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Comment Re:Government Networks (Score 1) 343

I worked at DEC back when cdrom was just coming out (DEC had a server called 'infoserver' that would be a bank of cdrom drives you could mount and get data from; back in late 80's, early 90's).

we had requests from customers to OMIT the vol control and front TRS jack so that music could not easily be played using those drives. the customers were 'afraid' their worker bees might be enjoying their work-time too much by endulging in some music while they work. DEC saw dollar signs and said 'sure! we'll let you treat your workers like shit. no problem!'. sigh.

wonder who those customers were? we (engineering) were not told, just that it had to be removed from the product for 'some customers'.

Comment Re:Well (Score 1) 90

And why not? Facebook exists to make money.

you and many others may think so. maybe you are right.

but maybe, just maybe, its all a scam and totally owned by the government as a way to get around *direct* spying on citizens.

google, MS and even apple included. to be a big player in the US, you have to follow some rules, especially the ones you will never read about or be able to point to in print.

we're in a post-snowden understanding of things; and yet there is still so much more that we don't know about the reality of our world. power brokers run up and down at all levels and to believe that this is a 'happy, shiney world' is just so last-century.

hardware vendors (intel, amd, etc) also have to play along. intel's ME crap is yet another spying tech that regular people are not allowed to know much about.

we do live in a mixed world. lots of good people who have good intentions. but equally, lots of people much like the ones who 'like to see the world burn' and that includes bad guys on 'both sides' of some imaginary line.

I don't believe for a second that the huge players have not bent over and done whatever the US government wanted, in order to have an 'easier way' to continue to make their billions and live essentially tax-free and with full protection and support of the government. such a cozy relationship. but you and I don't get to play; its only for the big corps and those in the elite groups.

Comment Re:Yes, Because Optical Media Is Durable (Score 5, Informative) 343

I'm no BD expert but I was under the impression that a 'kill list' can be present in media and there is no need to have a network connection to have things be invalidated (media and even equip!). simply by PLAYING a disc, you run the risk of having things that worked yesterday, not work today.

I never bought a bd player by choice (one came with a laptop I had no choice in) and I won't support that standard. its evil to to the corp (SIC intended).

Comment Re:So much for Apple's "better design" (Score 4, Informative) 222

"you're soldering it wrong"

isn't that what nvidia said?

these bga's really scare me. so fragile and so unworkable from a tech POV. I can rework square flat packs but I can't do bga's. I hate them since they are just not really repair-friendly, not to mention its not inspection-friendly.

flat packs with leads flex and bend. bga's are a fucking abortion, especially if they are at all big, in chip size.

Comment My turn (Score 1) 282

self driving cars -- now you can work on the way to work twice as far away. I hope you didn't have a fun car that you enjoyed driving.

clean energy -- round eight of the same problem

VR -- stop going outside or enjoying other people.

drones and flying cars -- louder bigger insects, and bullshit on the flying cars

AI -- we're nowhere near computers making decisions. we still don't have voice recognition (voice analysis we have, but it can't handle the standard cocktail party effect)

pocket supercomputers -- again, stop enjoying other people

cryptocurrencies -- I've never had a problem with the money in my pocket, my mattress, nor my bank. have you?

online education -- again again, stop enjoying other people. learn from machines instead.

science food -- yeah, 'cause the farm-fresh stuff that grows in the ground is jus awful.

computer medicine -- happy to hear it. along with hearing aids and glasses, everything affects someone sometime. Look forward to living longer with machines and work, and never enjoying other people.

space -- there's plenty of space here. loads of places I haven't been. billions of people I haven't met. I'm not yet done here. I don't need to leave.

Comment Re:Canadian Border Guards... (Score 3, Interesting) 276

I've gone into Canada a handfull of times over the last year and had similar.

They customs agents going into Canada typically ask some pointed questions - nothing onerous but things that usually catch you off guard. It's enough to throw someone actualy doing things wrong for a loop and give them easy justification for a detailed search/etc.

I'm going on vacation to visit a friend...i'm invarilably asked either who are they/name, where I know them from, where i'll be staying, or what we're planning to do.

The one time I said I was on business they wanted to know who i worked for, who i was meeting, where, etc. which was amusing since I have a Canadian office for my own company I was going to and two dozen people to meet with. She didn't really care, but was testing to see if it was a basic story/lie of if there were some facts behind it.

It's acutally proven psychology (though it requires *gasp* training) and probably 100x more effective than the rape-i-scan machines are for preventing Bad Things from happening.

Comment I'll say it yet again (Score 1) 85

Cars were never built to be secure. Not one of these hackable technology issues is anywhere near as dangerous as all of the other dangers that have always existed for moving vehicles.

Some thought experiments for you:

imagine taking a handful of ball-berrings, and tossing them off of a bridge over a busy high-speed highway.

imagine, late at night, grabbing a paint brush and some yellow/white paint, and "adjusting" the lane markings on the empty-but-will-be-busy-come-morning-rush-hour road.

imagine, driving a remote-controlled toy car onto a busy road.

imagine, throwing a rock at high-speed traffic.

imagine, a paint-filled balloon sitting on the road.

imagine, a little bit of olive oil on the road.

car doors are easily opened with a hanger. windows are easily smashed with a rock. brake lines are easily cut with a knife. tires are easily punctured by just about anything. vision is easily blocked and even more easily blurred.

our system of vehicles and roadways has never been based on security. dammit, wi have 120kph traffic, separated by a yellow line of paint! Think about the 240kph collision. Think about the pile-up.

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