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Comment Part time, not full time (Score 2, Insightful) 95

They are doing this to cut their expenses. I understand why small businesses might need to do it, but close this loophole for big ultraprofitable megacorps like Amazon. Also quit allowing them to stash their profits overseas and avoid paying tax. This should be a bipartisan effort, and any politician opposed to it should be voted out of office.

Comment Why not microfilm? (Score 3, Insightful) 84

If you're encoding data on film, but you still need a digital camera or computer to read it, you still might be screwed and the data might be inaccessible. By microfilming the source docs, all you need is a light source and a magnifying glass -- both of which are decidedly analog and low-tech compared to the method being used for this project. Plus sliver halide microfilm lasts at least 500 years if properly stored. Either you're taking the digital component out of it, or you're not. Having a digital requirement in there might make the data inaccessible in a post-electricity, post-digital world post-apocalypse.

Comment CEO != humanitarian (Score 1) 274

SV CEOs aren't hired to shoot SJW rainbows out of their assholes and hit everyone in the feels, or even to be nice people. They're hired first and foremost to MAXIMIZE SHAREHOLDER VALUE as quickly and efficiently as possible, and secondarily to achieve various strategic objectives (e.g., dominate their market) which are generally set by the shareholders and usually directly related to the achievement of MAXIMIZING SHAREHOLDER VALUE. Everything else in their worldview is generally irrelevant. Look back throughout the history of wealth -- this is how great fortunes have been accumulated again and again. There's time enough for charitable works and good deeds later on (through the shareholder's own tax-exempt foundation, of course).

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