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Comment Re:Yeah, I interpreted it wrong (Score 1) 93

You're right. I interpreted that "20 seconds" as meaning 20 seconds delay. That would indicate a distance about 12-13 times as far as the moon. As you mentioned, the craft is actually roughly on the opposite side of earth's orbit, near where the earth will be in 5-6 months. That's a much further distance, about 16 minutes at the speed of light.

So let's just wait 5-6 months, when we'll be right up next to the satellite.

Comment Re:So much for Apple's "better design" (Score 1) 196

I didn't say whether JTAG BS was good or bad. I said that's what it's for. It can perform continuity checks on otherwise inaccessible pins. Done right boundary scan can and is used for periodic self test, but no so much in consumer gear. It's widely supported in silicon.

BGAs can be fine if done properly, but 'done properly' can be hard to achieve when they keep shrinking the grid and ball sizes so no one knows what 'done properly' entails.

I agree, the flex cause seems unfounded. Poor solder joint integrity can happen various ways. It would manifest the same symptoms and the same fix would work.

Comment Re:Mobile Web (Score 1) 79

It wasn't just designers. Ad companies like Google were big culprits in subverting this vision. If your content is delivered in a structured form, then it's trivial for the receiver to just not display the bits that are adverts. On the other hand, if you get a big glob of executable code that produces some output then it's a lot harder to identify which bits are real content and which are cruft.

Comment Re:Jobs is dead (Score 1) 367

No one objects to the MacBook having a USB-C port. People object to it not having any other ports, which means that you need a dongle for basically anything. Even having two USB-C ports (one for power, one for other stuff) would have been a big improvement. The other annoyance is that no one - not even Apple - yet sells a monitor that connects with a single USB-C cable, provides power to the laptop and exposes USB, GigE and maybe eSATA ports.

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