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Comment Re:Towns/Cities are to blame (Score 1) 160

* Paying the (union) labor to do the job
* Paying the beneifts of the labor doing the job
* Buying the machine and the truck needed to get it to the jobsite
* Keeping the machine and truck maintained
* Insurance of all types: liability, WC, on the equipment and truck, etc.
* Taxes (payroll / business / etc.)
* Accounting / bookkeeping services to take care of the above
* Rent or mortgage for an office / shop to house all of the above
* (Finally) a profit margin

This will get you started, but by adding all of these things up you start to get a pretty clear idea of why things are so much more expensive when you hire someone to do them versus doing them yourself.

Comment What about RAID? What about server room noise? (Score 1) 83

We have dozens of 3.5" drives running in multiple arrays at various RAID levels, in a noisy server room with fans continually blasting over 70 db in the background. This trick might work in a lab, but call me when they've got the same attack vector working in a real data center environment. And, oh yeah, and against near-silent SSDs.

Comment Fuck off and die already (Score 1) 247

What a cherry on the overall sucktitude of US Olympic coverage. Instead of the actual events, we're forced to watch hour after hour of human interest stories and other "puff pieces" which are written to pluck our heartstrings -- all "Sponsored by VISA" or some other shill -- while the events are time-shifted to crazy hours. We need to stay off the Internet so we don't spoil what happened for ourselves. And when we do get the actual events, it's only the US athletes. Fuck that. I mean, that's great and I want to see them, but I want to see *all* the best athletes in the world compete -- not just the sports that have US competitors. I don't care what country they're from -- show me the best. Less crap and more sports. Oh, and the US Olympic Committee might want to hire a marketing person that actually understands things like hashtags instead of this douchebag. Yet another thing the US media has absolutely fucked up for the plebs. This is the first Olympics that I'll be illicitly streaming from another country because I already know the US coverage will blow hard.

Comment Re:It's also instability (Score 1, Insightful) 351

Long ago we signed away our rights to contest being fired or laid off.

You can thank people like the Millennial I fired for sleeping on the job. Or the other one I fired for (repeatedly) feeling like he didn't need to show up for his shift. Why should an employer have to waste time and money going through some bullshit appeals process for dead weight like these two clowns?

Comment Re:Good news! (Score 1) 224

You are assuming these people won't get better jobs. Every time I was fired / let go in tech, I always found a better gig. In this industry especially, such an event is likely to be a blessing in disguise for the worker. By knocking them out of their comfort zone they may very possibly end up in a situation they otherwise never would have.

Spinning rust had a great run . . . but we're already well into the era of storage on chips. A lot of these folks will upgrade their skill sets by making a move, even if it's not their choice to do so.

Comment Not all airports -- not Ben Gurion (Score 5, Insightful) 307

When you fly out of Israel's Ben Gurion Airport (at least when I did 10 years ago), you first have to stop at a Godfather-style tollbooth about a mile from the terminal. There, about four soldiers with automatic surround your car while a fifth sticks a mirror on a big pole underneath, looking for bombs. I think they looked inside the trunk too. Once you get to the main terminal, before you can enter the doors, you're stopped by another armed soldier who asks you what you're doing there, where you are headed, etc. All the while, they're looking at you to see if you appear suspicious in any way. Once inside, you go through more traditional security, except you have to open your bags and show them everything you have. They're specifically interested in asking you about anything you bought in Israel, who you got it from, where, etc. All the while, the security folks are comparing notes. If there's something wacky or suspicious about you or your story, then that triggers additional "interrogations."

Since the Lod massacre in 1972, Israel has not suffered another terrorist attack against their airports or planes because they decided to take real precautions to prevent them. The rest of the world (for now) chooses not to follow their model.

Comment It's not just the quantity . . . (Score 1) 421

. . . it's the magnitude of her lies. Having your own email server for the purpose of evading transparency laws and "reclassifying" classified documents is shady as fuck. These are things that would land any of us in PMITA Federal prison for many years. Add in the other scandals from Benghazi all the way back to Whitewater and it's easy to see why she's perceived as such a liar.

Comment Fantastic if it works after-hours (Score 1) 15

I can generally get an Uber driver within 10 minutes during the day, but sometimes I take the first flight out, and no drivers are available in my area before 6 AM it seems. So those days I'm stuck waiting 45 minutes for a foul-smelling, expensive cab ride. This is a huge value-add for business travelers if it helps cover more of the clock -- but perhaps we have to wait for the self-driving cars for that.

Comment Re: it's obvious (Score 1) 607

Suicides also make up about 1/3 of gun deaths annually too. I find it interesting that you would blame one and not the other when that facts clearly show last year was a record year for gun homicides, but no similar annual increase in suicide by firearms has been reported anywhere (if you have them, please provide links -- I can't find any).

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