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Comment Gains resolution, loses brightness (Score 1) 62

First all the viewers must sit quite still and not move outside a narrow band in their seats. Even after that each seat gets a slice projected to it. Though the projected image fills your field of vision, it is a narrow slice and the brightness perceived will be less. Anyway the effect will be more like the 3D image on printed magazine covers like Nat Geo. With color bleeding fringing and 3D in some small central area and quite blurry in the periphery.

Comment Re:Waste of effort (Score 1) 62

Yeah, what the other guy said: they went to the wrong place!!!

Actually, to be fair, I will note that there are some theaters where you can have a fairly nice experience (though still no pause or rewind capabilities). Usually these are called "dinner theaters"; you get a huge comfy chair, and can order a full meal (and alcohol if you want) and eat while you watch the movie. I also hear good things about Alamo Drafthouse. Most theaters aren't like this though, and they aren't available everywhere.

Comment Re:Music (Score 1) 233

Fuck you too. I have played music, but never for money or for a crowd. If you're playing gigs to make a big profit, you're an idiot. If you're doing it because it's fun, that's fine; I've known guys who did just this and I can see why they'd like it. But they didn't bitch and complain about how they weren't getting paid enough; they knew it was just a hobby-job, and they did it because they loved to play music, not because they were trying to strike it rich.

Comment Re:Music (Score 1) 233

Would you still own those instruments, amps, etc., if you decided to quit the gigging, or would you sell it all on Craigslist?

I have a guitar and amp too. I don't play in a band, and obviously don't play gigs either. I don't count the value of my guitar, amp, etc. towards anything because it's not a business, it's just something I do for fun in the evenings, just like a game console for other people is something they buy to have fun and isn't counted towards any business profit calculations. I would hope that any real musician didn't buy himself a guitar just to make money.

If you did spend a ton of money on performance equipment that you otherwise would never have bought, then there's two possibilities: 1) you're really dumb for taking on a side hobby-job that's actually negative-profit to that magnitude, or 2) you love playing live so much that you're willing to sink some extra money into the equipment needed to do it well. (I guess there's also 3) you think there's a chance you could hit it big, in which case it's really a risky investment.) #1 is pretty stupid, but I would never fault someone for #2 (or #3 as long as they really enjoy what they're doing and won't be sore if they don't hit it big).

Comment Re:Music (Score 1) 233

Yes, I get all that, but does no one here understand how profit is calculated? When your expenses are zero, any money you make at all is profit. (Though for a gig 100 miles away, the gas for that is going to cost a few dollars.) This isn't a profession, it's a hobby job, so the costs of the gear aren't accounted for, and the musician needs the car anyway to go to his day job so that doesn't count either (though the mileage does).

Comment Re:Cheesy 80's movie excuse (Score 1) 716

Funding is not the problem with government acquisition. Lack of funding is not what causes it to take 6 months to buy a simple commercially-available part, it's sheer bureaucracy. Some idiot Congressman gets the idea that they need to set up a huge government program to look through all the government's property to make sure they don't have that $5 part in inventory somewhere, even though it'll take much more than $5 to get it and ship it after you account for the time and salaries of all these government workers, but they do this to "prevent government waste".

Comment Re:Music (Score 1) 233

If you're playing gigs as a side job, then presumably you have some kind of real job. McDonald's is not going to hire you to work 3 hours every weekend, so that's an invalid comparison.

As for practice, that's free: if you're counting your practice hours, you're doing it wrong. Music is a hobby that you're making some side money on by playing local gigs, it's not an actual profession for you if you're in this position.

It's only a "waste of time" if you don't truly love playing music. People who do that do it because they really like playing music, and they play gigs to make extra cash because they can. If the gigs dried up, they're not going to sell their instruments and go play video games instead, they do it because they love it.

Comment Re:Music (Score 1) 233

If you're playing locally and they give you at least $5, that's still enough to turn a profit. That's enough for 2.5 gallons of gasoline, which should be enough to drive you 50 miles at a bare minimum. My whole point is that there are nearly zero expenses if you're a musician; your vehicle is the only cost. So unless you're traveling far to perform, it really shouldn't cost you anything except your time.

Comment Waste of effort (Score 1, Flamebait) 62

Sorry, but theaters are obsolete, and gimmicks like 3D are only going to slightly delay the inevitable. Why would I want to waste my time and money watching a movie at a theater when I can just watch it at home and get many benefits: no screaming kids, no people talking on their cellphones, a rewind button so I can go back if I didn't understand a line of dialog, a pause button so I can go to the bathroom, no sticky floors, the best-positioned seat instead of one way off to the side, whatever food I want instead of some crappy overpriced concessions, whatever kind of seat I want (such as a recliner), and the ability to watch the movie at whatever time I want?

Comment Re:Music (Score 1) 233

How do you not turn a profit playing in a band? How is "breaking even" even a consideration? Your expenses should be very close to zero. I would hope you already own your own instruments (which you would have anyway if you're a musician), so the only expenses are going to be minor incidentals like the gas needed to drive to the gig, and maybe consumables like guitar strings. If you're not making enough money to pay for gas and strings, you're doing something really wrong.

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