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Comment Re:Then what are they going to do with the extra t (Score 1) 242

That was the last episode I watched of that series. If I wanted to watch an infomercial, I'd watch one. Having the characters gush about that damn car for most of the episode basically killed any interest I had in watching that show.

Then again, I now have Netflix, so I don't watch 'commercials'. Went over to my mom's recently and tried to watch broadcast TV. I turned that shite off after the first almost 5 minute 'break'. Just can't / won't deal with it anymore.

Comment Not sure if it's been said already or not but... (Score 1) 235

So, you need a registration for all of the following (Really short list off the top of my head...)
- A Car
- A business
- To be able to sell life / home insurance

You do NOT need a registration for :
- A semi-automatic rifle capable of killing many people in a small period of time.

Welcome to 'Murika! We believe in FREE- DUMB! *facepalm*

Comment Re:So the taxes were collected from salaries inste (Score 1) 262

A lower tax rate they won't pay anyway, so back to square one with you.

It's pretty simple really....
Corporations exist for a single purpose : to make money. Not to "do good", not to "help humanity", and certainly not to contribute to the society that they do business in. They. Make. Money. It's beautifully sociopathic. It cracks me up that we treat them like people...but only when it benefits them. Try to get away with dumping thousands of gallons of poison in your local watershed and you'd get arrested and fined into oblivion....but if you're a corporation, gave us a couple of jobs in exchange and your lawyers are awesome so here's a slap on the wrist for you and a 'don't do it again'.

Corporations are like fire. Great when they're controlled and in their place. Let them rage out of control and they'll burn the planet to a cinder without a single thought or care.

Comment Re:Excellent (Score 1) 153

Evidently you failed to understand what I wrote. I don't really give a shit about homosexuals one way or the other. It's really irrelevant to me what they do and with whom (as long as I am not involved). It's about this recent drive to make it seem like it's natural and normal for one man to have sex with another man (or a woman with a woman). It's perversion clear and simple. It's neither natural nor normal. The primary reason for sex is procreation. I know we use it as recreation nowadays but it's primary function is continuation of the species. I fail to see how anyone can argue with that but I guess when something like homosexuality is involved people will do anything to make it seem normal. Why, I don't know since it's okay in today's society to be abnormal. I do not believe that people are born homosexual. It's a ridiculous statement and there is no proof whatsoever to support it.

What "recent drive to make it seem like it's natural and normal..." ? defines 'Natural' as follows: "based on the state of things in nature; constituted by nature." Now, I am uncertain as to just how many examples you might need, but I'm sure a quick check of google will provide you with numerous instances of homosexual behavior occurring across many species. So, not sure where 'it's not natural' comes from. As for 'normal'... By who's standards are you measuring? By my standards it's completely normal, or at least as normal as any other behavior I've heard about as it pertains to sex.
I get the feeling, and I may be wrong, that you base many of your judgements on a VERY outdated book that is sold as a 'instruction manual for life' by many "non-profit" corporations these days. Perhaps upgrading to an actual science book or familiarizing yourself with more recent studies may help fix the issue.

Good luck! Hope this helps!

Comment Re:This is why I don't go to movie theatres (Score 1) 279

No, that's your conclusion, not mine. What I said was, these people work in a capitalistic enterprising industry that's predicated on earning a profit. They work and stake their livelihoods on this paradigm. They do not have a right to earn successes anymore than you have a right to steal the fruits of their labor.

I have no problem with you watching freely available content so long as those involved consented to its availability to you. But when someone creates a product and expect payment in return for consuming said product, to cheat the system is morally wrong.

Sorry, but I'm pretty sick of seeing the same move for the fourth time. Yay! Different actors....different scenery...different movie title. Same boring, tired, cliche plot that you could practically sneeze through. Who the hell wants to pay to see a reboot of a reboot of a reboot of a... you get the point. These idiots are crying because nobody wants to watch their shitty movies anymore.
My heart bleeds crunchy peanut butter for them....and I shed one small tear for the waste of time.

Comment Re:I've had issues with the Win10 NVIDIA drivers.. (Score 1) 317

" Patching automatically works fine as a default for home users,"

I beg to differ. I'm smarter than a loaf of bread and don't need the Dilbert(TM) model of computer with one giant button that's already pushed at the factory. I'm thinking that perhaps they should put out something like Windows Basic edition. It's set up with almost everything on it set to automatic and can only be serviced by Microsoft. THEY can do the tech support for the loaves of bread out there. Give the rest of us the non-idiot edition and let us do things correctly. I'd been contemplating switching to 10, now I'm REALLY happy I didn't. This auto update bullshit was going to fail from the start, Microsoft has been notorious about their 'updates' breaking shit since the 90's! NO WAY I'd put anything for them on automatic.

Comment Re:'s the LAW! (Score 1) 423

When this was written, you had to reload your musket after one shot. Now we have 100 round drum magazines and guns that can eat through them in no time flat. Do you still wipe your ass with your hand and then eat, or have you evolved and learned about germs? To use a more fitting example, we could always just use leeches on you for medical treatment. How's your humors these days?

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