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Comment Re: Mayer's failure actually WASN'T a failure... (Score 1) 155

They get criticised too. She gets praised to high heaven in other places just for being a female CEO so it all balances out. I want more female CEOs personally because those who think that someone who has got to such a position will be better just because they're not a white male will learn a valuable life lesson that assholes come in all shapes and sizes.

Comment They are also often newer (Score 1) 154

That is another huge determining factor. The big cost is laying the infrastructure. The kind doesn't matter so much. So, if you are doing new deployments, fiber is more likely. The cable company here is all FTTH all the time for new build outs. However once that shit is deployed a replacement is a lot of money that you'd rather not spend. So they are less inclined to do it.

Well new developments also tend to not be low income. Usually middle and upper class is what they target. No surprise then that is where you see more of it.

There are plenty of rich neighbourhoods where I live with no fibre. The one right next to me is a good example. About 2 blocks away, and they have the same cable and DSL offerings I do in my cheap condo. Neither the telco nor cable company feels there's enough money to be made in ripping up and redoing the lines in either place, despite the fact that those houses are almost all 7 figures.

Go out in to a new subdivision though, and it is usually FTTH.

Also when they do rip things up and replace, of course they target the rich places since those people are more willing to spend the money. Offer someone low income the option of $100/month gigabit or $20/month 1.5mbit and they will likely go with the 1/5mbit. Ya it is way more per bit and annoyingly slow on the modern Internet, but it gets the job done and $80/month is a lot in the budget of someone low income.

Comment Re:Myth: Mayer didn't do well for Yahoo! (Score 1) 155

21% growth rate? Per annum? Is it really a big deal? When the first baby is born the family is growing at a dizzying rate of 50% per annum. Adding up all the families growing at this rate, I am sure the world population is going to exceed three quadrillion by the end of next quarter.

Comment It is a dream!!! (Score 1) 148

It is the dream of every ambulance chasing personal injury lawyers.

They completely killed the personal aviation industry with liability lawsuits. The precedents set are like, "the manufacturer is liable even if there was no way they could have known such an issue could exist when the flying machine was manufactured."

So the relatives first guy to die in this will become millionaires. The sugar daddy vulture capitalists will flee.

Comment It is astonishing number! (Score 1) 77

67% is such a large portion, people should be shocked that it is this high instead of being disappointed or dismissive.

Discount small children, very old people with failing eye sight and arthritic fingers, this is probably as large as it gets. In USA voter turn out struggles to reach 67% and cracks 60% only in presidential elections.

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