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Comment Re:TiVo? (Score 1) 108

Are you renting or leasing that TiVo from the cable co, or did you buy it outright?

If the latter, then you aren't paying a monthly fee for the box, you're paying for the piece of hardware which you own outright to be able to use the TiVo Service, which is a combination of a month by month license to use the proprietary part of the software, and the listings service (unfortunately not as good with the switch from Tribune Media Services/Gracenote to their new overlords Rovi), and some other "intellectual property" type stuff.

Do you have to pay anything for the cable card or is the first one "free"?

(and yes "the first one is free" *is* classic pusher technique)

Comment Re:Main Search Product (Score 1) 74

The removal of the word "news" will, hopefully, help draw a sharper line between Google's human-vetted Google News product, and its main search product.

Google's main product is advertising and user info (to better target advertising), not search.

Google's main product is our eyeballs, which they sell to the advertisers.

We don't pay anything to Google the way a new Chevy rolling off of the assembly line doesn't pay anything to General Motors. They get their money when someone buys the Chevy.

Comment I want browsers to be browsers... (Score 1) 113

...and search engines to be search engines, and both to know that neither is the other, and when I'm typing something on the screen I expect it to remain on that part of the screen and not jump somewhere else.

And I'd really like to be able to right-click on a link and have an "Open with..." option that offers my choice of all the browsers I have installed, and I'd like to be able to highlight and right click and be offered my choice of search engines.

Comment Re: Archival grade (Score 1) 385

Orient was used a a verb long before orientate came along.

Frankly, orientate sounds like someone was trying to make themselves sound more educated and important than they were.

Sort of like what's happened to the language used by police departments at press conferences over the last 4 or 5 decades.

I've got no problem with the Los Angeles colloquial highway naming style, though. Some things should have regional flavor.

Comment Re:A funny story (Score 1, Insightful) 177

No, we're talking about the popular vote. 55% Hillary vs 43% Bernie. That's a 12 point gap, nothing the DNC did could possibly have shifted that many votes. It's time for Bernie supporters to get over their butt-hurt and act like grown ups.

The scheduling of the debates was designed to limit exposure to the public of all the Democratic candidates, thus denying them free publicity early on, leaving HRC with the then superior name recognition she already had.

Submission + - Getty Sued For $1 Billion For Selling Publicly Donated Photos

An anonymous reader writes: Online stock media library Getty Images is facing a $1 billion lawsuit from an American photographer for illegally selling copyright for thousands of photos. The Seattle-based company has been sued by documentary photographer Carol Highsmith for ‘gross misuse’, after it sold more than 18,000 of her photos despite having already donated them for public use. Highsmith’s photos which were sold via Getty Images had been available for free via the Library of Congress. Getty has now been accused of selling unauthorised licenses of the images, not crediting the author, and for also sending threatening warnings and fines to those who had used the pictures without paying for the falsely imposed copyright.

Submission + - US Government to Pay $2 Million for Automatic Hacking System (

An anonymous reader writes: At this year's DEF CON security conference, DARPA has organized a CTF match of AI systems that will attempt to hack opposing systems and automatically patch and protect their own network. The competition follows classic infosec CTF (Capture The Flag) game rules, but because we're talking about AI, it requires half the time and ten times more security vulnerabilities to fix/protect.

Three DARPA-funded teams qualified for the final round, and four self-funded teams. Each team that reached the final will receive $750,000, and the winner will receive $2 million. DEF CON organizers have invited the winning team to participate in the official DEF CON CTF the following day, marking the first ever CTF match that pits human hackers against AI systems.

Submission + - 4chan troll triggers political movement? (

Submission + - tcp connected disconnecting users

renegade600 writes: just found out tcp connected bulbs will no longer be supported on June 30th. It will no longer have access to their cloud, nor will their app be updated. I have 16 of those bulbs and after the 30th they will no longer work with the amazon echo nor have remote access — only local What makes me mad is there was nothing in the tech news sites about this, tcp did not contact anyone. I just happened to run across a review at amazon where there was a comment about this. I went to tcp's website and found the info hidden in their website. I guess they don't want anyone to know since they are still selling the bulbs. (click on the tcp product update — it is a pdf)

the following is a quote from their pdf

Thank you for your patronage to the Connected by TCP system. We appreciate your support.
We regret to inform you that we are making changes to our support model and will be discontinuing
the following services associated with the Connected by TCP system effective June 30, 2016:
* Access via the internet and connectivity through cloud services
* Updates of the TCP Lighting App

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