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Comment Re:Bwahahahaha (Score 1) 266

That's not my experience.

The way I know they code is massively posting to Stackoverflow "Hallo, pleaze, how do I start my PC?"

And when half of the code is written and it still doesn't work send tickets to the customer support departments of whatever app or service they are connected with trying to cajole them into doing their work, like "Hallo dear mister from our payment service provider, we are developing a page for Adobe in PHP and we get an error from your system saying 'network unreacheable' please resolve this situation ASAP"

I doubt that a bot ever reaches to this level of sophistication.

Comment Re:Oops! (Score 2, Funny) 255

And in the EU we will celebrate!

It's already high time that you get your GOP back into office, the Dollar is way to high, you are creating way too much jobs and Mr O'Bahma does nto provide us with the level of comedy the world expects of an US president.

Dubya set the stakes very high, IMHO the only thing that could match his performance would be one of these teabaggers. I think that an ideal inauguration would be the guy openly carrying an AK-47 and a baseball hat screaming "Yeeehaaa" while emptying a magazine (into the air or into an appropriately situated choir of first-graders).

God Save the USA!!! (I'm running for popcorn)

Comment Re:Internet hyperbolic echo chamber strikes again. (Score 1) 200

I was also going to state that one of the basic premises is utterly wrong:

What is strenous? 5 mph? This is 8 km/h or 7:30 min/km (12:05 min/mile)... somebody "jogging" from 2001 to 2015 wouldn't even break sweat at this pace.
My recovery pace is 10 km/h and my heart rate isn't going any higher than 127... Please note that this is way below the heart rate that is considered an "easy" pace (~143 for somebody with a maxHR of 185)

And the more you train the faster you can go at low heart rate. Thus, why are they talking about pace at all? This makes absolutely no sense from a medical point of view: if you want to measure effort you cannot use the parameter speed, exactly as in physics, speed has nothing to do with work.


No matter the effect of the internet, this study shouldn't have been published in the first place

Comment Re:Let the microsoft bashing begins! (Score 1) 253


I would like to know the implication of that.

I of course abandoned all this "evil" thingy quite some time ago but I am very (and positively) interested in how this move will affect the whole IT landscape.
At least we will see better implementations of Mono and maybe some older games and apps running on Linux ;)

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