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Comment CEO != humanitarian (Score 1) 274

SV CEOs aren't hired to shoot SJW rainbows out of their assholes and hit everyone in the feels, or even to be nice people. They're hired first and foremost to MAXIMIZE SHAREHOLDER VALUE as quickly and efficiently as possible, and secondarily to achieve various strategic objectives (e.g., dominate their market) which are generally set by the shareholders and usually directly related to the achievement of MAXIMIZING SHAREHOLDER VALUE. Everything else in their worldview is generally irrelevant. Look back throughout the history of wealth -- this is how great fortunes have been accumulated again and again. There's time enough for charitable works and good deeds later on (through the shareholder's own tax-exempt foundation, of course).

Comment "discovering great music" (Score 1) 72

I wonder how much of this is uploads of copyrighted RIAA music? It seems to be a 50-50 split to me of bootleg concert footage and illicit rips. Not that I care, but YouTube is one of the main platforms that millennials use to consume their content, including music, so it's interesting to see where this is going or if / when the RIAA will start screaming for everything to be taken down as they continue to become less relevant.

Comment Tools and movements (Score 3, Interesting) 216

EFF has done a great job with their "Encrypt the Web" campaign and gotten a lot of big websites to switch to https as their default protocol. The difference is that people running those servers are usually more technically minded (they're admins), so the implementation goes a lot easier. When dealing with non-technical end users, you can't expect them to do anything extra to set it up for them; it's just gotta become the default and get pushed to them. Anything else is a recipe for non-adoptance.

Comment Re:Paranoia, thy name is nerd (Score 1) 110

But it is a problem in this case. Both bad cops as well as "activists" lie their asses off in the absence of conclusive video, and in today's ultra polarized society, we end up with things like institutionalized police brutality and the Ferguson riots when that happens. We now have cameras because some bad actors on both sides of the equation can't act like decent human beings. I'm not claiming that cameras are the end-all solution, but sadly, they're becoming more and more necessary to protect both good cops and peaceful activists and protesters legally exercising their 1st Amendment rights.

Comment Re:We ALREADY HAD cable TV without the box! (Score 2) 108

You still have it. Spend $40 and buy an HDTV antenna and stick it on the window sill. We just did it after our local cable provider pulled the same Clear QAM encrypting shenanigans and found we get about 35 channels -- all the locals in HD, plus PBS and a handful of others. You can even get a bigger amplified antenna on your roof or in your attic and split the signal and distribute it to your various TVs likely using your existing cable TV wiring . . . just like in the old days. :-)

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