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Comment Re:Stop with the hysteria (Score 1) 189

What percentage of homicides and violent crime are related to gang activity? Take Chicago for example as it continuously pops up in the news. I would contend that better mental health care does nothing for them.

I take a broader view of mental health besides just treating pathology. I see it in more holistic terms, that involves poverty, debt, external stress, family life, even nutrition and physical health. People without purpose in life can find purpose.

There's a reason you don't find violent street gangs in Lake Forest or Kenilworth which are as close to downtown Chicago as the far South side. And before the ACs jump in, no, it has nothing to do with the properties of race.

Comment Re:Java? (Score 1) 372

Why not Smalltalk? It doesn't cheat with primitive types or limit you with a rigid object system.

Strong types (and unboxed types) are one of the things that make a garbage collector interesting. For example, if you can prove at compile time that a certain object never points to cycles (which you can often determine from type information alone), that translates to real performance gains in practice.

PyPy people have apparently done quite a bit of research with Python.

I'll never understand some people.

Comment Re:10mm (Score 1) 54

So, you seem to be saying "millennial", except with a lot less words. Are you a 49ers fan? Colin Kaepernick might want to use your argument, he's a jackass too. Not as bad as Carlos Danger or Hillary Clinton , but worse than Chris Brown. yeah Colin should fuck off and so should you.
Colin McColonmouth

When did Skip Bayless get on Slashdot?

Comment Re:Stop with the hysteria (Score 0) 189

would you propose the same solutions to preventing suicides as homicides/violent crimes?

Yes. Better mental health care and sensible restrictions on guns.

Not having ready access to a gun might have given some of those suicides a chance to reconsider. A Harvard study says 9 out 10 people who survive a suicide attempt do not go on to die by suicide. But it's pretty hard to survive a pistol shot through the roof of the mouth, you know?. The vast majority of people who attempt suicide by means other than handgun are not successful. The success rate for the gun users is well over 90%.

Regarding homicides and violent crime, you are much more likely to be shot to death in a violent crime than beaten, stabbed, strangled, impaled, poisoned, hatcheted, smothered or thrown out of a window combined. The National Institute of Justice says that nearly 70% of homicides are committed with firearms.

Comment Re:Stop with the hysteria (Score 0) 189

Isn't it a bit misleading to lump 20k+ suicides into that figure since they happened to choose a firearm to do it with?

Not at all. I'm comparing danger. As an American, you're over a thousand times more likely to die from the bullet of a gun held by an American than you are to die from anything ISIS does.

But you bring up a good point about suicide. Americans are thousands of times more likely to be a danger to themselves than they are to have ISIS be a danger to them.

So why all the fuss?

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