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Comment F*ck this (Score 0) 61

I was one of the foolish who subscribed to the free trial. Then like many others, the jackwagons deleted all my music collection. Luckily I had most of it on backup, but it took many days to even figure out what the heck was going on, and another day or two to fix it all on my pc, then reload to my phone and whatnot. Another reason to get an Android device. Would never trust these fools again.

Comment Re:combination lock (Score 1) 293

totally agree it's not a core feature, just an accessory. it's certainly not a replacement for a key or fob as I said. but I see you're thinking now about how it might be used. cool. My main way of thinking is that locks and keys and so forth are there to keep honest people honest. They don't really stop the determined criminal so that's not what they are really for in the end.

Comment Not a good replacement, but a good companion (Score 2) 293

For reasons others mentioned (dead battery, etc) it's likely not a total replacement for a key or fob. However, it could be a great extension or companion to a key or fob. E.G. if you lost your fob, or you want to grant access to a friend, to either drive the car, or retrieve items from the car, that part is cool. Even if the bluetooth raises a security concern (and I doubt current key fobs are much if any better), at least with a smart phone app there is the possibility to update the app and fix security issues unlike key fobs.

Comment Re:It's getting ridiculous (Score 4, Insightful) 435

There is a big difference between a cop telling you not to speed, and cop or court telling you MUST speed. What's happening here is that they are attempting to compel Apple to do something they don't want to. That's completely different than telling them to stop breaking the law or punishing them for breaking the law.

Comment Re:Probably not (Score 1) 74

I was imaging this a few years ago. Would be nice to have meeting transcriptions created automatically. People often try to selectively forget or change their remembrance of what they said. And I get the privacy concerns. It's going to happen so we might as well figure out when it's appropriate and how to control it. I'm pretty sure the NSA can turn the mic on your phone and auto transcribe any time they want to. We need SW options and laws to make this work and prevent abuse.

Comment Re:Police state San Jose (Score 1) 258

There is a simply way to show ignorant congressmen like this guy the error of their ways. The people in his district should immediately organize a group to follow him around and record every moment he's in public. Hopefully on the sly at first to catch him picking his nose or some worse behavior that people don't want recorded and published. Everyone has something to hide and merely being in a public place doesn't mean we want our lives recorded. As other's said, if they want to recover stolen cars, they should only record the location of cars on the list and not every car.

Comment Yahoo spam filter works well (Score 2) 269

I see a lot of comments here telling the OP to settup his own domain, email service and spam filter. That's a lot of work and cost. Since the OP is using ISP mail, he probably isn't wanting to go the full monty route being proposed by most respondents. Yahoo mail works pretty good. At least as far as spam filtering is concerned. I get a couple a week maybe, if that. Very few false positives as well.

Comment Re:Lemme ask you this ... (Score 2) 500

posting again non-AC... Agree with all you said, except one part. The vast majority of my fellow Americans don't even realize there are other options beyond R and D. That's because the media is complicit in excluding 3rd parties and preserving the duopoly. Since Citizens United, it's only gotten worse. So the Supreme Court is also to blame. None of the three branches of government support the people any longer.

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