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Comment Re:Whoosh (Score 1) 282

OK, but gerrymandering is a specific action.

It's redistricting geographic locations to take advantage of specific voter preferences. I don't see how that is a result of polarization, as gerrymandering is an effect of polarization, not the cause of it.

The cause of polarization is the lust for power to the extent that it replaces the desire to advance the cause of the nation with the desire to advance the party with no regard to the costs to the nation.

Comment California is keeping up... (Score 1) 554

I have a one day 1099 job coming up as well as some web sites I can make a little money on I'm trying to start on so I thought I would like this up for California.

Some how I found a site, not quite what I was looking for, that mentions submitting filings on IBM 3480 or 3490 tape cartridge. Perfect!

I think I'd like to do this just to see the look on the face of the state employee that has to take such a cartridge...

Let it never be said California is some how behind the times technologically!

Ok Perhaps I'm missing something obvious...

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