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Comment Re:It's all about the battery (Score 1) 90

The manufacturers think we care more about water resistance than replaceable batteries.

And they care more about water resistance since it impacts warranty costs and dissatisfaction more than battery longevity.

Besides, the live cycle is assumed to be 2 years. The OS itself moves so much in 2 years that 'old' phones are a liability.

Comment Re: Internet Rape (Score 2) 522

Not really.

I don't believe 9/11 was an inside job. I do believe many Muslims in America cheered on that day, and many of them were living in New York and New Jersey.

I trust that we did land men on the Moon, returned them to Earth, and could do it again.

The Earth is not, in fact, flat.

The Nazi Holocaust, one of several attempted genocides in human history, did happen. I've met both survivors and liberators.

I believe that Trump ran as a Republican, but was rejected by the GOP leadership and most Republican elected representatives, which is obvious upon inspection of the record. He has no friends in either party leadership. And the GOP leadership is dedicated to avoiding defeat, rendering them virtually (in the literal sense of that word) unable to govern.

I believe that my Internet provider has been selling data on how I use their service despite and ind defiance of existing laws. And repealing any regulation or law to prevent it will change little or nothing. Even accountability cannot be legislated in the current environment. Pretending your Internet use is in any way secret is fantasy, and you should act as if everything it known and used to your disadvantage. Want proof?

- Search for 'Shipping Containers'
- Watch the ads you see change to focus on shipping containers. Everywhere. For a long time.
- Search for something you want to buy.
- Then buy it.
- Watch the ads focus on the item you no longer need to purchase.
- When you do look to purchase something, especially a commodity item, watch for pricing to change as much as +/- 150% across different sites. Remember who wanted to overcharge you.
- Learn to ignore online ads, or, if you wish to punish them, take a moment and click through in a new window or tab. Leave it there and go on about your business. Let them build a false profile, and false empty clicks.

We have been inundated by advertising all my life. TV and radio commercials focused on the assumed audience. Print ads less so, so more and more outrageous. Streaming your TV doesn't solve it, it focuses their attention - they no longer have to shotgun the ads at a wide audience based on brute force metrics, they can literally hit you between the eyes because you streamed 'xxx'. As if the apps, services, all that weren't gathering up information about you to sell everywhere, even back to your ISP, so they know how much to overcharge you.

Really, you think you're going to win any of this? NO, we should be looking to profit from the use of our information. Even discounts based on preferential marketing aren't enough. When we can make them pay us for our eyeballs, we have a chance to at least derive some minimal value.

Whatever you think, Trump is either the cure or the symptom. He is not the disease, and he is not part of the problem. He may not be the solution, but he is not what came before. That alone is not a negative. Get over it. The U.S. government is out of control, and it will be a painful process to either rein it in or succumb to it. Which path will we choose?

Comment Re:Here's a crazy idea (Score 1) 90

Which is funny, because the replacements on the N7 were bad. They still would have had to recall the units in shame, and with the black mark from the CPSC you wouldn't have been able to use them with 3rd party batteries either. Still a brick.

By the way - removable batteries suck. I had them on the LG G3 and G4. You have to shut the phone down to remove them and then cold boot. By the end of the run on my G4, I found it was less weight and more capacity* to carry an external battery with a slim cable and just plug it in to charge. Plus I never had to shut down in the middle of what I was doing or drop a call for a minute to wait for power down/swap/powerup. Just plug and go.

*remember, LiPos can't be safely stored in your pocket or purse without a fire resistant case/pouch, so the advantage of their slim form means nothing if you don't want a fire in your pocket.

Comment Re:Let it begin! (Score 2) 250

Yea right. The chances are once the H-1 problem is fixed the skills American will have to do the job at H-1 rate.
Companies don't want well paid middle class. They want rich executives that they can play golf with. Or the poor or near poor working class.
Us tech guys who are educated, experience and have our fingers on the companies vital components are a thorn in their plans.

Comment Re:Skip The Article (Score 1) 534

For the most part the point of the article wasn't as much of the technical lies but the fact that programmer often code themselves into boxes. Relationship mother father wife husband can quickly cross gray lines with divorce, remarried, widowed, adopted, same sex marriage, gender identity...
So often programmers will program hard coded what they know. If they are better skilled then they will make a look up table. If they are really fancy they will make some adaptive control for self maintenance of the value. Then as the relationships may change it is what to do with the historical data.
I have been coding for 30 years. And often I will get in arguments with newly grads and college professors (normally the ones who's career was entirely in academia) when they see that I written some less than efficient overly complex code for something easy. E.g. Why did you create a gender table and just populate Male and Female and the keys? Just code the drop down box with the values it will save on loading time. Then after release we get a request to add additional values such as trans genders so all I need to do is tell the customer to edit the lookup table and I don't have to go to all the forms that ask and show the value. Add the value, recompile make sure the code is merged in future development tested...

Comment Re:My gripes with the first 2 (Score 1) 534

Normally in SQL where I know Null to be a problem I set the default values in the table to a valid default for the datatype.
However nulls can be used as nice tricks but for the most part they get in the way as a null value puts your datatypes in a broken state and can work in mysterious ways.
In my previous job I was asked to give new hires a test. So in the area of their knowledge in SQL and in debugging I had some code that didn't work correctly because it was appending a null value to a string making the entire string null. I gave this question because with the data we needed to work with and the manipulation we normally do to the data this was a common problem.

Comment Re:Republicans (Score 1) 522

Wow, just sad to see on another site supposedly populated by smart people so many still buy into the DemS vS Reps shell game. Perhaps a few quotes from men more powerful then I will ever be will enlighten you...

Abraham Lincoln, Nov. 21 1864 "I see in the near future a crisis approaching; corporations have been enthroned and an era of corruption in high places will follow, and the money power of the country will endeavor to prolong its reign by working upon the prejudices of the people until all wealth is aggregated in a few hands and the Republic is destroyed."

Mayer Amschel Rothschild "Give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes the laws."

Comment Re: Where's the news? (Score 1) 261

I do play slow-pitch softball. Bat technology is insanely competitive, the more so because much is subjective. My most favorite bat was panned by the experts, but hit a ton for me. Most of the acclaimed bats I don't do well with.

And in slow-pitch, bats are required to pass standardized testing to be approved by leagues, requiring them to both limit their performance in testing and maximize performance in games... No software involved, so far.

Comment Re:Where's the news? (Score 0) 261

"Seriously though, how can a golf ball have 11 patents on it?"

I have never played golf, and I know the answers to this. Seriously, though, have you done even a minimal amount of research into how golf balls are designed and manufactured?

If so, you would not have asked the question except rhetorically. You're welcome.

Comment Closing the feedback loop (Score 1) 60

0. Promote political articles to your feed based on 'criteria'.
1. Censor or demote (or delete) political articles based on content and decisions (aka someone's ideology).
2. Offer a link to elected representatives to react based on promoted or censored articles, though not on deleted articles.
3. Profit!

What could be wrong with any of this?

Comment Re:It is in the nature of the business! (Score 1) 166

Yes, they stand on that mountain, but they are still building it!

All the more reason to question their overhead since this "mountain" was already climbed in 1969. You do realize there's almost nothing NASA is trying to do today that wasn't already done better, faster, and cheaper by the Apollo program, right?

Comment Re:Load it up with food, water supplies, strap (Score 1) 235

Won't work. The ISS doesn't have enough radiation shielding to allow astronauts to survive for long beyond the Van Allan belts. Also, it would take a VERY long time to go anywhere on the "10 Watts in, 10 micro-Newtons of thrust out" that an EM drive provides. The ISS has about 100 kW of solar power capacity - and if 100% of that went into an array of 10,000 EM drives - you'd get 10 milli-Newtons of thrust out. The ISS has a mass of around 400,000kg and needs about 10m/s of deltaV added to it every couple of months just to stay in orbit.

There is no way for EM drives to do anything of use whatever.

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