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Journal timothy's Journal: Two dreams of 20090610

1) dreamed I was living in a house (a townhouse, I think -- could have just been a large apt) with some friends / acquaintances, and moving out of that place into another. The one of us with greatest ownership interest, though none were actually owners per se, had hired a cleaning service to prettify the rooms after we moved out, but hadn't told the rest of us; we were still in the process of packing and removing our stuff when the cleaning crew arrived, anxious to get started in order to get their next assignment. It wasn't world ending, but everyone was a bit unhappy about it.

2) Visiting CTY, middle weekend, dance, with some friends who were also visiting, and new-to-me friends of theirs, incl. a rather attractive one. There must have been some students around, but that was basically just a frame story. Though I do not generally dance, I was persuaded to join a conga line (and made a point to be next to her), which was fun for a few moments, when the whole thing took a comic turn; the conga line slowly morphed into a horah (or some other variety of dancing that I know came from the movie I just saw about orthodox and Hasidic Judaism), and as my dream's "camera" panned back, suddenly everyone in the crowd was wearing a white long-sleeved shirt, black pants and glossy black shoes -- and dancing in unison. It was still mixed-sex, but all or most of the men now had on wide-brimmed black hats, bobbing parallel and in synch, and as the dream faded, all the dancers were in silhouette, with the last bit of sunset behind them.

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Two dreams of 20090610

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