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Comment Re:Data rate or transmission delay? (Score 1) 91

First bandwidth. It's probably decreased with distance, signal strength, etc. Even Barker code fails at some point.
Then distance, my friend. Unavoidable latency. Not going to be able to respond before the darned thing has gone awry.

And there was probably a failsafe startup, but *it* failed...

I feel sorry for them, but it's a teaching moment also.

Comment Fun with Excel (Score 1) 309

Try entering your credit card number into an Excel sheet. Yup, it's unexpected. You Excel mavens know this already, so move on. This is Excel goofiness for dummies.

First, you'll see it in scientific notation. Go ahead, set it Number format, and remove the decimals.

Now, see what ya got, the whole number, right?

No. Your credit card doesn't end in a zero, does it?

Oh, re-enter it, since the zero is there forever. I double-dog-dare you to get that last digit back without re-entering it.

Try a custom format: Make Type 0000000000000000 (that's 16 zeros for those of you in Rio Linda).

Yeah, that fixed it, right? No?

Ok, last time, re-enter the card again, but put an apostrophe in first...


Microsoft can't yet imagine why anyone would need 16 significant digits. Or more likely the binary needed to do that is more than 8 bits, and so there we are, do we go all 16-bit and drive storage? Or something.

Oh, and that apostrophe? Save the sheet as CSV. Open it in a text editor, replace '4 or '5 with just 4 or 5. Hope you didn't have a string '4 or '5 for some other purpose. Enjoy.

Researchers probably don't proof their spreadsheets for publication.

Comment Re:Mobile Web (Score 1) 78

It wasn't just designers. Ad companies like Google were big culprits in subverting this vision. If your content is delivered in a structured form, then it's trivial for the receiver to just not display the bits that are adverts. On the other hand, if you get a big glob of executable code that produces some output then it's a lot harder to identify which bits are real content and which are cruft.

Comment Re:Were these actions necessary? (Score 1) 95

Would it? I wounder. I mean people deal drugs to make money, they do it because they think its a better opportunity than they have else where. If it was widely know that you will be caught, tried, and convicted for dealing and quickly maybe people would not do it.

How long will the cartel last if they can't move product. In dependent of whether its a good thing or not we have eyes basically everywhere now. Combined with a little social media and telephone metadata analysis we could probably collar all but the least known smallest time dealers, pretty quickly.

I am kinda forced to conclude the FBI/DEA does not really want to

Comment Re:Jobs is dead (Score 1) 365

No one objects to the MacBook having a USB-C port. People object to it not having any other ports, which means that you need a dongle for basically anything. Even having two USB-C ports (one for power, one for other stuff) would have been a big improvement. The other annoyance is that no one - not even Apple - yet sells a monitor that connects with a single USB-C cable, provides power to the laptop and exposes USB, GigE and maybe eSATA ports.

Comment Re:Correction (Score 1) 179

It doesn't matter. I'm not sure why this is news, because Facebook has sold a service for quite a few years based on this. They know which constituency each of their users live in (even if you don't provide a real address, the IP that you connect from most frequently and the location of your phone if you install their app give them a good idea). They have a good hit rate for identifying the undecided voters and, importantly, what issues they consider important. They will sell parties the ability to run ads targeted at people in a particular constituency based on the issues that they find important. If you pay more, they will even sell you the names, addresses, and key issues for these voters so that you can send people around to canvas, briefed with exactly the right talking points.

It doesn't matter that Facebook has a few outliers like yourself, they still have enough information to have a disproportionate amount of influence on the political process.

Comment A good start... (Score 4, Insightful) 78

Next up:

- Demoting sites that prompt you to install 'their mobile app'. This is just their desperate plea to get even more data from you. And given what Google and that desktop site gathers already, that's a pretty impressive feat.

- Demote sites that pop a notification request. I don't even know you, website, and you want into my circle of trust? Huh?

- And can we get an amen for punishing sites that pop up Android Virus/Malware Detected, Battery and Memory Optimizer, and any other free and fraudulent apps?

And with that, half the web dies. So sad.

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