI out (or similar)... then we're talkign a great Linux laptop.

This might only be the XPS13 or circa 2011 Thinkpads.

Comment Re:Steve Jobs rather than Tim Cook? (Score 1) 106

To be fair since the release of the original iPhone. What really new technology had came out that really made us excited? The closest I can think of is the 4k tv. And the ultra high resolution displays where Apple introduced on the iPhone 4. Where for the most part is kinda of a yawn.

the MacBook today looks nearly the same as a Powerbook 15 years ago. Sure it may be thinner and lighter and some cosmetics. But there hasn't been a big change in design for a long time.

Much of the advancements in technology had been on the dull side. Better batteries, smaller components, faster networks. Removing the last bits of mechanical parts from computers.

Comment Re:Survey brought to you by (Score 5, Insightful) 106

Well out of the other leaders in the world he seems to be the only one betting a business model on overall cultural progress.

Zuckerberg - A platform where you can gossip and spy on your old high school crushes.
Bezos - A platform that can ship stuff you want to your door.

Musk - Focusing on clean energy, cleaner transportation, and space travel (that isn't so clean), but finding ways to make peoples lives better and push society to the future without it trying to wait for the other companies to change what they are doing only when they find out it is too late.

Comment Re:Those who something, something (Score 0) 503

There is a middle ground. But it is very thin. Being that most muslams are good and decent people who are at risk from discrimination a database can be used to help protect them. That is the middle ground, and that is a bad argument because it is so open to abuse that it will probably make it worse, but if the correct effort was put in place it could work. But as I sated a very thin middle ground to work with.

Comment Re:Bad Headline (Score 4, Insightful) 503

I need to agree. The news loves to take "no comment" as an admission of guilt.
Trump is very anti-journalism I can see things going two ways.
1. Expansion of fake news and more emotional profit driven journalism.
2. A renewed effort into making journalism a trusted source to get information free of trying to push a political bias.

I would love to see #2 but I get the feeling we are just going to get more crap stories trying to get an emotional response vs forcing us to look at what is really said and in context.

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