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Journal timothy's Journal: I want a small LED projector: is this Dell good enough? 3

The other day I saw that the Dell M109S projector (amazingly small, but not really a "pocket" projector) was (is? perhaps still) available for somewhat less than $400. Since that's in line with a low-end LCD television (something I've been considering), I am intrigued. My room is small and dim, so I might just be the ideal customer for it ;)

Here's a low-detail, probably too-glowing review; here's another that might be too pessimistic.

For watching DVDs, hulu videos, non-critical slideshows to friends at bowling, the "dailies" at family reunion, etc, I suspect that this would be of sufficient resolution.

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I want a small LED projector: is this Dell good enough?

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  • Have you searched comments here on slashdot? I can remember one comment about experiences with this type of projector.

    The resolutions are pretty low and the amount of light is also not comparable to the bigger ones. But then again, it might be OK for your usage.

  • Playing GTA: San Andreas and POP bulb died. Would have been $10 les than a new projector to replace the bulb, but Circuit City had this wonderful warranty and we got the upgraded projector free (old model number wasn't being made any more).

    Wasn't mine, the roomie's, but I'll weigh bulb costs against warranty next projector I get.

    • by timothy ( 36799 ) Works for Slashdot

      Yeah, that's a sorta-win for LED projectors, I think: the bulb (well, LED .. which is at least bulbous) shouldn't ever fail, but if it does my happiness level would depend on the level of the warranty :)

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