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Comment Independent way to test and verify? (Score 1) 190

Is there a colorimeter-based solution that one can actually put on the screen to measure a TV's output and verify any of these claims? E.g., with a "pro" color accurate monitor, you can calibrate it and the software measures and then confirms that the display is operating within the requested parameters. It sure seems that we are counting an awful lot on buzzwords from the marketing shills that these expensive TVs really are "better," but there's no way for the public to measure their performance to be sure.

Comment Not on eBay (Score 2) 102

Their mobile app rocks and is highly responsive (I mean in the way it provides up-to-date / real-time pricing info on auctions you are watching, not regarding UI design), which is critical when an auction is ending. It keeps people from being chained to a desktop PC, which in and of itself makes it worthwhile.

Comment Re:Very true (Score 1) 2837

And yet, the same media has done the same exact thing with her and Trump during the entire general election -- I'm talking batshit crazy stuff like the NYT constantly posting all over their website Hillary had a 95%+ chance of victory -- and look what happened. I agree that the "polls" conducted by the media are complete nonsense, but how do you explain the difference in outcomes in these two cases?

Comment Re:Hmmm well (Score 1) 2837

Oh, horseshit. I'm no Trump fan, at all, but democracy worked just fine last night -- you are just butthurt about the results. Well, too bad -- maybe your team should run a decent candidate next time instead of trying to coronate a human trash can. Part of the reason that your tribe lost is because people are tired of hearing the kind of hysterical nonsense you are spouting. We've heard the same shit from the hard right for the last eight years and now we get to hear it from the likes of you for the next four. I can already hear you screaming about abuse of executive orders like a little bitch. Grow the fuck up already.

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